Arthur Morgan + John Marston & More Interview (RDR2) | Leaked Deleted Content

what is the thing you like the most about being Arthur woo gosh you know I don't I was Arthur for five years and we worked doing it in performance capture and and what's so weird is that once everyone got to get a whiff of what the game actually was and and started to to see our work our job was done so you know to answer your question I guess it would depend when you know when I was when we were working at it you know it's always a joy to work the joy is always in the doing and so as a as a working actor there's no better reward than to be able to just work in a really fulfilling environment to be able to do good stuff with good people but since its come out the best thing about being Arthur I guess would be just being a good man maybe well people coming out to me and telling me how much they've been affected yeah the game has had on them and and you know these amazing stories that people have decided to take the time out of their day to reach out to me and say how much he do playing as Arthur not in this level no no and it's it's it's kind of Maysville whelming because it's I'm really grateful that then I as an artist I was able to do something that's is enjoyed by so many people it's not something I had properly anticipated but you know what else is cool is that since its come out I've also been able to play as myself yeah which is pretty weird thank you why yes it's kind of meta you know it's it's it's a Joe and I've been and then not enough realistic to it's like too real in one way and then nothing it's like I'm playing in a different dimension or something is it your first time doing a performance acting or even an actor in a TV show or maybe a movie not a TV show or a movie I did do one video game before with mocap years ago getting only I'm a cop it was performance capture and but I was a minor character again of shell-shocked – and I was a guy called sergeant Griffin and I was also several zombies I can relate yeah can you like tell me like three well I mean I think one of the obvious is that it I don't want to take anything away from the first game because I think that's I think that's more of what I'm talking about in terms of being better there are so many more opportunities to interact with different heads in this game and so many different options that you have as a player yeah which I think elevates the quality of the game and and it's it's very lifelike in the sense where you have to create a bond with your horse and if you don't and you're in a hairy situation that horse may take off when you need it yeah you know so you have to really invest the time to you have to provide for the game you have to get them food and your money and you know yeah so I think that I think that that makes a person playing the game really feel personally I guess accountable to the game and I think that that creates something that you know you want to do what you need to do in Red Dead Redemption but in Red Dead Redemption – you really want to do that and I think that's really a deeper more full experience for the player yeah first time doing you know full motion capture and no I I did a character in rockstars LA noire dr. Harlan Fontaine he's a he's a very sweet kind and loving man is the opposite of that just like the you know character I'm playing in Red Dead to a very gentle loving gracious yeah that's what I feel inside oh I know how they feel yeah what do you think the gamers think about your role as Micah to beat you oh yeah yeah now I get a lot of comments on social media you know I hate you hope you die if I see you I'm gonna punch you in the face no no you can go get you have it you know what no okay all right I particularly like the scene where Dutch played by Ben Dutch and I sort of have this lovely little slow dance together it's it's one of the sort of side missions that is very hard to come across yeah but in the end up in the middle of the woods I don't know if it's in the Grizzlies or whatever but you see Dutch and Arthur sees Dutch and he's with someone yeah and it's Micah and they're slow dancing together and the snow is falling and it's beautiful and in Arthur's mind there's this sort of lovely music that's playing so and then you know everything kind of turns into this big gunfight and you kind of forget about it but it's um it's uh it's one of my favorites it's there I'm not kidding you it's definitely there I think what I don't know could be there for it it may just be something that runs through my head all the time but yeah yeah it may have been cut I remember it fondly though what's the best character well then I got nothing [Laughter] well I don't know I got the you know a couple the other guys playing the parts are over there behind the camera now so I uh that's not really not really fair so it's definitely um I guess it would be Arthur and then um no I mean Dutch you mean I mean I mean John yeah yeah all of them they're all great yeah I teach acting and yeah and I work on camera and with respect to voice acting which is a very noble profession I I always want when I have the opportunity to let people know that how we captured Red Dead was not voice acting it was performance capture yeah a performance until we you know when you say voice acting it evokes this idea of well not only together that we're each one of us alone in a booth reading off a script and we weren't we were all together working as an ensemble together for nearly five years when you think about the realism how how does it affect the game the realism via the really I think that there is a sincerity to weight to the way that the story is told in the Red Dead series across the board that I hope and it seems from the feedback we've gotten yeah it's been pretty good feedback people seem to like the game yeah and I'm pleased about that but I think that's in the the realism allows this sort of very epic nearly operatic story of Arthur Morgan them yet to be told what's the most hated character character not a person a character in the game Peter Blomquist character yeah Myka Myka he just said his real name yeah but he pronounces a boon quest a boon he's wrong his Peter block the most hated is there any like a line a quote in the game you like the most yes I could tell you why because it's there's not this to listen the the lines we all got to the writing on this game is spectacular so oh yeah like how big the the scripts I I had the first the first three weeks shoot that I had I we I'm not sure how much detail I can offer but we it was over five years but we would be on a schedule so you'd have some time down and then he'd come back and but I think I had nineteen five pages to memorize for the first shoot we did it's a lot do they know you and I knew you for that first game like do they called you we want you for the to do this character or like you went like in auditions oh no no no they called they didn't say what it was I had a pretty good gas but they call you know the Rockstar Games have you do you have a knowledge about the game industry I mean oh yeah no I had done I had done voice acting for a game called grand theft auto san andreas ways yeah but I was just a couple of pedestrians we'd run into on the street and then I did read and then and then I did I did LA noire as well but I was cut out of anymore pretty much a reason oh I'm sure it was because I was terrible so you know that no it is I'm not sure who knows you get you work as much as you can and you get cut out as little as you can

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  1. Alot of people hate micah. But did you ever think that micah would say that he did work with milton. What's just stupid! To get him self killed by dutch. So his role in the game are important and it was mainly tobarcilosus that killed arthur not micah. That's just the way it is in the rdr series they are sad as the whole western period was. I just want to also say that the wild west was already dead by the time of rdr2 and even revolver. But whey are still my favorite games!

  2. Dutch: People thought it was voice actin-
    Interviewer: Oh isn’t that talking and acting at the same time?

    One don’t interrupt my man Benjamin Davis

    Two what the hell is with the interviewer?

  3. Wow these outstanding actors have such incredible insights. Does anyone else have a weird experience seeing the voices of the characters that we know and love coming out of the actual actors bodies?

  4. I love the first game, but it didn't affect me the way this one did. I was legitimately depressed for days after I finished it, and not just because of Arthur's death but because I found myself actually missing the gang. I missed riding into camp and seeing everyone going about their business. I'd gotten to know those people, and knowing I wouldn't see them again (yes, I know you see the surviving members one more time after the epilogue) made me feel like I was losing old friends. Playing as John again is bittersweet considering we know what his fate is.

  5. I just love the interviewer. The passion he had interrupting the cast was so amazing. I would most definitely recommend him for various other voice actors

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