Anthony Horowitz’ top five tips for aspiring writers

Hello, I’m Anthony Horowitz, the author of the Alex Rider books Currently enjoying their 15th anniversary I’m often asked to give young people tips on how to write, or how to be better writers And so here they are 1. Read The more you read the easier it is to write and the more you understand the language of writing 2. Write A little, often, everyday But don’t sit there staring at a blank page, wasting your time If you don’t feel like writing, don’t bother You’ve got to be enjoying it every time 3. Get out Have fun, have adventures get in to scrapes Because you need something to write about, you need experience You need knowledge, you need to see the world So get out of the room and enjoy yourselves Enjoyment actually is still tip number 4 If you’re not enjoying the writing, something has gone wrong Don’t let it become a struggle And my 5th piece of advice, perhaps the most important of all Especially if you want to become a published author And this is true incidentally for anything you want to do in life, in my view Believe in yourself Don’t let anybody ever tell you you’re not going to succeed People told me that when I was a young kid and I didn’t believe them I just went on and on and on I think there’s only one difference between a successful writer and an unsuccessful writer The unsuccessful writer gives up Good luck

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  1. I'm a young teen and it is my life ambition to become an author, so this has really helped! Thanks so much!

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