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  1. I loved before. My first boyfriend was my first love, but it didn't last. Since then I had a lot of try outs and weird relationships. I never loved any of them. It' s so true… The fact that you want to love someone but you are just too hurt or can't take another dissapointment anymore that you chose to be single in a relationship that could hurt anybody besides you cuz you are the one used to getting hurt

  2. For me this relates to my struggle of self love and giving love to others. I’m so torn
    I give them the love and care, that I forget myself and then I beat myself on not being good enough for them.
    So I take care of myself the best I can and try to love me, that I’d give them little than they deserve and I’d beat myself about it.

  3. Dear Wydia what we had was very special ❤❤ our love has been destroyed by others, we have not even had the opportunity to share our love. I miss you baby will it ever be okay and come together again, because I miss you I just want to be with you, is our love stronger than the hatred of others? I love you dear Wydia ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  4. She promised me that she will love me forever and she is with my best friend ))) i fell broken its happend a year ago and i am still depressed 🙂

  5. to me this song doesn’t mean that me and the love of my life broke up but about I love him I really do and I want him to feel safe with me but he can’t if all my love has been used up and all of my tears have been used up so if he does leave he will know I won’t cry about it or feel bad because it’s all been used up .

  6. “The hardest part of loving someone is when you lose them”~Elena Gilbert only OG fans will know what Show this show so from 💔

  7. I don’t know why but I seem to fuck up everything lately and I wish I could change it but my energy is just low level and I can’t fight for what I love anymore

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