Yo what’s up guys? I’m here with Chad. What’s Up Roberts? I don’t have a family name yet but if you guys wanna suggest anything just put it in the comment’s below We’re going to be reacting to the Second Verse right now. I don’t know, I haven’t watched it yet because I’ve been scared But I’ve heard some pretty bad things. Alright lets watch it. I’m going to just pull it out on my phone right here that’s alyssa right? uhh yeah, wow. Woah Martinez twins are my boys that’s messed up bro, logan apology bro wow, I still love you man with all my heart but ok do you feel like hes actually dissing or just doing it for the flow cause if hes doing it just for the rap I understand Martinez Twins That’s messed up bro ok hit it lets finish What? Did they just? That’s not even cool, no, that’s not even cool all I have to say honey that video is hit now lets bring jake in and see what he thinks about it alright jake I just watched the second verse what do you think i mean its pretty savage but like but at the same time its like when people try to bring you down its because they are either jealous or they envy you and then its all fun and jokes and stuff but i think he went a little bit too far he was dissing the martinz twins Martinez Twins are my boys, I said that, yeah that’s what I’m saying, it’s all good but these things happen it only made my name get bigger you know what I mean? Yeah, true and you know it made my brother bigger and at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about going, making its Every Day Bro get better every day Every day – You know that saying Justin, What do you think of the Second Verse? Bro I thought it was bad, like, it’s kinda uncool but like, brothers do that sometimes ya know? yeah, sometimes you gotta be [BLEEP] to your brother Maybe I’ll make a Second Verse to my diss track. What? If it lands on 500 I’m making a Second Verse Alright Alright, well Guys I hope you enjoyed the video if youdid make sure you like it subscribe to my channel and the post notification shoutout goes to Gabrielle Galaxy thanks for having my post notifications on if you guys want a post notification shoutout just go in the comments and comment when you are done and i’ll see you guys in the next one did make sure you like it subscribe my channel and the Post Notification Shout out Goes to Gabrielle Galaxy, Thanks for having my Post Notifications on if you guys want a Post Notification Shoutout just go in the comments and comment when you’re done. And I’ll see you guys in the next one. (music playing)

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