Ask Me Anything with Author Zen Garcia Episode 20

Becca is there anything yes definitely all right we are live thank you so much everyone for joining us for another episode of ask me anything with Zheng Garcia this is our 20th episode and I'm your host joy garcia with sacred we're publishing and i'm so excited to have my father-in-law and friend zheng garcia with me today so Zen are you there I am and it is a great honor for me to be here with you and Justin and the rest of the listening audience and to actually have a working miking computer yay how exciting what what a blessing so quickly so that we can get to as many questions as possible I'll jump into praying for you so father we thank you so much for bringing us once again here together to study your word and to just dig into all the cured and curiosities of our hearts father we ask that you would be with Zen and that you would speak through him that it would not be his words that come out of his mouth but that you would truly inspire him and that you would speak through him father we thank you so much for your love we thank you so much for salvation and this amazing internet family that we have here and we love you so much and your hitch's name we pray amen all righty so let's get into our first question from Jennifer did our Father intend for this world to have technology do believe so yes and with regard to technology it's my opinion that the Fallen Angels and the previous cultures and civilizations had higher technology than even what we find and have access to in this generation and that a lot of what we are discovering in my opinion are rediscoveries and that the fallen ones are leading us into replicating technology that had been here previously you know that part of the technological advancements of this this generation are a mark and also a signature a harbinger of the season that we're living in and I do believe that since the blooming of the fig tree which was the regather ination State of Israel and the recreation of it as a country with the same capital that that was the sign for our being in the last generation and since that time be the agenda for the New World Order also accelerated and a lot of what had been lost during antediluvian times with the judgments that were brought upon Atlantis and other ancient alien and Anunnaki the fallen angel cultures and civilizations that existed in our ancient past or in the prior times that is being replicated and recreated and that's in my opinion also why we see in the scriptures when asked yahushua with regard to the end of the age and his second coming that he said as in the days of noah so shall it be in the days of the second coming of a son of man meaning technological advancements and the knowledge the mysteries of the heaven that had been delivered by the fallen ones to the pre-adamite and also to the modern humanity in corrupting the seed of Cain and also leading them astray but also giving them knowledge of the weapons of war the mysteries of even how to abort the fetus in the womb these kind of things we see spoken about in the Book of Enoch as the abomination that was taught by the Fallen Angels to the children of Cain and to the daughters the women which they took wives of all which they chose and so yes it's all exactly as it's meant to be and everything that we see that is is part of God basically leading us to what is his own prophetic end and as he has revealed the end from the beginning in the scriptures and giving it to us everything is as it exactly as it's supposed to be thank you next question is from Paul what are your thoughts on Billy Graham um I really have not looked into Billy Graham in any great or detailed manner I only know what I've heard and yeah you know some say that he was a freemason that he's connected to the establishment in that manner but I have no nor affirmation and I did not look into your study this with any great degree so I really can't say passed judgment or if opinion and with any certainty my focus is not really upon Jerson I don't study the works of men much at all I only spend my time reading the ancient scriptures and studying article and extra biblical materials and and so I really alright next question is also from Paul do you believe man's intellect can even compare to that of angels um yes I to a degree because Adam and Eve ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they were given in insight that gave them the minds and perception what it says of the gods or the angels and so now that we are living in duality and we are learning from the knowledge of good and evil our experience here is giving us exposing us to what the angels also learned because they were cast out of the heavens before we were ever even created they were banished on the second day here to this particular world this fallen world has fallen realm and they were given authority and allowed to rule over this particular space and it's here that they were placed under the authority of death and that they also learned through the knowledge of good and evil and so when our ancestors fall fell placed under the authority of death as well where it says that in the day that you eat thereof you shall and so when Adam and Eve from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil they lost their bright natures they were transformed into flesh they were placed under the authority of death and then we see that they were banished here to this world that they were exiled from paradise where the tree of life is where the home of the righteous is where New Jerusalem currently resides above the vaulted dome with the throne in the kingdom of God and elect ones are now Adam and the righteous see that were resurrected when Christ died on the cross and then ascended into heaven and took them as the resurrected firstfruits and delivered and restored them to their first estate that is it's no place of habitation but currently we now incarnated into flesh form and our spirits being married with the flesh we are learning and being exposed to exactly what the Fallen Angels were opportunity in wanting to seek out self-rule and to have kingdoms to rule over themselves that in Psalms 82 you see that the counsel of the mighty in that God rules over even the little gods the fallen angels even the you know all the angels but that Lucifer Satan the adversary and the one-third of the angels that fell with him when they were banished exiled from paradise on the second day they were also placed under the authority of death and that's why Satan is known as the Angel of Death and it says also in Psalms 82 that they would die the death of man like one of the princes and that Prince is Satan he's the Prince of the air he's also the Prince of this world and so they were banished first and then when our ancestors fell that placed all of humanity under that same curse and so now we are incarnated into flesh form for single life time and we are given opportunity to and the world of duality in the same manner that the Fallen Angels had long ago and they are still here as Legion and they are at war with the angels of the Most High for the souls of humanity to try to influence and to cause us to fall in same manner and cause us to be led astray so that we will not inherit the salvation that Christ's coming into the flesh and redeeming and rectifying the fall delivered unto us and so yeah we are learning exactly what the Fallen Angels went through as well in being under the authority of death and learning through the knowledge of good and evil thank you next question is from Lise if we are the angels that sat on the fence the third part elite part evil the evil ones were then able to sin in heaven what kind of but let me explain it this way we're not just that humanity now is comprised of all three groups the good made no decision that said on the fence and those that were part of the evil that's sided with Lucifer and so you have humanity now in this time especially since were at the end of days that the elect are also being sent into flesh in order to lead the awakening and to create a a revitalization of knowledge and the understanding of truth among the consciousness of humanity and so the war in the flesh what had been the war in heaven is now extended here to the earth and our being at the final age you see even in the parable of the tares of the field that Christ said I let both grow together meaning the wheat and the tares the wheat are the children of the kingdom the tares are the children of the devil the sons of perdition the children of beli al and these two have been warring against one another since the beginning with Cain and Abel came being of the wicked one the seed of the serpent and Abel being Adam and Eve's first child but murdered that the generations of Adam would be prospered through Seth and so we see that the children of Cain are found in Genesis 4 separated from the children of Adam found in Genesis chapter 5 and so you have you see there even in those two bloodlines you have the evil and the good and then it's my opinion that with the war in heaven and with election which is a very deep and profound topic and if people want to know more and to understand this in greater complexity I do recommend Skyfall that's me and in that book I explain election predestination pre existence all those things the war in heaven and how it led – our incarnation in the flesh for and so we're not you know the the middle ground it's now a war of all types the good the elect and also those that in during the First World AIDS and that flame themselves in flesh now that you know we're at the endgame this is the are thee the final battle is upon us and so what was the last portion of that question sure and let me just read the whole thing if we are the angels that sat on the fence the 1/3 part unique part evil the evil ones were then able to sin in heaven when they decided to attempt to overthrow Christ that was the sin that was the the jealousy that is spoken about in Ezekiel 28 the when iniquity was found within Lucifer he contrived the thought to attempt to us to exalt his throne above the stars in the clouds be like the Most High and so when he had this thought and he conceptualized trying to overthrow Christ that's when the warran haven't occurred and he went to each of the angels and tempted them and promised godhood and self rule to them and a third did join him and so he and this third of the angels are the Most High God were cast out of the heavens and they were banished here to the earth and that was that occurred on the second day you can read this in the second book of Enoch chapter 29 and 30 and it says there and it's Christ that are speaking and revealing the occurrence of the war in heaven – Enoch he this is also where it references in Luke chapter 10 verse 18 a Satan as lightning fall from the heaven and so this is when that occurred that's also when the war in heaven took place the separation of light and darkness that led to the destruction of the earth and we see that in Genesis chapter 1 verse 2 that the earth was destroyed then that's also where the war in heaven took place and then the separation of light and darkness that's when the rebel angels were cast out and banished here to the earth and then we see the firmament is put into place on the second day in order to trap them and banish them here to this fallen world and to this fallen way of being because as I said in the previous question that they were then placed under the authority of death and they would have to die the death of a man like our existence here in this realm lifetime and then judgment they are incarnated in and out of flesh and taking over and possessing for the seven thousand years that is the duration of the second world age and so what friends reincarnation is something that is not attributed to humanity but is attributed to the Fallen Angels into legion in that they banished and annihilated at the end of the seven thousand year reprieve but until that time just like where it says that Pharaoh that Satan was indwelling him and took you know just like the king of Tyrus that we see different embodiments different lifetimes and different circumstances and scenarios where Satan possesses the bodies of these different rulers you know controls what is the New World Order agenda in this world in his attempt to assert himself as Antichrist and also to rule over a global domination even though we know it's not a globe that's you know I say that because that's the that's the deception also on angels created us and in that the earth is a globe and you know that we live in an ever-expanding universe all that is part of the strong delusion that is connected to the Antichrist and also to the perception that the fallen ones created us they've created humanity and so that's the fullness of that particular response thank you before we move on I want to just show our gratitude to the carpenter's son who sent us a beautiful gift through the new donation button on YouTube live and we also want to think of all Garcia who also donated so thank you so much for your support and with that I will move on to the next question let's see next question is from Paul do you believe speaking in tongues is a godly or a demonic thing to do I personally do not believe that well it depends on the kind of speaking in terms that were alluding to the speaking in tongues that took place on the on Shavuot when Christ dying on the cross then Pentecost when the Apostles were filled with the tongues of fire and the Holy Spirit came upon them and they spoke in a manner where all the nations and all the different people from different tribes in different countries were able to hear and to understand the gospel in their own language that absolutely was godly it's the beginning of the Great Commission for the Apostles to take the gospel forth to all the different peoples and to every part of the world for in my opinion these speaking in tongues where people are releasing a lot of gibberish that since in any manner and isn't beneficial in anointing anybody a manner that Stan the the gospel and the have discernment on things that are the mysteries of the heaven I'm I don't feel that that is necessarily godly and I do feel more of a demonic type of activity and that what we see in the mainstream churches people just blurting out a lot of gibberish just I don't understand it fully it's never happened to me I that really is connected to the holy spirit but can't really judge because I don't feel good lead to do so but just in my own opinion you know again I don't I I don't feel it is a I feel it more demonically influenced and the reason I say that is because the church now the mainstream churches are full of idolatry and they are being led to participate willingly in support of tivities such as the celebration of pagan holidays like Halloween and Easter and Christmas and things like that and you know they also follow a false they celebrate Sabbath on in my opinion the wrong on gays and they follow a calendar which is divorced from the cycles and the phases and the movements of the Moon which are without a doubt moon is supposed to be the witness in the skies and the reason it's cycles are divisible by seven is because it regulates Sabbath you know in this particular month on our Enochian seasonal calendar and to fall upon Wednesday and we have upcoming in the Sabbath of the lunar conjunctive moon and then we will have the appearance of the waxing crescent which will then set and determine Sabbath's and that Sabbath's are in my opinion aligned with the quarterly phases of the Moon for Sabbath's every lunar month and they are lined to the first quarter the full moon of the third quarter and the lunar conjunctive moon and so all of these things that three churches are participating in in my opinion are connected more so to and to satanic influence than to truth and to godly influence and that's just my opinion and so thank you next question it's Fela I've listened to some teachings that hold view that the millennial reign began at the resurrection of Yeshua could you explain your understanding of this topic yes the resurrection of Yeshua was what is called in the Bible the first resurrection earth for Adam in those that were bound in Sheol a return to their first estate but it's not the millennial reign the millennial reign takes place when Christ comes again and bringing and taking on assuming the throne and everybody will then be brought before him in judgment that that is when the harvest happens when he returns again and he will return on the Feast of Trumpets on yom Torah and feasts are the three that are remaining that when Christ incarnated into the flesh the first time he was the Passover lamb he was entombed on unleavened bread he resurrected on the first fruits as the high priest in the order of melchizedek and he resurrected adam in the righteous seed of Adam on the jaw Sheol brought Liberty to the captives and then took them for baptism in the artery in Lake and then allowed them to enter into New Jerusalem where they are now so that fulfilled and as I said the tongues of fire on Pentecost on Shavuot that this forth the great commission to the Apostles and so the first four feast days were fulfilled three remaining feast days will feed fulfilled with his second Advent he will return on yom teruah the Feast of Trumpets and that is when the seventh trumpet will be sounded and the kingdoms of this world will become the kingdoms of our Lord and then the wrath of God is poured out upon the wicked the earth and the heavens will be destroyed all they will come crashing to the earth and the earth will be set ablaze as it says in 2nd Peter that the next destruction iron and by fervent Heat and so the earth will be destroyed with all the wicked that are upon it and it will be renewed for the coming of the bridegroom and Christ comes to take his judgment seat and everybody has brought before him that is when the harvest the wheat and the tares will be separated the tares for burning and condemnation the wheat for preservation and those that are worthy then and numbered amongst the elect they will be part of those that enter into New Jerusalem when it descends out of the heavens paradise is with the heavenly throne and the Temple of the Most High God right now we is above the third the vaulted dome the third heaven and it will AAS says that the heavens will roll up like a scroll and then is rolled back then New Jerusalem will descend down here and those that are worthy and numbered amongst the elect they will enter into New Jerusalem for what will be the millennial reign and then at the end or near the end we see that Satan is loosed and when he is loosed again to tempt the nations of the world once more that after this temptation he and death and the false prophet and all those that serve Him and that aren't let astray by the New World Order and follow and serve Him in allegiance they will be cast into the lake of fire cited as the second death and it is my opinion that there will be of annihilation well those that go through the second death will be destroyed as they have never been and then there will also be somewhat of an eternal judgment those that are part of the wicked how that unfolds and who is me and who isn't really all that is you know for Christ who even when he came initially the devils recognized him as the judge and the son of God and they said have you come to torment us before the time and so they know that there is a certain time coming where the New World Order and their rebellion against him is over and they will be brought to judgment and they will be i him as the Son of God that he will be the Lion of Judah at that time and whereas he came as the Lamb said behold the lamb that takes away the sins of the world that when he returns he comes as the lion and he comes to bring judgment and to separate good and evil and to and to punish according to justice as it will be dealt out and so the morning rain will occur with the second Advent thank you and as I'm reading the next questions and mind check your your mic settings to make sure that your input sensitivity is down lowered you're coming not too bad but a little bit in and out so I will go ahead and read next question as you do that what does then think about the five or six findings of Ron Wyatt in particular design believe that yahushua was crucified above the Ark of the Covenant or is this last find of Ron Wyatt just more satanic wartime propaganda for an end times centered upon the earthly city of Jerusalem and I can reread that question you know it's kind of okay is this better I did turn down the sensitivity so yeah it does sound better so far okay great all right with regard to Ron Wyatt and I absolutely believe that he was a man of God and that he was anointed by the Most High to you in many ways the discoveries that he did share with world and if people are not familiar with Ron Wyatt's work he did rediscover not only Sodom and Gomorrha and the chariots in the the Red Sea where Pharaoh and his army were destroyed discover Noah's Ark and the Ark of the Covenant there's a passage in the first book of Adam and Eve where it reveals that Christ to Adam and Eve when he banished them from paradise he told them that after 5500 years I will be born of your bloodline of your seat and then I will come into the flesh and dying on the cross he would redeem them store them to their original bright nature in prophecy that at that time in the cross oh I'm sorry you're like actually got a little worse so I'm not sure what Justin said to put the push the input sensitivity to the left like push the I guess there's like a little okay okay better enough I can't really tell until you start talking long sentences so if so please go ahead and then yeah the slepping though I think I need to push it more over I will and and so and feel free to stop me as well so we can get it correct and so in the passage in the first book of Adam and Eve it does reveal exactly what spoke about when he revealed the discovery of you who she was blood upon the Ark of the Covenant as in the scripture that Christ went crucified on the cross that upon Adams head and then down through the and to come upon him in that manner and so we see that run Wyatt thinks about and reveals that when the place during the crucifixion of Christ that a crack was actually opened up the place where the cross was in and all the way down to the Ark of the Covenant so that his blood flowed through that crack and actually came upon that and I a long time ago the Wyatts if the bones of Adam were the ark because it it specifies that old his ancestors and his children his bones with them when they went upon the ark and that God instructed them also to carry the bones upon Noah's Ark and that when they landed that he would be buried in a specific place and so you know whether his bones made it into the Ark of the Covenant I don't know but there is this prophecy book of Adam and Eve that says and reveals that when Christ that his blood would flow and was head and so in some manner I believe that the Ark of the Covenant some way that I don't understand right now also connected to the fulfillment of this prophecy this to the story of run Wyatt revealing and speaking about his discovery throw about how they had the blood tested and that it revealed three chromosomes that were from human mother and then the other aspect of him was divine and the blood and it shows how the father was instrumental in heavenly in divine aspect that he truly was God incarnate into flesh form and so the blood also revealed that and the story that Ron Wyatt knows that as well and so he ously believe that and Ron Wyatt specifically that he was ordained by the Most High God bringing forth and to find and to locate the discoveries that he made even finding in Saudi Arabia that Moses Moshe brought forth the water and that asunder when that event occurred I absolutely believe that the Wyatts as a family are most I God for the work that they have done and are still doing thank you uh I think we should take an early break so that we can get your mic fix well I'm thinking is maybe if you just put it on automatic we could try automatic because that's what my setting is under so you can either like move the toggle up or down or you can click automatic so maybe we can try that as I go through all of the all of the announcements so I'll get started just so everybody knows all of our ebooks right now on sacred word publishing com are all 50% off which means they're all $5 and you get the PDF of the entire book and all you need to do is add the promo code in all caps eBook 50 into at checkout where it says promo code and that would be great and then another thing I'd like to mention is that we are going to be at take on the world the 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we're actually going through the Great Commission to book and tomorrow will be covering the gospel of nicodemus and we hope to see you there and that will also be live here on the Zen Garcia YouTube channel so exactly where you are right now so we hope to see you there as well and that said Zen are you ready I am I tried I don't see anything for otter I don't okay no that's Tiffany over again okay sounds good well hopefully actually people are saying that you sound fine that just that you're you know breaking up a little bit but I think that people are getting the gist so we'll go ahead and move on to the next question and this would also be probably a good time to mention that I think that we'll have time for additional questions so if you do have a question feel free to add it to the chat and I'll add it to the list and if we have time we'll get to it so the next question is the second version of the gospel makes it impossible for you who schewe to have been crucified the day before a lunisolar kappa the separate places the resurrection on the sabbath when all the other translations market as the first day of the lunisolar loony solar month was this effort made to discredit Flat Earth and the lunisolar calendar I don't know because I have not read portion of the Scriptures within the sefar and so comment I would have to look at that and to get a better opinion but so they're saying that the resurrection on the Sabbath is that correct yes it says the supper place is the resurrection on the Sabbath okay yeah in my opinion that would be wrong only because the feast of unleavened bread according to the Enochian lunisolar calendar is always on the full moon of the 15th and that A's are all aligned to again to this lunisolar calendar and so that's why we see in Leviticus chapter 23 that the feast of unleavened bread is always on a Sabbath and it's always the full moon Sabbath because only by following the lunisolar calendar is every 15 a full moon Sabbath and we see that the Feast of Tabernacles as well Sukkot it occurs on the 15th of Tishri which that also is a full moon Sabbath and so II the ancient accountings of the Levitical feast days and the calendar my friend Diane Culver wrote a most excellent book which is available through sacred word publishing called Yahweh's unique time peace explained and in that book and one of the reasons why I personally have not written a book on the calendar is because she did such an exceptional job of bringing forth the forces which confirm what I'm talking about and how the the feast days and also Sabbath were determined by and I wish I had access to my files because I could certainly pull up says to you you know some quotes to actually confirm this but because my computer about two weeks ago I currently don't have access to you a lot of that information and so I recommend people look to her book unique timepiece explain if you want to know more about the calendar and about how as I said the feast of unleavened bread is always on a full moon Sabbath and the feast or the day of firstfruits that is always on the 16th of Masson which is the day after the second Sabbath and the sixteenth and so on is always the first what is the third seven-day sabbatical week and on the lunar solar calendar the eighth the fifteenth the 22nd and the 29th those are the Sabbath's and they fall in line with the first quarter of the full moon the third quarter and the lunar conjunctive Sabbath and so again because I have not read that and I have not studied it I can't but in my opinion you know Sabbath's are aligned to those particular days in those particular phases of the Moon awesome thank you you sound much better than excited first oh all right amen next question at some point when we reach eternity will Hades not be needed evil extinguish heaven and earth blend or merge as God lives with us as in Revelation 21 a circle of the earth only such since I surrounds us as temporary barrier oh I think this is three questions but the first question being at some point when we reach eternity well he's not be needed since evil will be extinguished and it actually says that in the scriptures that Hades right now is only a place to hold the wicked and that right now while there is a separation of good and evil but it does speak about a time when there will be no more evil there will be no more death and no more devil for the former things will have been swept away and so in this time what Enoch describes as the eighth day which is after the millennial reign and it's a eternal age where there is no more time and there's no more reckoning of time in the manner that we follow it now because the way that time is unfolding in the way that the Most High has established it according to the heavenly calendar is so that we can keep up with it in order to recognize the signs and the seasons and the coming of the end of the age and so that was why and also to determine the the feast days and but at a time later these things will not be necessary in the manner that they are now not saying that we won't have enough Sabbath or the the still the recognition and the acknowledgement of the Levitical feast days because in my opinion those who are in holy ceremonies that are established and that we shall worship even in the millennial reign that in Isaiah chapter 66 it says that from – and from Sabbath to Sabbath that we will worship the Most High and so in my opinion that even during the the millennial reign and even going into an eternal age that things will still be established according to the wishes of the Most High God as to be a memorial of is connected to and all that we went through that is connected to Passover and the unleavened bread the firstfruits Shavuot yom teruah a m– and also Sukkot which are the the feast days the Levitical feast days and so for instance just to give people more insight Adam first worship the most I got it was on Passover when Cain and Abel brought their gifts and Cain his offering was was found unworthy this was on Passover oh uh you know was let out of the ark this was on Passover when Abraham brought when he was first did to leave Babylon this was on Passover when he was asked to you are up Isaac as sacrifice this was on Passover these kind of things have been you know the recognition the celebration of Passover in the other Levitical feast days have been incorporated into the and to the history of Israel and to the scene of Adam as the seat of promised and the chosen ones so there will be a condition in my opinion of these particular days because they have such importance in the life of not only the seed of Adam as a nation and even now us you know Christians even though most Christians don't honor the Lord of Levitical feast days they believers it you know God mandated and ordain those particular holy days Oriol forever and so I do believe we'll be celebrating them through the millennial reign and afterwards as well yes next question could it be that the allah that muslims worship and revere is the same god of the christian religion or is it as some purpose actually a Lucifer ik construct even if a person is faith-filled and a loyal servant of God believing they are serving good but doesn't call him Jesus does he go to hell okay I do believe that you know the Muslim and those that follow Islam as a whole a when they are worshipping and praying to Allah that they are praying to the Father in the same way that we pray to yahuwah however the religion was established in deception Muhammad was not a prophet in the manner that the you see the prophets of Israel in prophecy words and scriptures that are prophetic in that showed well the fourth of the end from the beginning as God States about you know knowing the end from the beginning and how he has God he only has such insight uh-huh and so just like with that have now led people our strength even with the worship of a pantheon of gods and goddesses like for instance Hinduism and their involvement in idolatry but at the core and going back in ancient times true faith and the knowledge of the Godhead as the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit were taught to all people everywhere time when all people understood the truth Satan and the Fallen Angels the rebellion the war in heaven that led to what has now become the leaven chant and so all religions then became tainted truth that all people everywhere held and had access to you led astray and deception and so even Christianity now in the same manner as I spoke of earlier with you know following and observing these pagan feast days and calendar and a false cosmology that all mainstream religions Dre in deception but they still have all incorporated and behind them knowledge of truth my opinion most people everywhere are good they when they worship to God they are and trying to observe honor of the Most High God the Father well you know a lot of religions don't recognize the Sun as an aspect of the Godhead and then also in the same way not honored the Holy Spirit as the feminine aspect of the Godhead and as part of the holy and so you see how a lot of people in the world fully do worship the father but they've been again led astray to either not know the Sun like the Muslims they do not recognize yahushua as a part of the godhead and as the son of god and as God incarnated into flesh for oh you know most religions been deceived to where they don't recognize the Holy Spirit as the Sacred Feminine and as an aspect of the Godhead as well yeah but you know there are different peoples different religions that do have an aspect of this truth but then you have a whole other deception where the seed of Cain then the Giants and you know those that were ambushed religions that worshipped a pantheon of gods and goddesses and that offered blood and victims in sacrifice and those religions are completely dedicated and even in ancient times to the worship of the feathered serpent and we know the feathered serpent is in which that old serpent that ancient dragon which deceiveth the whole world the adversary that in the garden he beguiled Eve impregnated her with Cain and brought forth his own and it is this bloodline that is cited as the seed of evildoers the tares who are the children of the devil even though there's an underlying truth behind Jim's most of them are led astray in deception and that includes Christianity and so for myself I I believe that people should follow religion because religion did and is now polluted with leaven and that people should study the Scriptures especially those that are prophetic and that show the inspiration of God and that have the fingerprints in the signature of God upon them thing God tells us that seeking he shall find knock and the door shall be opened a way that we are to and to rediscover truth that God tells us to study to show ourselves approved and that he has provided ancient manuscripts a lot of extra biblical books which can bless individuals developing a personal relationship with the Godhead and in that manner come to know truth gyms they're just rot in deception and like even you know the Mormons that have established a institutionalized child pedophilia I mean those kind of things and you know the the polygamy where girls are marrying their 50-year old uncles and I mean that kind of stuff is an abomination and I'm I'm not trying to pick on one religion and there's religions all over the world that are cult-like that have been tainted and that the Word of God in order to justify abomination and so believe that we now have to step out of come out of her by people you know come out of Babylon come out of religion and to seek through his word and through discernment where the Holy Spirit leads you in truth and you know a lot of the people that discover our work and that read our material that listened to our shows now that you are and I believe that that's what we are called to be now to come out of the religions and to seek truth from and to do to have direct relationship with the Godhead in that manner and you know that's what we try to facilitate in bringing forth the ancient manuscripts and the many collections that we do in bringing forth the truth of the cosmology and the calendar and all these different things you know the seed of Cain existence predestination that we're giving you this truth so that you can as for yourself and not have to rely on any religion any pastor any preacher that you read and study the scriptures yourself you develop relationship with the Godhead yourself and that you know truth directly for yourself and not through anybody else and I appreciate everyone patience with us and our Mike I know that then you had to use an older mic today because of all the computer issues that you've been having but I still think that people are hopefully getting or getting something from this and they're being blessed by it still and I can definitely tell by the live chat so but we think you still for being patient with us and and hopefully we'll have this fixed by the next show and with that I'll move on to the next question which is where are where are our souls prior to incarnated here if we were created a very long time ago yet only live one earthly life hello then oh no I hope we didn't lose him all together very joy oh now we can hear you so I was like oh no okay did you hear the question what no worries okay where where where are our souls prior to incarnate in here if we were created a very long time ago yet only live one earthly life we were with the father and the son prior to coming into flesh form we pre-existed son it says in the scriptures that God in Christ knew us before the foundations of the world before incarnated into mortal flesh form we were part of the the angels in heaven lion where it says and I knew you before you entered into the womb of your mother I had four ordained G to be a prophet unto the nations and I recommend people listen to the show that I did on the guff where I talked about the treasury of the souls and the Hall of souls and a place where all the souls of humanity for entering into flesh form and that chapter in The Chronicles of jeremy'll called the formation of a child after nine if you read this chapter you'll speaks about our pre existence in our before we entered into flesh and so men people read that if you also want to know more about these particular topics as I mentioned previously skyfall angels of destinies thank you that was my mic in that time it's it's better than it's been as in it's is it's been worse but it's not like fantastic either you're still cutting out a little bit but I think people are still getting the gist of your message so I'm thinking we can just go through the next hour and then the next 50 minutes and then tomorrow when I see you we can deep dive into and figuring out what it is all right so next question do the Illuminati spin The Book of Revelations as Satan being the promised Messiah will come to rescue them or do they think they will not need a messiah and instead they will ultimately become enlightened and God themselves in general what are their religious beliefs well it depends what level like the Illuminati that are at the highest levels and luciferianism they know who their that their father is the devil that they will be judged of days but because of the power they're above the law status they're willing to into the belief that they will escape judgment you know that it's worth divine right to rule to be judged in the end but as far as the lower level each you know that the extraterrestrials are our gods and that the god of the old testament christ as the god of the New Testament that these are near fabrications anity is based upon a lie and they have much in the world do and believing such deception opinion this is to the reign of the Antichrist and this is what the Bible references as and in that we see in aliens series right now pushing that in the extraterrestrials created us long ago but our true gods and that they are returning to save us from ourselves this is what a lot of the lower level believe and are being taught I am too and even a lot of Christians you know that D individuals like people that speak on the ancient alien shows they buy into this and they believe that that the Sumerian teachings are more ancient to Christianity even though we know that material that that is not true they are hook line and sinker such thought teaching it I opinioned preparing the world and to take the mark of the beast and to accept both as and it's only those that really study you individuals that listening to our show now that we've been sounding the trumpet people about this deception for years and years I've written about this and you know all of the Flat Earth trilogy turns in the conclusion for each of those books is a sound warning exception and as years ago it wasn't as prevalent as it is now that without a doubt this is Theo tarik religion of scientism at the whole conception that the ancient aliens the extraterrestrials are our gods with for the coming reign of the Antichrist in my opinion thank you next question is what makes the loominatee think they can win the war of good versus evil for example how do they explain away the battles or events that they have lost already such as Yahweh sending down Noah's Flood or explain them in a fashion that convinces them they walked away with a victory also how do they explain away the fact that the book of Revelation says that they will lose the final battle battle in other words how did the Fallen Angels spin these storylines to their loominatee counterparts to get them to stay in the game thinking they have been winning all along and will win in the end the how they have done it and how they continue to do it is because Satan and Legion this world and the bloodlines of the Illuminati the children of Cain they have time in the garden since Cain built the first city they have ruled over world and they have ruled with impunity have the divine right to rule and it is something that has been passed down strategically courage in their bloodlines and Satan gives it he wishes and we see that they have successfully centralized wealth money and they above the law status even engage in pedophilia thinking of blood the cannibalism and to participate in such abomination even now never that's this upon it or mostly get away with these kind of things of course there are a few that have been brought to justice like the to bathe and the blood of virgins Catherine I forget her name in different individuals throughout the generations some that have been brought to justice but for the most part elite are allowed to do as they wish murder their spouses you see Henry the eighth how he you know not being able to get a divorce that you know in he and it got rid of his spouses in that way and that these kind of thing that they even kill each other in order to take over the crown that the elites of these particular bloodlines have acted out in schizoid manner for very long time but it's because they have the power and they print the money that is loaned to governments they true behind-the-scenes rule over all the countries of the world all the central banks which print money and loan it to governments at interest over the international agencies Monetary Fund the United Nations all of those subgroups and different until all government in one world the one world order they do truly our and so X them think that you know they're not gonna succeed when they have already taken over and controlled the world power drunk on excess they as I said they can do currently anything they want with regard to good and evil they can have people murdered they can just rule with impunity currently and so it's that on power believe that they will succeed and long with the deception that has and foisted a tent Allegiant to the stray into believing in the possibility that they're going to win but has is do you have people with them in allegiance to the New World Order these blood oath and accepting power money and wealth and the ability to do as they wish which is you know for satanist that is the whole of the law but keeps them to Satanism as a religion that's what will continue to leave them astray until the time of the end sumption is so great most people led astray us by such thought and that's why the electors but a few so the world will bend the knee to the Antichrist and accept the aliens as our gods you with that it's in I see that you're trying to talk oh yeah there you are oh there you are Hazen okay good were you done answering that question able to hear all of what I said um yeah until like just a second ago where you just kind of cut out completely sure that was like literally like three seconds ago five seconds okay yes yes thank you how's the bike is it still it's still going in and out but a lot of people are still saying that I've told people in the chat if it gets so bad please let us know and we'll just reschedule and people want it to keep going so I think it's it's it's bearable people are still understanding I'm sorry everybody no worries people are being so blessed um alright so are you ready to move on to the next question yes all right next question is from Angela please comment on Ezekiel 37 regarding the meaning of the fix of Judah and that of Ephesus being joined back together yes in the it also speaks about this in the Sepideh where it speaks about the fig tree being the house of Israel then it speaks about the two sticks as far as Judah and Benjamin and then the other ten tribes or the Israelites and the Gentiles being married and grafted in as believers Peter was sent to and taught and the other apostles did to the Israelites alone and then Paul he was a Pharisee and knowledgeable Jewish tradition but because the Jews rejected Christ as Savior Messiah that he was sent to the Gentiles though salvation was extended to all in the same manner the two sticks coming together application of the tribes and the Israel and it speaks about this occurring at the end of days that even though we see learning of Israel was the blooming of the fig tree the true we gathering because of Israel will not happen until be harvest and the millennia rain and when New Jerusalem comes down and then all those that are the elect of all the different tribes and all over the world when Christ comes to judge bring forth the harvest and then that particular prophecy will be fulfilled in my opinion and so you can see the Scriptures and the Old Testament prophets speaking about the divorcement of Israel and how they would be purified even with the Jacob's trouble if the Gentiles would rule that all of that is also a part of prophecy and the fulfillment of it at the end of days when Christ comes again in second Advent thank you we will now be moving into the live questions that I've been collecting so the first question is from Pale Rider if God could foresee Lucifer's choices and actions and all that would befall humanity as a result before he created Lucifer why do you believe he proceeded because all of that is part of the greater plan the fall the deception of both the Angels and humanity the creation of this world and the chaos that we see bless the days be shortened there should be no flesh left all of it is part of the fulfillment of prophecy in the fulfillment of of this world where we are separated from God and God is showing us why we need him as sovereign ruler Holy Trinity to truly be just and benevolent over us because otherwise the reality we would create and we would really a us where we would annihilate ourselves out of existence it's only by the grace of God and the Justin benevolent some order that he has established even over this world that things are you know even good as they are now if we did not have the harmony that was established and made part of the natural order sanity would reign and what we see if in our world in our culture of led astray and most people having no connection no relationship with the Godhead that we see people are murdering each other and their babies and that the institution the establishment those you know at birth that we everything is poison the food the air the water they have no mercy for even the elderly or the young for-profit health care institutions now target individuals for their organs and rather than saving lives for it now they target individuals for their organs in order to make money and to profit off of healthcare just insane but that's the world that we live in and now we have for euthanasia where the longer was to care for the old you know they want its an Asia as a way to get rid of you know those that are too costly among us people like myself people with disabilities that you know it cost a certain amount for us to live independently and to be part of the community and to have choice and option in to our own wishes and our own dictates and so ain't the whole euthanasia and being implemented into the for-profit health care the tution it's that's what is happening that is where we're moving to people being starved and dehydrated targeted for their organs I I mean it's insane it is insane you know in people that have for driver's license that become organ donors they have no idea that they are putting themselves at risk hospitals target especially young people and they will put you in a will lie to your families and say that they're brain-dead or whatever they make up all these different definitions on on heart beating gasps persistent vegetative state but what they don't tell you is that be dead and have your organs benefit anybody and that is actually truly dead their organs and they're not able to sustain life by giving their organs to anybody else and so the establishment lies to us and a lot of times they will lie to your family members if you're in an accident they'll put you in a coma and then they'll a to your families are you know you should make this a good situation and allow him to live through theirs or her to live through the lives of others and so when your family actually agrees to give out your organs them cutting your organs out of you is what actually kills you is you know they make 2 million dollars just on selling your organs and not just I mean even the doing the procedure is even more what hospitals charge for doing these kind of procedures is you know long waiting list you know that's big money the organ harvest station and all of that is because um well don't get paid for those organs they donate them for free and it's the hospitals that get paid for doing these these transplants and this is a whole other side of the Sinister care that most people do not recognize and this is going on every day and people support it in ignorance you know my people are killed for lack of knowledge and it's true targeted every day for their organs and they have no idea it's just a and I'll on to the next question Gerald Livingston do you think the Antichrist is here now if that the Antichrist is here and is in flesh embodiment and at at some point you know and that's what I'm looking for next because I know a lot of people expect the rapture to happen at any moment study scripture it tells you very clearly that the Antichrist will be revealed first will come upon the world stage and that he will bring forth signs and wonders establish a covenant and bring peace and then he will break that peace break that covenant and he will attack Israel and he will lay it waste and take a control of its lands for a certain time will come again to protect Israel and to protect his people yet the true believers and then the wrath of God will be poured out on the wicked and those not written life but at that's where we are in the timeline is that the prophecy of the last Pope if you're not familiar with it that Malachi so many I don't even know how many I think it was eleventh or twelfth century or whatever that he was given a vision of the hundred and eighteen popes that would remain was that number I don't remember exactly but his prophecy we are at the last Pope and most prophet will the last Pope is the one that will introduce the reign of the Antichrist and the Roman who is Pope Francis and you were at that time right now and so remains and the Vatican even speaks about how they're awaiting the return of the extraterrestrials these are connected to the end of days if you study Malachi's prophecy of the last Pope in four and Daniel speaks about also that that the Antichrist will reveal himself and declare himself as God in the temple of God which that temple a building it certainly is us that we are the temple and so the Antichrist declaring himself as God within each of us that that is right now that look at how many people are mines and simply on the edge of losing it I mean times one of the girls that works for me really likes to watch the the live PD and the live emergency rescue and the emergency workers the fire departments and the ambulance people most of what they do now up and give narcan to all the people that are overdosed don't care don't care about the lives and are overdosing their vehicles while driving I mean these people are insane they're out of their minds and they are bathrooms overdosing in on park benches just in the middle of nowhere where and the people are just falling out and this is now what the emergency workers are that's most of what they do is deal with we're dosed and you know they spend for their time instead of urgencies and saving lives they're dealing with addicts that is the state of the world that people are so and since so possessed by demonic influence and giving themselves up to you wickedness mine it's just an indication of that we're days because certainly Luther unless the days be shortened there should be no flesh left the reality of the situation of humanity that humanity is killing itself out of habit and I really feel like there are like in Japan now are more people dying than are being born more people you know the population is not sustaining itself with the genetically modified foods with the chemtrails the poisoning of the water the food system your people's use of microwaves vanity is on the brink the brink and not looking too good but we know that this is all prophetic and that is to save us not the extraterrestrials not aliens not out of here the New World Order or the Antichrist and we know that we win in the end and we know that it is because of our Redeemer Ava Messiah that to our original bright nature and our first estate and that through him nation and chance to reign with him thank you next question is also our Lipton what do you believe the mark of the beast will be I personally think that the mark of the beast will be connected in some way to e to a chip that is implanted that holds nation of that individual and that can be used to for items much like a credit card that instead of using a card it will be in an or even in their forehead dividuals already utilizing such technology trying to expand that technology and that AMA care there was a measure to have everybody chip by a certain on Medicaid and Medicare to have everybody shipped with this technology period and certainly that would fulfill the prick prerequisites of Scripture but you know no man can buy herself without such technology but I also believe that there's a spiritual component to this as well see in Scripture is that as to and to seal us in some manner his sign and that this occurred and with the with the children of Israel that they was sealed with the mark of God erred from judgment that came down the in the case of Passover and the celebration of it that dual of death that killed they slaughtered the Passover lamb doorpost with the top sign of you know now the cross but it's the Hebrew which now is also the Christian cross that they marked their doorposts with this cross and the angel of death none of them overlooked them and they were preserved and and and that there was a later time when our to Jerusalem and to the Israelites and they were spared in the same manner that there was a mark a spiritual mark placed upon them I opinion at the end of days this same kind of thing will occur thank God birth his angels to seal up the true believers tickler sign and whether it's across whatever it will have a part to play in the elect and in determining the harvest be worthy to be numbered amongst the elect who would be counted as the Sheep duration of the goat and the sheep in Matthew chapter 25 that the mark marks the wicked and the mark of Christ if it's a cross or whatever it is that deserve the and the Sheep and those that are his and that hear his voice thank you next question is from Don Smith where do you believe we are in respect to endtime Biblical prophecy I believe that our that Figtree generation and that the blooming of the fig tree occurred in 8 may 14 1948 when Israel was declared a nation in all the the nations the Arab all the Arab nations went to war against her that that was the blooming of the fig tree and that was this sign be the generation which saw the second coming of the Son of man see the end of the age and the return of Christ and a generation according to Psalm 90 verse 10 70 to 80 years and we saw the Feast of Trumpets September 23rd that was the fulfillment of the revelation 12 sign the woman clothed with the Sun her feet and a child within her womb and a crown of twelve stars nine Star constellation of Leo and the planets Mars and Mercury I believe this particular sign brought forth and ended the 70 years and so and this year when embassy the United States Embassy was moved to Jerusalem that marked the 70th anniversary of the nation-state of Israel our mind I believe that there is roughly here's to the end of this generation and that this lets us know that you know a generation is seventy years years in its strength and so having seventy years already fulfilled and the 70 anniversary of the of Israel's existence having passed this year we have roughly anding gates and I'm not sending a sign or telling you that you know this is the way it is I'm just interpreting scripture scripture and so at the end of days is for certain within ten years I'm only saying that you Psalms 90 verse 10 that a generation can extend new years and that if we go by that particular scripture the end of days or the end of this generation should sometime out near 2028 which is interesting because prophecies that have been given to different individuals that have seen and in the days they talked about I forget the individuals name but he was on the prophecy club and he talked about how the angel Gabriel came to him and gave him a vision of the end times and he works 2025 and 2028 and even the theme because the the those people that challenged channel the ancient aliens say that the ancient aliens the extraterrestrials are going to return in 2028 a lot of weirdness to this particular number but again I'm not date setting I think we should be perpetually we should be ready for the return of Christ even now that if you're not a believer you know right with the Lord you're behind to be perpetually ready every moment forward and that delay because the hour is late ninamarie joy now I can are you ready for the I mean you it you basically I heard the whole thing and then I just missed the last part okay yeah I think I think I heard the whole thing though all right I think we have time for maybe one or two more questions so next question is from Alan stored all stored all angels cried out to the Father for how long God said not yet a few more have to be killed revelations I think are we going to be killed certainly you know that the hour of trial is coming upon the true believers that does that when the Apostles asked him of his return and then at the end of the age he said that they will deliver us up you know that they will they were that the families will be divided you know mothers would turn upon their children brothers upon brothers fathers and you know the families would be divided and that this would be persecuted that the false Christ would come forth to bring forth deception and to lead people astray and that it also says there will be wars and rumors of wars earthquakes in diverse places it was rising up against nations and so that those things are connected to the Ezekiel war the Jeremiah chapter 50 51 the destruction of the hammer of the nation's is America and how it covers in revelation 17 and 18 also the destruction of Mystery Babylon and specifically of New York City eat of all the Kings and the seat of the United Nations which is the location for world government that the Kings that they rule through the United Nations to implement and to push the New World Order agenda the destruction of this particular city in this particular system Mystery Babylon in a single hour in a single day and that she will be so utterly destroyed that all the people will have to migrate out of her and that she will be left perpetually in destruction and so these kind of things are prophecy and we believe that you know there is a persecution of Christians the world in nations such as China and Iran and the Middle East and especially in Muslim countries guess I'm a Christian and you become a believer in Christ you're considered an infidel you're considered an enemy of their religion they also have AZ passage and indoctrinated into their belief murder of and even holy war jihad you know which is an oxymoron but they have that and written into their scriptures that they can murder the or people that are considered to be infidels and so this kind of thing the religious persecution wide-scale and we just are not hearing about it our mainstream news sources are not informing us on it but that certainly we know about you know Chinese Christians being targeted for Oregon harvest station that they're being locked up as political dissidents and that they are being their organs are being harvested and sold to the rich into elite and that there's an ongoing list of you know both that have themselves targeted in such manner just because match as a donor somebody that is wealthy and rich and in need of a certain this is what's happening there you know the insanity is is um increasing worldwide and we know that even in Syria you know in Lebanon in Iraq that Christian populations in those countries that by you know the this and Al Qaeda in all of these terrorist groups that have been funded by different governments of the world including ours so yeah this is a fulfillment of prophecy and it shows you that we are you know again at the end of days and that out of the that have been you know what the robes washed white how long Lord until you you know bring forth revenge that's kind of where we are now and now we see with the Noahide laws that king is in place that anybody that Talmudic that does not abide by the laws that Christians will be beheaded things are a next aspect and next phase of the coming reign of the Antichrist and execution of the Saints is written about in Scripture that when the Antichrist comes to power certainly will focus on the destruction of the Saints and will wage war simply prophetic and it is exactly 11 o'clock p.m. if you could please close us in prayer after I quickly mentioned that Carolina cowboy let there be light and Rodney Lyons I still have your questions and I've added them to the next show which will be on August 8th I'm sorry August 9th and just in case you're wondering like when are these shows like and and what how can I find out beforehand you can also sign up for our newsletter which will actually give you an automatic promo code once you sign up and it's going to be on the same page that you sign up and then it'll tell you the promo code right after you sign up but yeah that will be a good place and we're going to start making sure that we put when all of these shows will be and things like that so that you can keep track and so that you can join us but that being said then can you please close us out in prayer absolutely first I'd like to just thank all of you for bearing with us and that I've had computer issues for the past two weeks but I will get them remedied as soon as possible and that we appreciate your attention and that we honor your you know the opportunity to speak to you and to present those things which the most has all into with regard to discernment and revelation on the word and so – with this prayer to end on a note of hope because I know that difficult to know and to understand the truth in that it can be overwhelming those of you that are new to the faith and that are just learning about the New World Order insurmountable odds that are posed against us as believers you know that why would you want to and and to become a believer and to expose yourself to such trial to such burden oh that is but a blink in the eye and that the rewards are in heaven as we covered in the the last study that we did the weekly study of the Great Commission one we shared the rewards in heaven and the story of how our focus is not on this lifetime even the achievements of this lifetime but to come to knowledge of who our Savior Messiah is and that Mister him and so father I just pray that all those that are listening here that they can discernment in such way that they lean upon and hold their faith in you you to preserve them through all those things that are coming upon the world in which you have prophetically warned us about in the scriptures they would rather know and understanding to where I can sound the alarm as a watchman as a as you know those that are watch women pounding the trumpet that are preparing the people for those things that are coming you said that the alarm and the people will not listen at least their blood is not upon us but that if we do not sound the alarm and we ignore that we have discernment upon then not acting in such manner that their blood is and so I pray that we the blessing and also the burden that being a wisdom keeper and a holder of the secrets that difficult especially that since so many people believe us to be insane but that we are doing it because bringing you want not any of us to fall away and to be led astray and did not have part in the salvation that Christ promised unto us when he said I go now before ice before you and as I came I will come again to save you and so the promise is through him Lord he was the Passover lamb that brought a forgiveness of sins to all of humanity and that through him we are redeemed that he rectified the fall that he was stored even Adam and Eve who he gave promised he when exiling them from paradise that he would bring them back to their first estate and restore them to that to their bright nature that that promise extends to all of us as well Lord and that the truth of this world our reason our purpose our role our mission for being here Kingdom it's about eternity it's about our spirits in our salvation through you and so everyone come to Ingham is what is important Lord and that the rewards are in heaven and that the facade of this world in this life time and the carnal aspects of it that the distractions and the entertainment and all those things that keep us off of our having a spiritual focus cameras on who we are why we are and what all this is really all about that all of that be swept away Lord and that you help us to keep our eye on the prize and to know that a purpose for being here is to come to knowledge of all these things that we are so blessed to be able to speak about Ron and to share with others in such manner and so if you would father some discernment lead us in truth and stand us up in strength gave it to take on Goliath and to know that through you we have the power to trample than the demons to the Scorpions and all those that are spiritually aligned against us you we can achieve and accommodate and accomplish all things and so let us trust in that father trust in your deliverance and the promise of deliverance and that in relationship with you we have everything and without that we have nothing in the Father in the Son and the Holy Spirit I pray that you bless all of us watch over us keep us safe and help us to do what we need to do on behalf of service to you and service to the kingdom amen and thank you so much then and thank you so much everyone for sticking with us for the last two hours we're so excited to see you next time and be blessed Shalom everyone good night off thank you for staying with us good night

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  1. Another awesome show, thankyou Zen and Joy and as for Billy Graham he was named by Australian SRA survivor Fiona Barnett as being part of a satanic paedophile ring.
    Yah bless you both.

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