Artist vs Poet – Miserably Loving You Lyrics

23 thoughts on “Artist vs Poet – Miserably Loving You Lyrics

  1. I always remember my friend George who introduced me this song, and Seven as well who was once my boyfriend. Lol

  2. how the hell can you be so close to someone for so long and like a flip of the switch, you become strangers…? I will never understand it

  3. I remember listening to this song years ago, and I always thought how I wish I was named Emily. But now, I'm just realizing Emily is a heartbreaker lol. I do not want to be Emily; nope…

  4. This just makes me think of a game called 'Emily is Away' you're on this old aim messenger and its so obvious the person you play as has a huge crush on her and they end up drifting apart depending on your answers and its just….ugh. My heart.

  5. I once knew of a girl named Emily Raskins. I grew up with her when I was a kid living in Rhonert Park up until I moved after 3rd grade. She was the first girl that I had a crush on. I felt in the pit of my stomach. 

    I last saw her at a gas station when I was in the back seat of my car and saw her in the car on the opposite gas pump. I waved and haven't seen or heard of her since.

  6. Damn my ex that dumped me was named Emily and when we were dating she told me to listen to this song, I listened to it once and I just listened again today and it just add me think of all of out memories

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