Anxiety | Spoken Word Poetry

I'm a prisoner in my own mind It keeps telling me. I'm shit a waste of space fucking up my life I sit here feeling sorry for myself known for a while that as each day goes by the last opportunities I have It's a daily reminder that. I'm running out of time these are the thoughts are [bathed] in my mind Keep me up at night. Make me realize that no matter how hard I try I'm not fine I'm tired Tired of pretending and live in this lie. I'm not alright And I haven't been for a while I'm sick to death of feeling sad walking [round] with a heavy heart, but all of my energy to just be okay when I'm not I'm weak emotional Fragile I put up a strong gate before all you need to do is ask me the right questions And they'll all come pouring up The dark thoughts anxiety self-doubt that sometimes I just need to be in a room by myself To keep the boat in my head down Could you see I was like everything is still? everything in my mind it is so fucking loud I Feel everything I wanted killing me. I'm losing my mind tell me How do I escape When my demons are only inside, I'm buried alive. It's a constant battle between my life and my mind, I decided to admit But I'm losing this fight I'm slowly watching [up] [abyss] night. has died is taken over and going onto the anxiety side I just want it to stop But it won't stop it never stops It controls you eats you up Makes you believe that it´s all your fault

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  1. You just said the words that I get scared to death from when they come in my mind and I’m dying when I hear these words in my mind but I’m amazed how can you say this and now I’m just tired of crying and faking a smile and a laugh like I’M TIRED OF IT and I WANT IT TO STOP

  2. I need help. My family doesn't like the thought of me being checked by a professional therapist/psychiatrist, they aren't open minded about depression and anxiety. They would say I'm just being dramatic and exaggerating. I would like to consult one because I don't trust my surroundings and I know how I feel, it's different from being normal and I become violent to myself whenever I don't feel okay. I searched online but it needs money and I can't afford any of it. I wanted it to keep it a secret to my family just in case I found one, I don't want to make them look at me more worse than I already am.. I want to be over depression, but I can't seem to help myself. The way I feel is like, the more I help my own self, the more I drown into darkness.

  3. Age 11, Starting to go through anxiety had my first breakdown a few weeks ago but I'm to scared, to scared to tell anyone, my teacher cought on, now I don't know what to do but then I remembered this video and it gave me a place where I can be for a while and think.

  4. I love theater. With my entire heart. I'm great at singing and acting too. But because of my anxiety, I just cant do it. I want it to stop. So I can do what I love.

  5. I always listen to this when I am in the middle of an anxiety attack and It makes me feel strongly like if she got over it then so can I

  6. I don't know how you did it… But everything, to the last detail described me, I don't know what to say

  7. My friend has panic attacks I'm worried about her she's not the girl I became friends with she's skipping classes and she's always lying to me she replaces me every chance she gets and when that person leaves I'm her backup she comes to 4th period every day crying and I never know what to do to help her…….

    I just can't make it through life without her she helped me through so much in sixth grade it was near the middle of the year and I was deep into depression and I told myself that I was gonna go home and end it all and on that day in 5th period gym everyone was coming inside from the field and next thing I know she runs up next to me and talks to me like she's been my best friend my whole life and I got home and I had a reason to live again I had someone I could talk to about anything someone who I could call a friend, but now she's just drifting away and I can't seem to get her back I know I don't deserve her but to be honest no one in that school deserves her friendship she's the most amazing person I've ever met and I know that soon she'll be out of my life forever….. What do I do she's my best friend I don't want to lose her I don't want you likes I want your help.

  8. I have question: when you watch this video now in 2018 what do you feel? Don't you think it's too much, overperformed?

  9. This is so true but good thing God can beat anxiety no matter how hard it gets only person we can fully trust is God

  10. Wow. The only thing can say to this:


    I write flow poetry myself. Now only if someone would do this for my issue (besides depression and anxiety I have a rare disorder seen mostly in young men in their teens and 20s–I am female and 47). I wonder if I could write one like this.

    I could SO relate to this.

  11. a couple days ago i had this thing were i had this stage were….this poetry is basically what happened do i have anxiety?

  12. I want to thank you taz … For everything u have put out . Im 14 years old and … Im not fine . I relate to all these spoken poetry videos. Ur strong … Im not . These videos make me realise im really not ok … I am fighting this battle but i am loosing … And there isnt anything i can do . It is controlling me . i wish i could change it , wish i could start over … But i have to live with it . Its not a choice . I wish it was different . It seems i have nobody to turn to … So i watch your videos … They help cause in reality its all true … Im struggling , but …im learning to cope . Thank you taz , for everything . Ur my idol and i look up to u . On how u make it through these things … i love you so much ❤

  13. Taz, this is such a beautiful piece of art. Thank you for having the courage to share your deepest and most vulnerable sides. I know it's a bit old, but I appreciate it still. (:

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