Ashnikko “STUPID” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

I was cocooning and he was just making me
feel like I couldn’t be my best self and I felt like I was always making myself smaller
for him and I refuse to do that now. I don’t have time to babysit. I don’t have time to be no man’s therapist. I don’t have time to raise nobody’s son. I am a confident woman and I’m doing really
fucking well. So, look at me, watch me. Thank you. Okay, let me set the scene. I was in the studio, messy drunk on red wine. My teeth were stained purple. I looked horrendous, but I was riding this
high of confidence and goddess energy. The producer, Oscar Scheller, was in the room,
and he was just like, all right, I’m just going to leave you to it. Because I was like dancing on the couch. And yeah, you know when it just all flows
out, it’s just like vomit. You just vomit a song out. And I needed to say it, it was something that
I really desperately needed to say. Basically fuck my ex boyfriend. He sucks. He’s a butthole. He’s a butthole. We should all be saying butthole more. Wet kind of means soggy, and limp. That’s stupid boy’s flacid penis. He’s like a wet noodle dick, basically. Small dick, wet, flacid, butthole I think I had just seen my ex and the way
he was like smirking at me. He was just very smug. Like as if he had such a profound effect on
my life. But no, I don’t need you. I’m going to give you a taste of your own
medicine. I’m going to switch it up. I’m going to go cold. He didn’t deserve a nice happy ending. He deserved a little bit of ghosting and some
boys do. Some boys actually deserve to be ghosted,
just to kind of get a little taste their own medicine. Reality sucks, baby. For this stupid boy, I am too good for you. I’m too expensive for you., I’m too much for
you. You absolutely do not deserve me. it’s a good and bad thing. I’m a crazy bitch, but also I’m great. You don’t know no one else like me. I’m the night terror. I’m your sleep paralysis demon in the corner
of the room. First off, PornHub please hook me up with
some merch, because I just spent $20 on some fucking socks the other day and would love
to have the full range. I really like PornHub, it’s a good, they have
a good layout, it’s very easy to use. When stupid boy’s in the shower rubbing
one out, he’s thinking of me. Hopefully he’s not watching PornHub in the
shower, but if he is, that’s a really cool invention. A screen in the shower where you can play
PornHub while you rub one out. I’m going to talk to my manager about that. I might try to include shower screens in my
merch. That’s a good idea. Like a Sour Patch Kid, I’m sweet and I’m sour. You guys have candy in the lobby. I had so many sour patch kids. Thank you. I think I can be a really sweet girl, but
also pretty evil at the same time and I can switch very fast. Let me tell you in this situation I switched
it up really fast. I was very sour. A very sour, Sour Patch Kid. Sour patch girl. Sour patch bitch. He’s got Pornhub up and he’s searching blue
haired girls. That’s his most frequented category is blue
haired girls. He’s salivating over me, looking at my nipples
through my t-shirt. Not in real life because we ghosted him and
he doesn’t have access to any of this, but he’s on my Instagram zooming in. Sorry, baby, I’m a free agent. I’m single and I’m out here. I don’t actually need you. You need me more. Just a little play on words there. Big wood, penis. Cut him off, cedar. Cut his dick off. Is that what I meant? Jesus. Fuck. I didn’t really mean it like that, but I guess
that’s how it comes across. So, interpret that how you will. You know when you get the ick and it’s like,
“Ugh?” Anything they do, like the way they chew their
food or the way they … Their concentration face, that at one point you’re like, “Oh,
that’s really cute.” Now it’s like, “You are so horrible.” Like, “Everything about you is just gross
to me. I have the ick.” Like, “Ugh,” the ick. The absolute ick. I can’t even look you in the eyes. Everything about you is disgusting. He’s blocked, plain and simple. He’s blocked on my phone, on all my social
media. I need to focus on my career, and I need to
manifest my own blessings. He’s a puppy dog. He’s a puppy dog to me and he wants to eat
my pussy. I’ve written literally 20 songs about how
small my ex’s penis is. So, that was pretty evil, and I talk shit
about him all the time because he’s evil. He’s evil. So really, who’s the bad guy here? I’m cute. He’s not. Fuck him. I don’t feel bad and that’s all I got
to say.

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    Check it out and lmk how it’s sounding
    Lmk if u fucks with it or no🤷🏾‍♂️🗑 or 👏🏾

  2. Ashnikko: “At the same time I can be sweet but somethings I can be evil”

    Me: that’s so Scorpio of you teeheee

    Edit: she’s actually a Pisces but still, I just kinda liked that quote and I thought that’s something a Scorpio would say UwU

  3. The only time you have is spent on your appearance. In 10 years when you have a life you will notice you will have no time for that anymore and you'll look back at yourself and laugh. Like we all do.

  4. This may come as a surprise to some people but there was a time not too long ago in this Society when a person who dressed like acted like and spoke like this chick would have been put in an asylum and lobotomized.

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  7. i was thinking why she was talking slowly then i realized that the video was in 0.75 cuz i was watching and learning the song before this 😂😂😂

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