Anthony Anaxagorou performs "I Am Not A Poet" | London Real

18 thoughts on “Anthony Anaxagorou performs "I Am Not A Poet" | London Real

  1. Stunning. Anthony, I wish there were more of you to speak out and pass such love and understanding along in such a clear, focused way…making an artful science of digression and bringing all these themes home to rest, vibrant and vivid, under one roof. Where we all need to live. Thank you, my brother.

  2. This guys great. Came to my school today and we worked on poetry all day.
    Performed this for us. He's a really good guy.

  3. AMAZING – talent with humility. When a teacher condemns for a specific lack, you know you've GOT IT.

  4. Anthony is a very special human being and an example to the human race.  His heart is definitely in the right place and we can all learn from him.

  5. Its time for we the customers to DISRUPT institutionalized 'industrial' systems 
    The GOV system,marriage and religion are 3 systems which fail their customers.
    Its time

  6. F**kin' A~ Only by Not being a Poet, can you find the poetry. THANK YOU. for posting this. ps. I am not a poet either!

  7. Watch Anthony Anaxagorou nearly bring me to tears with his performance of "I Am Not a Poet."  It was hard to keep it together here.

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