Ariana Grande, Cashmere Cat – Quit (Lyrics)

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  1. Such a catchy track by Cashmere Cat, Ariana definitely killed it with the vocals and the drop is so chill and mesmerizing! I thought you guys would like this, hope you enjoy 🙂 💙

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  2. Me too I can't quit a lot of things…. I can't quit cutting my arms and legs and make it bleed I can't quit be sad sometimes when I think that I deserve the life I have I the this people around me I can't quit think that I'm so bad and only bring pain and troubles to everyone I can't quit crying in the bathroom then I go out and put this fake smile to everyone I hate that I can't trust anyone and tell them what's going on with me because I'm afraid they will just cruse me and say I'm an idiot and stupid and crazy like my bestie did….I can't quit this…and I hate it….I hate myself my world my everything but life not we wished to be right?…sorry if the comment makes u feel sad or bad I just wanna put my feeling somewhere so yeah…

  3. I love this song no I’m addicted to the song🤪 but when I heard the part “I can’t quit you”sounded familiar and Rihanna where have you been kinda sounds the same but a faster beat I would say idk😐 that what i think but don’t get me wrong I lOvE ThIs SoNG!!🥰

  4. ⛤❤❤⛤❤❤⛤

  5. Used to love this song just bc but now I’m coming back to it bc I literally couldn’t relate more to it 🤧🤧

  6. when the relationship is too toxic but u can't do anything about it bc u love the person too much, feel me guys??

  7. The sound of this song when she first sings i can't quit you the rittme reminds me of a other song but i don't know which song 🤔 so annoying😂

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  9. "Cause skin on skin I feel nothing but the burning of desire and that's just foreplay" Is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard.

  10. I cry badly when I hear this song because my depression kicks in and I vision my past life and how bad it was and this makes me think of my dad who died

  11. Who came here after looking at taekook fanart (18+)
    Just me mkay bye
    You nice keep going!!
    (BTW how's my English? I'm half Korean!😊)

  12. Literally all song that came from Sia must sounds like her…. Rihana diamond too .. that's why i like everything that cake from her…. It's so peacefully kind of voice…

  13. I always listen to this song because I love it very much and I love Ariana Grande so much and I love her songs

  14. This song is really moving. Like, it makes me sad for some reason. But its not a bad kind of sad. It’s a good kind of sad you know? Like a kind of sad everyone needs to feel every once in a while to stay healthy. Yeah, probably just me😂. I never know what I’m talking about so if this bullshit made no sense. . . Oops.

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