Anthem | Bioware Respond To 'Lack Of Content' Concerns By Revealing Launch + End Game Plans

25 thoughts on “Anthem | Bioware Respond To 'Lack Of Content' Concerns By Revealing Launch + End Game Plans

  1. GIVEAWAY! Not long left now ->

  2. Halo had those skulls or whatever that added a new mechanic to a mp game. It seems like an easy way to make the strongholds last longer. The option to have them be randomly assigned would be fun and it could affect the loot

  3. I know adding a pvp could throw a wrench in how smoothly the game looks already, but a 2v2 would be a good start.

  4. I feel that the lack of abilities for all javelins is gonna get old really quick i thought this game was suppose to be all about the rare attachments you can get and flashy weapons to grind like destiny. Like getting a shoulder cannon that no one else has

  5. Doesn't matter how much content there is people are still going to complain. My guess mostly kids or young adults with no life people with a life wont have a content issue cause they dont play 24/7 everyday and when they get on there is always something to do. I personally think there is enough at launch but hope they dont take to long with new updates cause that in the end is what will really kill it not the content at launch

  6. Great video! I will say that I have issues with entering the contest though. I’ve followed and retweeted on Twitter but I didn’t get credit.

  7. I think it's people like you that force developers to make games grindy, to add filler content. Over analyzing this game before it comes out, it's one of THE most anticipated games of this year, I think you just can't help but be pessimistic. SMH

  8. This game is being rushed out I’d rather have them hold onto it for 6 more months to add a bundle of end game content it’d be worth the 60$ just because they wanna sky rocket they’re quarter sales for investors

  9. Just can't be bothered with supporting EA anymore. Burned too many times. The company just needs to die out. Also, this game looks fucking stupid.

  10. I like to known more on free play like can you go in solo for lore and see what out there or is it open world which I be fine with that too

  11. have you seen warframe’s endgame? there is no end xddd. they should try coppy a lot from warframe then this game will be perfect. hope there is trade system

  12. Great video and I still see a lot of negative comments lol, let me be simple, I played the demo. You turn this game on(PS4 pro) graphics are great, PLUG IN a sound bar with a subwoofer hopefully(very common) and then just play the game, you can feel how solid the flying is. The jet packs or whatever on their back makes your floor rumble and when you’re shooting it’s sounds so solid. I was playing with my buddies this is A GREAT CO OP experience. Enjoy the game all these little things are so great about this game.I am IN LOVE with just these base things that game is about being able to fly like Ironman in BEAUTIFUL looking world and all of that content no matter 1 stronghold or 10 it’s so re playable because each time you jump up and start flying….MAN GOOSEBUMPS EVERY TIME

  13. Anyone else find it funny that they have planned "quality of life" improvements before the game had launched? 😀

  14. Literally every concern has been quelched as they have come out. The outrage community just keeps moving the goal posts to continue raging about Anthem. Just a bunch of people that continue saying "I'll never buy from EA!!!" seeking to justify their continued anger.

    Gotta just let the crazies be crazy.

  15. Division devs ran into the, OMG they did it in 24hours, woops. I suspect bioware is in for some fun in the future, backpedaling the whole way.

  16. I think with whats happened with Apex legends now game devs will just release games out of the blue, no marketing air tight NDA for people who have played them, there tired of constant bashing before people have really a truly played there game.

  17. Why is it that Warframe flourishes better than most even to this date? Fear on content drain just sounds like a concern for mainly try hards.

  18. If only they announced that the game will change as we play it, like world shifts and changes through time, I wish the gaming community would actually do research instead of spreading terrible rumors about games that aren't true.. like their "servers" in demo.. it wasn't their servers, there was a ip login issue that they thought was fixed and was not… just do more research before talking shit gamers…

  19. man, what if they make an underwater content where u fight a giant fish, now imagin on land u be flying around the boss but now is the fish will swim around u

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