Apparently, I "Stole" Someone Else's Content

I wasn't sure if I wanted to make this video or not as I feel like it might fan some flames when my intention is to make some clarifications and defend myself against certain accusations but what the hell I'd rather hash problems out rather than let them linger and take a life of their own so a few days ago I uploaded a video about Star Wars Battlefront whose recent update detailing the cost and grind required to unlock the game's new appearances I display the following stats in which I calculated how obtaining every single appearance would require you to earn seven hundred and eighty-five thousand credits which is about three hundred and ninety 2.5 hours worth of grind or twenty thousand 150 credits which is around two hundred and one dollars and fifty cents worth of expenditure now a few hours after the video went up I decided to delete it because of the feedback that I got from my community who brought up a number of good points for example these calculations assume that players earn on average 500 credits per galactic assault match or about 2000 credits per hour but I failed to mention other factors like daily logon rewards challenges and whatnot that hand out additional credits granted there is only so much that these things will speed up your progress it's still going to be a couple hundred hours worth of grind for newcomers to unlock everything if you've been playing the game consistently since launch though you probably already have plenty of credits to spend on many of these appearances Plus at the end of the day the game now does allow players to earn everything that they can purchase with real money by just playing the game it may still be a slow climb to get there but it's very doable for avid players and none of it impacts the competitive balance of the game furthermore players can opt to pick and choose their preferred appearances for the Hero characters or classes that they favor so they might get everything they want within the first hundred hours of gameplay or even less while my stance on the inclusion of microtransactions and $60 games hasn't changed the fact still remained that my video didn't make the best of arguments for my stand so ultimately I decided it wasn't worth having around now after I deleted the video I began to notice a lot of activity over my Twitter page instigated by user battlefront updates who tweeted about me being back at it again with bullshit clickbait videos and whatnot didn't really know who he was until now but he's apparently a content creator whose videos focus on star wars battlefront in news updates and gameplay now to some extent I get that he'd be upset because his content creation relies on Star Wars Battlefront but his knee-jerk reaction to take two insults didn't really allow me to take this seriously so I didn't exactly know what his problem was but I figured he had similar sentiments to the feedback I got from my community and that I didn't make the best of arguments for my stands for the particular video so I was like alright whatever let him vent I will say though if battlefront II was actually free-to-play and add five times as much content the game wouldn't be in the precarious position it's currently in now would it hell if EA decided to update battlefront 2 to be free-to-play I would give EA nothing but compliments as long as there was no caveats attached to that but one can dream anyway after I deleted the video battlefront updates then tweeted about how I deleted the video not sure if to insinuate that he had something to do with it he didn't the more collected constructive feedback from segments of my own community was really all I needed but regardless I figured that would be the end of that then I noticed a significant amount of people tweeting at me about how I stole content that's when I noticed that battlefront updates had also tweeted quote of course he couldn't be bothered to record some game playing the menu himself either but he just steals some from Azha true without credit so this is a true fellow is also a battlefront to content creator al biet with a smaller following as a true himself had tweeted quote so young yeah stole my gameplay and used it in a video blasting the new system when compared to other games it ain't really that expensive he's deleted the video this was later retweeted by battlefront updates who has a bigger following so that led to even more people going out of their way to tweet at me about how I stole content now before I continue I would like to show you the segment of my deleted video featuring the gameplay clip in question here it is and have to grind for hundreds of hours if they didn't shell out extra cash while that question has been answered today with the update adding crystals premium currency finally going live and I'm afraid it's not an answer you're gonna like I'd like to begin by crunching some numbers there are three types of appearances in Battlefront two I'd like to note that the whole clip was maybe 15 seconds long with my own commentary and criticism added over it before transitioning into the still images with all the calculations and whatnot the narrative out there right now is that I allegedly stole content so I had to delete the video out of fear that I might get a copyright strike so first things first as I said before I deleted the video after reading some of the more constructive feedback from my own community I wasn't fearing for legal repercussions and didn't even know that these accusations were floating around until after I deleted the video and after I checked my Twitter feed but more importantly the notion that showing a 15 second clip with my own commentary overlaid a very short segment of the original eight minutes long video constitutes as stealing content or as taking their work and copying it as my own or whatever is utterly misguided if anyone honestly thinks that constitutes as stealing or copyright infringement then you're not familiar with fair use YouTube has an entire page dedicated to the topic and I'd like to read you some excerpts that will hopefully set the record straight it reads quote fair use is a legal doctrine that says you can reuse copyright protected material under certain circumstances without getting permission from the copyright owner for example in the United States works of commentary criticism research teaching or news reporting might be considered fair use courts typically focus on whether the use is transformative that is whether it adds new expression or meaning to the original or whether it merely copies from the original commercial uses are less likely to be considered fair though it's possible to monetize a video and still have one's usage be a fair use borrowing small bits of material from an original work is more likely to be considered fair use than borrowing large portions however even a small taking may weigh against fair use in some situations if it constitutes the hard of the work with that in mind let me ask you from what you saw did my video provide commentary criticism research teaching or news reporting over the use clip did my video add new expression or meaning to the original content rather than merely copy it did my video borrow small bits of the original work rather than large chunks of it I believe that the answer to all these questions is a resounding yes the way I used 15 seconds of visit ruse 8 minutes long video falls under the umbrella of fair use whereas his video was about showing off the new features of battlefront twos latest update my usage of the short clip and still images was a means to convey my own thoughts on the matter of the battlefront to update and the cost of its various appearances similarly if somebody took clips of one of my videos and made it their own by adding their own commentary criticism what-have-you that would also fall under the umbrella of fair use it would be silly for me and that's an area to pursue that and claim that my content was stolen now what are some of the things that might invalidate fair use well according to the guidelines quote uses that harm the copyright owners ability to profit from his or her original work are less likely to be fair uses uses that do not comment on or criticize the content used and that instead serve as a substitute for the original work are unlikely to be considered fair uses so let me ask you did my use of the clip in any way harm the creator's ability to profit from his content did I neglect to add my own commentary or criticism over the short clip that I use to express something completely different from the original videos content and intent I believe that the answer to both questions are a resounding no you can criticize me disagree with me or hate me all you want your opinions are your own and I'm fine with that but if you're going to boldly claim that I stole content you better have a good case before you make such grave accusations because otherwise you're setting a very dangerous precedent it's stuff like this that paves the way for things like the whole fiasco with h3 h3 who was sued by youtuber Matt ha stone for allegedly infringing copyright by using from one of Matt's videos without permission for the purposes of commentary and criticism in the end the courts ruled that h3h3 did not infringe any copyright that he used the clips in such a way that it fell under the umbrella of fair use and keep in mind that the clips at h3h3 used were from actual original content by Matt and even then h3h3 won his case the clips I used was gameplay from a game that Ezra – doesn't even own as he himself is exercising fair use to produce his content I'm all for being criticized or being called out or whatever if there's substance behind it God knows I have made my fair share of mistakes as I am human and I do my best to rectify them but what's being instigated here isn't criticism it's not constructive it feels more like exploitation of false accusations that comes from a place of contempt if you genuinely believe that showing a 15 second clip for purposes of criticism and commentary is stealing then you don't believe in fair use and you don't believe in the very platform that's so many of us youtubers rely on would it have helped my case if I had added the youtubers name in the description or something along those lines sure I can certainly omit that but did I steal content infringe copyright or need permission to use the short clip in question the way I used it hell no now the purpose of this video isn't to cause conflict between me and other content creators I don't know battlefront updates or as a true personally they might be nice people in person I have nothing against their content I have nothing against people who enjoy battlefront – if that's their thing I wish them good luck in their future endeavors and I feel for them that the game their channels are so based on and focused on hasn't thrived in a way that they might have liked it – we have different viewpoints they are quick to forgive battlefront twos misgivings whereas I'm still very apprehensive about what the future holds for EA whether this is a genuine gesture but I don't share a contempt for those who disagree with me I also cannot say that I a hundred percent handle the situation in the best way possible as I did go on a bit of a blocking spree on Twitter because I was so stressed out from having to finish the God of War review on time and just didn't want all that distraction at the time after I published a review though I did have time to finally take a breath and realize that's not the best way to handle things so I didn't block everyone and let them have their say and I let myself move on but that still didn't make for the best of impression so I'll own up to that but at the same time I'm not going to let anyone spread the absurd notion that I'm stealing other people's videos so that they can tarnish my intentions and look if I did cause harm by using the 15 seconds clip from that video I sincerely apologize that was certainly not my intention but at the same time I do feel like spreading this information that this guy steals video steals content is completely absurd when you actually look at how the clip was used I'm not saying this to insult or demean any of these guys but rather to set the record straight in my own defense which i think is only fair that's all I have to say about the matter I do ask that those watching this don't go to their channels or whatever and start any trouble as far as Battlefront content goes they do seem to do good work so if you're into that check them out my hope is that after this we can all just go our separate ways and move on to greener pastures even if we do so with opposite viewpoints and I hope it can do so in a way that's at least respectful to each other we can disagree but it doesn't have to resort to these insults this instigating of hatred or contempt from one community to another that's just me though I don't know I think I've said everything I need to say so we'll see what happens with that I will see you guys next time young out

26 thoughts on “Apparently, I "Stole" Someone Else's Content

  1. My goal with this isn't to fan flames or start trouble, and I hope this all blows over in a respectful and constructive manner, but I'm not going to let anyone tarnish my intentions by spreading ridiculous accusations.

  2. you shouldn't have even named the guy although the supposed "stealing"…..he should be thanking you now for putting him in the map, or as American says "under the spotlight". I recommend you should NOT explain again this kind of behavior from other users. just erase the video and go on Yong. you are huge, I recently noticed that. theres so much respect to you from other content creators that this jon doe doesn't deserve the time.

  3. This video is still heavily relevant over a year later. It's scary to recognize how often content creators, big and small, are threatened and stand to lose everything on the whim of uneducated creators who cry "Theft" when it's not warranted. H3H3's legal fees at one point peaked at $50,000 USD for a single month. That almost ruined them, a relatively large and successful YouTube channel, so it's quite concerning how easily others stand to ruin the lives of people who simply follow the rules of fair use. All we can do is educate and hope more people don't attempt to abuse the system.

  4. So while we're talking about copyright what about using other people's social media? Do we have to ask them to use it if it's a clip from twitter?

  5. just FYI but battlefront updates is a payed EA shill. i used to follow him back before when there was hope of a proper BF game.
    once it was out and had all these problems he ignored them and praised the game and never addressed any of the issues.
    so yeah he was payed off or something, maybe didn't want to lose access.

  6. Listen, I can't say if you're right or wrong… but one thing I can say in regards to this…
    YOU DELETED A VIDEO WITHOUT FOLLOW UP Who does that? People who are trying to hide their mistakes… game companies who back track after pulling something scummy, this behavior is behavior you have spoken against. How you handled the situation was wrong. You could've kept you mistake and updated it… or even had an apology rather then run and hide approach that the scum people hate almost exclusively use.

    Are you one of those scum?
    I don't care enough either way… but this definitely isn't something you should do.

  7. Oh dear…oh what little children. Swbf2 fanboys really cant have anyone bashing their cancer driven microtranstastic loot box game. The younger generation really have been totally brainwashed. I believe something more sinister.

    I believe EA will pay pro battlefront youtubers to muddy negative battlefront channels, and with enough bribary they would do it.

  8. You are definitely in the right here, but I mean it never hurts to ask.

    They definitely didn't care though, I am sure they could have talked to you much calmer and discussed credit for the clip.

  9. Lmao, get them youngyea. Break it down just like my wife. Lol. Make them cry. Hahaha. Such a soft f you, I love it.

  10. Love the cognitive dissonance of someone saying using 15 seconds of footage from a YouTube video is stealing but recording yourself playing a game isn't. Neither is stealing because they are both fair use.

  11. Oh no, guy on video doesnt like my shitty game that my shitty account is based around. Woe was fucking me.

    Honk off bro.

  12. If you using their footage this way was copyright infringement, them uploading footage of themselves playing the game in the first place would also be copyright infringement.

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