Anthem Players Baffled By Bioware Removing Content With Latest Patch

44 thoughts on “Anthem Players Baffled By Bioware Removing Content With Latest Patch

  1. Bioware: "We hear you, Anthem has a loot problem, so in tomorrow's patch, we're removing some of what few loot there is to earn in our game."

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  2. If Anthems road map is cancelled I say we start a joint lawsuit as people bought the game under the pretenses that more was coming to this morning turd of a game.

  3. Why not demand a refund, then boycott the game until it's fixed? I understand busy schedules but this, just doesn't seem right. Indie developers are becoming the new AAA games based on where their priorities are.

    It's just so odd that their priorities are money but they act surprised when they make a sh*t game that no one wants to buy. They have so many resources at their fingertips but just squander it 🙁

  4. I’ve had free to play games (tf2 etc) and actual looter shooters (boarderlands) that had far more content than anthem and even after the patches, had far more loot on day one, and they’re almost 10 years old now.

  5. If they really want to improve the game, they need to start at step one and fix what a miserable, clunky chore the market is. Literally, walking is more like an atari beta. The characters are about as much fun as chugging battery acid. The actual game is pretty cool (obviously a different design group?), but Destiny wipes this game across the floor on story and characters. That's sad seeing as Anthem has insanely better AI, challenge, and a cool Metroid/Halo feel.

  6. when life gives you lemons:

    gamers: make a damn lemonade

    Bioware: thanos snaps the lemons from existence

  7. probaly my worst game purchase in my life, i knew it wouldnt be great at launch. but boy did they exceed my expectations in the worst way.

  8. Anthem didn't die it was murdered by mismanagement and inocmpetence, maybe even by angry employees trying to fuck EA right back.

  9. I had a huge problem with the game where I'd gone over 100 hours and hadn't got any legendarys. I asked bio ware many times but nothing. I mained the collosus and then I got the issue constantly which if you know about the health issues then you can understand but it was annoying when they said it wasn't an issue and then turned around and said that it was an issue. I hate anthem not. So many things that they could have sorted which they never did anything about. 1 game I wish I'd never bought

  10. Chill Yong, u know damn well ain’t nobody playing anthem for no 1000hrs especially not thousands 😂

  11. When are you going to learn that Anthem. Is a pile of shit…? To the fan base – quit the game. It’s that simple.

    It’s like you’re in a dysfunctional, abusive relationship with this horrible bitch that just keeps you there… do the right thing lads. Leave her.

  12. I will say this once Borderlands franchise is the only good "Looter Shooter". Here comes Destiny dick riders

  13. Only good things in them sad was a couple of animations and the only epic graphic not decal in the cache was Old Ways graphic.

  14. My take is this: Anthem was never going to be a good game, even when you look at the trailer. All the trailer did was look nice, so to expect more from the game was too much of a stretch for me.

  15. The problem with most games these days, especially the big AAA ones, is that it is the money men and other business people that are in charge.

  16. Avatar?? Are you retarded? It's a Javelin. I still have fun playing Anthem. When they fix it, it will be more fun. I'm just not a crybaby bitch like you!!! Go buy a box of tissues loser!!!

  17. This isn’t the first time… 2 patches ago they got rid of a bunch of decals cause some of the cool ones I had for my interceptor are gone… which to me sounds like their issue with loot is bugs. The loot itself is fuxking the game up.

  18. why am i still seeing videos of this game it has no pvp therefore no draw to the general gamer in the first place.

  19. Goodbye EA and Origin. I've never ever missed the last 2 or 3 years. Can't even remember when my account was deleted on request. That's how important you are to me. I don't give a damn.

  20. They said upfront that the elysian chest were temporary from the start. If your baffled you dont listen

  21. I enjoyed playing it… For 3 weeks… It's a grind that gives poor rewards… I jumped in middle of March for a day., added Elysian chests… Still haven't touched it… I would rather play Destiny 1

  22. Spot on! Nothing you said was wrong. I wanted Anthem to be good, but at this juncture I feel I’m hoping against hope.

  23. i think that they saaw the game was a big fail, and they just decided to close it…how can they do that?? easy, by not doing what the comunity sais….after ppl start to quit for good and the servers will be empty they have the reason to shut down the game….at least thats how i see things, cause otherwise i cant explain anything…is like they are doing everything in their power to NOT satisfy the comunity

  24. Because doing those stuff relating to loot that makes gamer happy MEANS admitting that they fucked up their game (Although everyone already knows), AND if they did admit it (by giving fun loot), it will increase the chances of EA axing Bioware?

  25. What if Bioware is using this game as an excuse to seperate from EA like Bungie did with year one with destiny 2 to get away from Activision?

  26. Anthem is just a cash grab they don't want you to get great gear cosmetics ect because they designed it for you to pay for this stuff they don't care what the players want they focused on how much they can make off of it

  27. I stopped playing Anthem weeks ago. There just isnt enough content to keep me interested. My complaints lie with you. No need to state them again. Its ridiculous. I'm glad I didn't pay full price for it.

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