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News Network. Sandi Gardiner (SG): Hey everybody welcome
back to Around the Verse, I’m Ben Lesnick. Ben Lesnick (BL): I’m Sandi Gardiner. SG: This week in the ATV Interview, Jared
sits down with Senior Cinematics Editor Jason Cole to discuss his work on Squadron 42. BL: And the Austin QA team has been sorting
out all sorts of whacky bugs with an all new episode of Which Glitch. SG: But first, the PAX South free fly promotion
is coming to a close after this weekend. Don’t miss your chance to fly an Aurora LN, Mustang
Delta and Hornet F7C if you haven’t already. BL: And tell your friends. This is their chance
to see the nucleus of Star Citizen. SG: And that was adding Ben adding Ben. BL: That’s what it says here. SG: Also ending this weekend is your chance
to pick up Star Citizen and Squadron 42 bundled together for just $45. BL: And if you’re an existing backer we
will lower that price to $40 incase you want to give a package as a gift or just if you
want to have two. SG: Or Valentines. BL: Yes, please give your girlfriend, your
wife, your husband a Star Citizen package. SG: So don’t miss your final chance to pick
up two triple A titles for the price of less than one. Finally this weekend is Valentine’s
day and it looks like we’ve received some Valentine’s day cards here at the office. SG: Yes our favourite fan Kinshadow sent a
selection of nicely printed Valentines to give out to the team which I did! [Hard core Valentine’s day card giving sequence] SG: Now let’s check in with our studios from
around the world in this weeks News From Around The Verse.
News from Around the Verse Los Angeles
Randy Vasquez (RV): Hey guys welcome back to sunny Santa Monica, this is CIG LA. So
we have some things going on this week. My name’s Randy Vasquez. This is … Patrick Salerno (PS): Patrick Salerno. I’m
a Associate Tech Artist and, yeah, so anyway … RV: Alright. So what have we got going on
this week? You’ve been working on a few things … PS: Yeah, so far I have been working on optimisation.
We had an Around the Verse segment where I go into a little more detail on it but in
summary I’ve been working on a few ships like the Cutlass, Scythe, Gladiator, Gladius:
all these ships. Basically bringing them up to standard. Making sure everything’s working,
everything looks good and we’re getting the best performance we can. RV: Nice, nice. So design-wise I know Kirk’s
been working on the Reliant Scout’s thrusters; Calix has been working on some new shield
designs; and Sherman’s been working on components and getting everything structured there. In Engineering I know Chad is actually working
with Calix and Paul to get the some of the new shield stuff created so we’re working
on shield components. Eric has been working on tools for 2.0. Paul has been focusing on
tools as well. And then Mark Abent, Bugsmasher, he’s been focusing on weapons and projectiles
and everything like that, so a lot of stuff that’s going into the Weapons 2.0/Items
2.0, just getting this stuff upgraded. PS: Right. RV: So that should be good. We’re out. See
you guys. See you in the verse. Austin
Jake Ross (JR): Hey guys Jake Ross here, Associate Producer of the Persistent Universe and I’m
here with you this week to talk a little bit about what’s going on here in Austin.
This week we are doing, or rather last week and into this week, we’re doing some planning
for the next mocap shoot. There’s some planning in the works for pickups, for various things
across the project, but for the PU specifically we’re talking about adding some things for
upcoming environments like the Levski landing zone and looking beyond to Hurston. So we
definitely want to get some time in with the next mocap shoot being scheduled at Imaginarium.
So we’re scheduling in things like drug deals gone wrong, drug deals gone right; we’re
scheduling a whole prison scene, so different animations you might find in a prison or a
jail, police station, you know: handcuff suspects and officers doing their thing while off duty
and on duty. So we’ve got a few things in the works.
We’re also scheduling in some … as we’re going though and placing animations in various
scenes we’re noticing a few things that we shot last mocap shoot we probably want
add to or fix in the next one, such as, in the medical scene right now we have all these
NPCs set up where they are … they’re a little extreme! We’ve got people everywhere
just puking out their guts and their sick beyond all belief and we want it to be a little
bit more realistic when you walk into a waiting room you don’t always get people … sometimes
you do, maybe but you don’t always have people everywhere you see puking out their
guts and just writing in agony and things. So we want a little bit toned down ailments
to put in our game as well. People who are literally just there to get a flu shot or
a check up. So we want to add those in as well. So that’s the planning for the next
mocap shoot. We are also setting up a review of the selling
part of the shopping functionality. So we’ve got buying in place: we’re thinking it looks
pretty good. We may be at a point pretty soon where we can start testing. But now we’re
looking ahead to “okay well now let’s add the selling part, let’s close that loop
and go from buying to selling”. So we want to add that too to the next little bit of
shopping. And along with that comes inventory and remote storage, in your hangar and in
your ship. So we’re breaking down to the designs and answering all the questions that
come up as a result of thinking about that. The last thing I’ll mention is that we’re
scheduling a cross-studio playtest for tomorrow. We’re going to be teaming up with CIG LA
and taking part in their studio playtest that they’ve been doing over there. So we’re
hoping to get some Austin folks in there and try to help QA out as much as we can: banging
on the game and just generally getting in and having fun with each other and, you know,
we want to be in the verse just as much as you guys so we want try to help coordinate
that as much as we can between the Austin and LA studios. So yeah, that’s all I’ve got for you this
week guys. See you around. Thanks. Foundry 42 UK
Tom Johnson (TJ): Hi everyone, welcome to the UK again.This week I’ve got Matt Lightfoot
with me, he’s Associate Producer here at Foundry 42 and he’s going to give you guys
a quick update on UI development. Matthew Lightfoot (ML): Hi guys. So we’ve
got plenty of things that are really cool happening in the UI team and one of these
things is that Carl our Systems Designer is currently looking at the initial designs of
our Personnel Manager which will be another MobiGlas app that will allow you to manage
your inventory as well as be able to see your clothes on your character and whereabouts
the items are stored on the body. This will be part of the diegetic UI. Diegetic means
it is actually in the fictional game world which makes it more immersive and hopefully
that will make it so that you guys feel slightly more invested in the Star Citizen world. We’ve also listened to some of your feedback
about the Party system and one of our big pushes in the not too distant future is on
improving the Party system, making it easier so you guys can play with your friends and
be able to join the games that you want to, in Crusader and in Star Citizen. So hopefully
you guys will enjoy that and you’ll see it fairly shortly. Another thing that we are working on, Carl
and Zane are currently mocking up concepts for our Holotable redesign which also came
from feedback and also us wanting to be able to enable you guys to customise your ships
for Crusader so you can play with all of the cool additions to your ships that you’ve
got in your hangar. TJ: Okay, thanks Matt and that’s it for
this week. Okay, so we’ll see you in the verse! Thanks guys. Bye for now.
Frankfurt Brian Chambers: Hey everyone Brian Chambers
from the Frankfurt office. This week’s a busy week. As you can see I have the one and
only Erin Roberts with me. Erin Roberts: Hi everyone. BC: We have a few guys out here from the UK
right now. Rich and Rob. They’re focusing mostly on AI right now right? ER: Conversation system for Squadron 42 firstly
but also it will be used in the Persistent Universe. BC: Yep. In those meetings too, we also brought
Tony out from Austin. So kind of have a little pow wow with the three of them. Chris is also
here, they’re in meeting, tearing stuff apart, filling up the white board. Also with
Francesco here is our Lead AI Programmer. Who else do we have out here? ER: We’ve got Ian Leyland out here. He’s
our Environment Art Director. We’ve actually got some really good meetings going on at
the moment. Because obviously Chris, Tony and myself got together and have a bunch of
stuff we’re doing and then also we’re just making, not only are we working out the
Squadron 42 stuff that we’re finishing off this year, but also just the plan for the
PU and the system. We’ve been having a few meetings. We always tend to at the beginning
of the year to sort out what we’re going to do, what the plan is for the year, and
so we’ve all been meeting together getting this stuff going and it’s been good. It’s
been productive actually BC: Yeah we’re covering a tonne which is
cool. One of the things between Frankfurt and the UK is what little over an hour flight?
So times where we can, we work remote and we work remote apart really, really well and
we’re always messaging and sharing screens and so on but every couple of months we get
that opportunity to come together bring in other people we need and really focus down
on a few topics for a few days or a week we finally get a lot of traction on things and
things move forward a little quickly ER: Yeah it’s great. Especially getting
the people you have here together in a room pretty much. Makes a big difference. There’s
only so much you can do with Skype sometimes BC: Yeah absolutely! As far as production
end to me and Erin going over headcount, going over growth, what are our plans today, in
two months, in three months, in six months a year from now? We also grew by a couple
of people last week, but I think I said that already last week. We have another new guy
starting next week. Another Cinematics Animator. Yeah things are rolling along. ER: It’s kind of fun being in the studio.
Just seeing every time I come here another eight guys have joined! You’ve got barely
room to sit! BC: When the guys first started coming in
office, Chris and Erin they would come and they’ve been here what five, six times so
far? Literally we had a few guys in the corner and they could sit wherever and then they
had to kind of move them the next couple of trips, then the next, then the next trip.
Which is good. We’re bringing in good solid people fairly as senior staff but it’s people
that know their stuff and are focusing down to help build the game you guys all want that
we know will get out to you eventually ER: It’s also cool for me I get to see some
of the cool tech that’s going on here. I’ve seen some of the latest stuff from the procedural
stuff, can’t say too much about it! BC: No! No! ER: Basically i’ll just tell you it’s
looking pretty cool BC: And that’s cool ‘cause you guys always
hear me say that i’m always like “We’re doing cool new. I can’t but we got to..”
That’s good ER: We’re obviously working to get that
out to you in upcoming releases as well and I think when people have that and they can
fly, land on planets, get out and walk around and do lots of stuff, it’s going to be very,
very cool. There’s lot of other stuff going on here. This is really like the entering
room for comfort in a lot of ways, lot of the tech comes through here as well and of
course we have gameplay from the other offices. But yeah visits going well, about halfway
in and probably the next update will probably have some more information about stuff Chris,
myself and Tony are all here for the full week and we’ve got some meetings and getting
lots of stuff done, it’s great BC: It’s always good to have you guys out
here. Thanks again to all the backers and yeah you’ll hear from us next week ER: Absolutely great seeing you guys. Back to Studio SG: As always, a big thank you to all of our
studios around the world. BL: Next up, Jared sat down with Jared Cole
our Senior Cinematics Editor working on Squadron 42 talking about what he’s been doing. Here’s
the ATV interview. ATV Interview with Jason Cole Jared Huckaby: Thanks guys. On this week’s
AtV interview we’re sitting down with Lead Cinematics Animator Mr. Jason Cole. Jason
how you doing man? Jason Cole: Good man how you doing? JH: Good. Now you to us from the Frankfurt
studio? JC: Yep JH: Lead Cinematic Animator. What? JC: When I came in, I came in right before
CR and Hannis started shooting everything for the Foundry 42 game, the Squadron 42.
So from that process they did all the shooting and then when I came on we had to figure out
how we’re going to handle the data ‘cause they didn’t know what was going on at the
time. The good thing is that CR ran everything through
an editor and cut everything out to how he wanted it. So basically when we get those
videos, based off those videos we order that data from Imaginarium and those pieces, and
then what I do is basically cut it together and work with Hannis to get the best results
for him for the cameras and stuff like that and how he’s going to shoot everything. JH: Now Hannis is our Cinematics Director? JC: Yes JH: Together you guys worked on things like
the Senate Speech. Did you have anything to do with the the Mark Hamill reveal? JC: Yeah, we worked on that. That was a very
specific thing. It was cool to work on though, ‘cause we kind of had to, not scramble but
we kind of had to piece together the animation a little bit more because it was very, it
kind of hit us very suddenly. So that was actually kind of nice to do that, it gave
us a good working atmosphere, good teamwork when we handled that. Very nice. JH: When you’re putting together a cinematic,
what is your job in that? JC: It’s like a process right? So what I
usually do is; I check the edits. I check CR’s edits, if I have to I confirm anything
if I have any questions. The thing is how CR shot it, was in multiple takes. He did
multiple takes and he’s taking pieces from each individual take. So what I have to do
is take that, put it together and make it one piece so it will flow. So say if it’s like a proper third person
cinematic, I have a little bit more play, we can rely more on cameras so the animation
would be a little bit more loose, behind the camera. Say if it’s running real time or
if it’s like a player event and it’s all happening real time then it needs to go together
well, so that’s what I do with the mo-capping clean it up and all that stuff. JH: Now one of the more common questions we
get is how cinematic will play in the actual Squadron 42 game. My understanding not all
cinematics will play the same way. Can you talk to us about the different ways there
are cinematics and will play? JC: We have different levels of cinematics.
When I think of cinematics, we have proper cinematics where it’s third person this
is like, I want to say five minutes that’s quite long. You’ll see ships third person,
you’ll see the player in third person, all the characters in third person, we have full
camera control and everything JH: Like more traditional cutscenes? JC: Yeah but they’re not all like that though.
I think they’re still working through their process of what is more like, we will possibly
take control of the camera of the player if it’s something really important and then
take control of it that way. Or there’s other stuff it’s, where it
might have a cinematic feel but the player can still walk around completely or possibly
walk out depending on how important that, that conversation is to the story. JH: So for some cinematics we’ll actually
have control over our character within the event that’s going on? JC: Possibly. I mean there’s still discussions
about that. But it is definitely something that I think is going to happen. Because CR
really wants to have that fluidness of where we don’t take the player out of the game
as much. So that’s the one thing that third person
cinematics do is take you out of the game but at the same time too they also tell, it’s
a really great way of telling a story. But at the same time too, personally I think if
you take the player out of the game too many times, you get disconnected right? JH: yeah JC: So that’s a thing we’re doing with,
when we did the show on the ship and stuff. We were trying to show how everything is connected
and the story pieces that are more like adventure-esque where you can walk up to somebody and they’ll
talk to you and if you don’t want to talk to them you can just walk off and they might
get upset but… JH: Kind of like The Morrow Tour? JC: Yeah exactly JH: It’s an interactive cinematic. In, for
lack of a better term, is there a better term? JC: No I would say like a cinematic experience
or a story experience that’s more fluid right? JH: Ok. I think some people would call them
scripted events. Everybody’s got their own terminology for this stuff and kind of thing JC: Yeah, yeah. It gets complex ‘cause there’s
like, scripted events are very specific but that’s what we’re shooting for. JH: I think what’s most important is that
we’re using every tool available to us to tell this story JC: As much as possible JH: Yeah whether it’s keeping people in
there and immersed or whether it’s using the third party stuff. We’re not going to
write off a storytelling tool, just on concept along. We’ll use whatever we need to tell
the best story. JC: Exactly, yeah. I think it becomes more,
what’s more appropriate for each situation and that’s really cool. JH: Cool. And where did you come to, before
you joined Star Citizen? JC: Before I came to Star Citizen I was working
at CryTek in Frankfurt. JH: So you’ve come over with quite a few
friends I imagine JC: Yeah I was really surprised when I walked
into the office it was like, temporary office so everybody was kind of stuffed in there
at Frankfurt. JH: You came on around May of last year, April
May of last year? JC: Yeah around that time right before they
started shooting JH: It was a very small building JC: Yeah! But they all seemed very happy and
everybody was enjoying what they were working on and it was cool to see what they were working
on. So I was like, I don’t know, I like this idea of, I like the scale of it and I
like the risk in it. It’s something exciting, something new and everybody’s going in the
same direction on this project which is awesome JH: The scale of this thing is simultaneously
daunting and exciting in both measures JC: Yeah! Yeah definitely. I mean it’s just
the cool stuff I see. When they were doing. There was like five or six of us I think,
before I came out here on vacation right? And we’re all standing around a desk and
basically Dan Troughman is flying in his ship, breaking the atmosphere right? And going in,
we’re all just standing there coffee, like, just like “Don’t mess it up Dan, don’t
mess it up!” And he’s like literally flying in landing
his spaceship perfectly on this like moon size planet and i’m like “That’s awesome
dude. I’ve not seen something like that before”. And you can get out the ship and
walk around like all seamlessly and that’s cool JH: Now it’s important to remember that
Jason is here on his vacation! He’s not actually here for work he was visiting the
office yesterday and I tapped him right as he was heading out the back door and I’m
like “Can you please come back tomorrow and do an interview?”. So thank you so much Jason for coming in on
your day off and taking the time to talk to us about Squadron 42. Back to you guys. Back to Studio BL: Thanks guys. SG: Coming up next, the Austin Quality Assurance
team is back with their wacky antics in the return of Which Glitch. BL: Which Glitch. Which Glitch Tyler Witkin (TW): Hello and welcome back
to Which Glitch. I am Tyler Witkin or Zyloh and I’m joined today by some lovely members
of the QA team. Actually you’re not QA anymore are you? Jeffrey Beardedpeas (JB): No, but joined the
turtle club. TW: Jeffery Beadedpeas was recently promoted
to liveops so he’s now our liveops technician. Secretly we just wanted his puns to be on
the other side of the building instead of with us. JB: I still email them. TW: He does and he has a facebook page, let’s
not plug that right now. JB: [Laughs] Too late! TW: We also have Robert Calavera. And our
newest member, this is your second weekend with us. Katashina M. (KM): It’s like a week and
a half TW: Katashina and I will not try to say your
last name. Robert Calavera (RC): It’s a long last name. KM: You got the first part right though, very
proud of you. TW: I can’t say it, how do you say your
last name? KM: ??? TW: Merekat? KM: No TW: No? So it’s been awhile since we’ve
been able to do one of these, we’ve been pretty busy with 2.0 and trying to get patches
out faster. I’m sure you’ve noticed the daily PTU patches we had coming out and so
we haven’t had time to record these, but we found a little free time so what better
time to fill it than with some episodes of Which Glitch. So without further ado let’s
go ahead and dive in. TW: Number 5. Hold my beer, I got this. I
like how he’s straddling his chair backwards. RC: That is killer thigh strength I might
add. TW: With his hands crossed it’s like, those
stub motorcycle drivers. TW: Number 4: Zombies. TW: I actually really like this one. KM: it’s so creepy TW: I think the backers actually got to see
this on one of our PTU environments JB: Pretty sure. I wish this video was more
in first person, I love how creepy it looks. KM: It is creepy TW: I’m coming for you, I’m coming. I
like the ballerina jump except he just got stuck that way I don’t know if that’s
natural. RC: In your head.. In your heads, zombies. TW: Number 3: Welcome to ArcCorp. So this
is a QA tradition that we have for all of our patch releases. In this case, this was
the patch where we introduced buggies to ArcCorp for the first time and of course what better
way than to greet the first player who finished downloading with a set of buggies. It’s
just. KM: Surprise! TW: A friendly hello, no big deal RC: Who was it? Josh right? TW: It wasn’t, Josh was the first guy to
come into ArcCorp. This was the next patch that introduced buggies. So you can blame
lando for that TW: Number 2: The Submarine. So I’m pretty
sure when he got the Aurora, he did not know it had underwater capabilities and no that
does not mean submarine confirmed. JB: Under concrete capabilities [Singing] TW: Three songs this episode of Which Glitch [Singing] TW: I think that’s a new record KM To be fair you kind of baited him with
submarine TW: I apologize, this will be the last episode
of Which Glitch. KM: And there it goes, flying off. TW: Because Jeffrey has sung us to death. TW: Number 1: Tip Toe. RC: Possibly one of my favourite bugs, we’ve
ever had. TW: Yeah. I like that it just keeps escalating.
It’s like that one from the first episode of Which Glitch we did in the FPS level where
they were all like acting crazy. RC: Yeah TW: And it’s even better because he’s
actually in the metal wing, Ah metal. KM: Metal!? TW: Metal wing [Roars]. No, medical wing. KM: You should uh, get those legs checked
out there. TW: Somebody get this guy a doctor. And those
were the 5 bugs for this week. We hope you enjoyed them as much as … JB: [Barks] TW: As much as we did, I hope we’ll be back
soon with some more, but for now, All: Bye!
Back to Studio SG: Thanks guys, some of those bugs are both frightening and funny BL: I don’t know, something about that segment
… Bugs me.. SG: And now it’s time for this week’s Ben
VP. BL:Well that was just last week, I don’t
like things every week. SG: No comment. And now it’s time for this
week’s’ MVP. MVP
SG: Ben the envelope please. BL: Here you are. SG: Wow, we even have an envelope slip that
we’ve never had before. And the winner is RenderG, for his custom Star Citizen control
panel. BL: Yes RenderG has created his own Arduino
control panel for Star Citizen, it’s looking pretty cool. SG: Check it out and congratulations. BL: You’re this week’s MVP.
Art Sneak Peek SG: And now here’s your Art Sneak Peek.
[MISC Starfarer – Coming Soon to a Hangar Near You]
Outro BL: Be sure to tune to Reverse the Verse tomorrow
at 11am Pacific on Twitch where we’ll talk about that Art Sneak Peek and generally make
fools of ourselves. SG: And of course as always a big thank you
to all of our subscribers for making this show possible. We will see you next week on
Around the Verse! BL: Around the Verse.

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