Archetype, Reality, Friendship and Literature: Peterson/Hurwitz

44 thoughts on “Archetype, Reality, Friendship and Literature: Peterson/Hurwitz

  1. Hello everyone and especially to The Professor Docter Jordan , I am very happy to have found a serious teacher. 🙂

  2. I recently saw the interview from Australia, that you posted elsewhere. I am distinctly aware of my mental capacity in relation to yours but I was caught by what seemed to be, similar to the plans of agenda21. You know the situation on that continent better that I but there are problems with government corruption in our westernized countries and I wonder if this contributes to the problems you mentioned ( intrusive, unnecessary laws, high pay, bonuses and pensions for anything associated or funded by government, back door deals, ineffective, inefficient “social programs” every working class person knows ( unless exception of high competence ) “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know “.
    I know you may not agree but things really do look different, from a different perspective.
    Your interview made me think of the high population density rat studies that have been done. Haven’t those suggested high populated areas may not be healthy for humans, especially since certain observations of the study and human society in highly populated areas, appear to coincide?
    I appreciate 99.9% of what you do. 🙏🏼👍🏼(edit, I forgot to add Thank you).

  3. The tie is not important his WORDS are. The tie is a distraction like some (Most) main stream media tries to distract people. Use critical thinking, Listen and listen to the other side most important that bit then make up your own mind. Love your stuff Dr P unlike the new Dr Poo.

  4. On Peterson’s recommendation I read two of the Orphan X books. FASCINATING. And Peterson is deeply influential in strengthening my life. I think his great appeal to me of whatever age (and I am in my seventies) is that he models a very strong, compassionate and articulate masculinity and in a sense “parents” those whose relationships with their own fathers had gaps or problems. May he live 120 years.

  5. Good back patting by everyone involved. The leaning curve went like this |, the narrative flow was like the mighty Amazon River, the insights were falling out of trees like fecund fruit, the adventure bordered on EPIC! How wonderful! The liberal Peterson meets the liberal ex student and it's two liberal kings of the entertainment world giving presents of congratulations to each other for a seeming eternity. Such liberality! Good, LORD!

  6. I enjoyed this video very much and thought of the Hero's Journey by Joseph Campbell. I understand alot of these concepts but I still grapple with the underlying reasons why these archetypes even exist. Mr. Peterson it so disturbs me that a person with an opinion gets demonized the way you do. I admire your work but I want to be the type of person that thinks for themselves. Forgive me for not taking everything you say without question. Its all part of building my worlds view and not accepting others blindly. Thank you for the alternatives you offer. There just seems to me to be an awful lot of social engineering occurring.

  7. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) is an archetypal character tied to real life problems. Much more so than the Prophet Jesus (ohbp) at any rate.

  8. I'd love to hear what Jordan Peterson thinks and knows about graphic design and talk on how much of a mess that field is.

  9. So interesting to see the teacher and the student interact and respectfully intermingle robbing each other and complimenting each other. Brilliant to see this exchange

  10. El libro traducido de las 12 reglas ya lo están vendiendo en Perú! Y se están acabando. 69 soles

  11. So we jump mid sentence from Batman and Spidey right to Jung and Nietzsche. Only the alpha lobster manages that

  12. [~2:53] "That's what the 'Spidermin' people did really well, the Marvell… when they invented 'Spidermin'…"
    "It's not his last name… It's not like…'Phil Spidermin'. He's a Spider. MAN."
    [YT > /watch?v=5gr75OQabg0]

  13. That's one GIRTHY knot on that tie. Double windsor? A 'simple knot' aint high enough up on the tie knot hierarchy?

  14. I'm sorry for saying the C word. Lol. I didn't mean any offense to the greater milky diaspora. I'm investing more time in correcting my speech patterns. I've gotten very lazy.

  15. I used to perfect without intimacy, when I was young. Snow white . . . then I drifted. It's a comedy, human life, though.

  16. I love this kind of interviews where Dr. Peterson is comfortable and can joke around without been always on defence.

  17. I am grateful for the medium that led me to Dr. JBP
    I am grateful for Dr JBP and his dedication to the pursuit of a meaningful epistemology.

  18. " you can be perfect without intimacy, but then you're not perfect because you have no intimacy"

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