Announcing ThinkerCon! – A Celebration of Online Educational Content

Announcing ThinkerCon, remember several years ago five of us educational content creators got together and we did this live events It was really fun, but people came from like 40 states and 12 different nations for it So clearly there's a lot of demand for this sort of thing. We're gonna do something similar only much bigger There were five content creators at that event There's going to be 20 times that at what we're doing here and they're not just youtubers. They're podcasters makers artists explorable content online people that make educational content for the masses it's a celebration of Educational content which is something we need in the world today ThinkerCon has all the information you need Hotel Information where to fly in to November 17 2018 a one-night celebration of educational content online I apologize if there are no tickets left by the time you get to the website This is gonna be a really cool night. For example, there's a Saturn 5 rocket hanging from the ceiling We're gonna feed you a full-on German meal under that rocket will explain the German bit. Later But you can do that and then after that you can go down to the amphitheater There's gonna be a really cool variety show hosted by the festival the spoken nerd from the UK You can come back in under the rocket and hang out with some of the other educational content creators in the rooms There's people from all over the internet that do all different types of educational content Which is really cool because YouTube is sponsoring the event now one of the top priorities for YouTube is education So I think it's cool that they're sponsoring event where people are just doing education online. So I'll let Malik explain this to you He's the head of global education at YouTube. Check us out. Yeah, I'm not used to be on camera so, this is Malik Ducard is the Global head of education at YouTube and they've agreed to sponsor ThinkerCon. Thank you very much. Oh we're thank you Look, we're incredibly excited enthusiastic about ThinkerCon We're happy to sponsor it We're just really really believe in the educational community on YouTube and ThinkerCon is just going to be such a great gathering of that community So yeah, we are exited well people don't realize that you do a lot of stuff behind the scenes like we're in we're in Rio right now for an Educational contend creator event. Yeah, but people don't see that Yeah, so the cool thing about ThinkerCon is people will get to see the contribution that YouTube makes to education in general. Yeah. Well, we're excited to be part of that. Thank you so much. So, thank you very much YouTube This is gonna be a really big educational content celebration. There is a lot of big names coming to this event So we'll put some of their logos on the website, but just know that that's not everybody that's coming There's even more than is on the website there's a forum at the bottom of the ThinkerCon web page if you're like an Institution or a university or a company fill out the form. We'll see if we can get you connected with some cool people I really want to end the event with a chemical Fireworks show basically meaning we're gonna like shoot a color and talk about the chemistry in that color No promise is on the firework show I gotta get that approved with the city on behalf of all the content creators involved in this this is not just a Destin thing This is all of us banding together to try to promote educational content throughout the internet We hope to see you in Huntsville at the first ever ThinkerCon, ThinkerCon 2018 is the first of its kind and man they really hope they let me do the fireworks thing Anyway, go get your tickets Thanks. Bye

45 thoughts on “Announcing ThinkerCon! – A Celebration of Online Educational Content

  1. I'm I the only one who felt a shot of Irony when Malik came on camera? Someone who knows education and critical thinking is so important in our world today and yet he is also aware that Youtube is chalk full of hundreds of thousands of misinformation videos. (ridiculous conspiracy theory videos)

  2. also what a sad state of affairs for this video to only have 90k views. science isnt really popular among children and the youth, not as much as fortnite and esports.
    I hope you continue making videos Destin. You're one of the few good people left that wants to change the world for the better.

  3. can you imagine what will happen if youtube deletes pewdiepie's and all the 10 million plus subs video games lets play channel and push everyone to subscribe to science channels like destin's. in the next 20 years we wouldve gotten flying cars and holographic projectors.

  4. Destin yesterday was December 25th, I’m wondering if you celebrated the birth of a highly religious man who’s life has affected everyone since his birth. I’m talking of course about Sir Issac Newton. We all have Sir Issac Newton to thank for demoestatrating what the characters and Bible was teaching was wrong. (And the church was having people pay for this fake science news). Just think Destin, it were not for Sir Issac Newton proving the Bible and what religious leaders were teaching as wrong you would not have a job, you would not be able to make videos, there would be not computers and there would be no Internet. So did you celebrate the seeker of truth, Sir Issac Newton’s birthday? Or the other guy?

  5. Why is there is no contact info for this event? No phone number, no address, just an email that no one responds to. I have several questions about accessibility, allergies and the menu. I'd love to bring my family but we'd rather not be embarrassed.

  6. Does anyone know if there will be a vegan meal option? I sent a message through the website but no one responded. We'll just happen to be in Huntsville next week and we're considering Thinkercon. We really don't want to sit there and pretend to eat. Any info on this greatly appreciated.

  7. I'm not sure how I missed this 3 weeks ago…I'm seriously thinking about going (assuming there are still tickets; website didn't kick me out), but I'm on the other side of the US and don't know if anyone I know would be interested in going…

  8. For people who can not participate. Would like to get back to watch SED educational content back those days. For the rest good luck.

  9. Do a video on the ice vibration skipping rock phenomenon PLEASE!!!!! idk why it makes that sound !!!!!!

  10. Fireworks should not be promoted by a socially conscious organization or person. They may be fun (to some) by appealing to their pyromaniac tendencies, but the damage they do to wildlife, particularly birds negates that pleasure. Take a walk on the morning of July 5th in some town in America. Dead Birds. The birds get confused and disoriented. Something happens to them, and you can easily find numerous bodies.
    If July 5th is too far for you, try New Year's Day.
    Moreover, the celebration leaves thick clouds of smoke pollution, and kids lose eyeballs and fingers every year. (Plus, fireworks cause house fires.)
    We need fewer fireworks – not more. Destin is allowing the kid in him to hijack his common sense.

  11. Aw darn it. I was super excited for this until I saw the price. I REALLY want to go, but there is no way my family would be willing to spend 500 dollars just for the 4 of us to go to a 4 hour event.

  12. is incredibly slow on the device I use YouTube on: an LG 2017 TV. Not sure if the site is getting hammered, or Wix made a simple site overly complicated. Doesn’t reflect well on Wix.

  13. I wish that I could come but that is a little too muchPS. love the vids and you inspire me to keep working for mydream job, an aeronautical engineer.

  14. I have an idea for a future video. I work on aircraft powered by the Pratt and Whitney PT6-A turboprop. During engine start it is common to start with the 4 blade Hartzell props “feathered”. What is interesting to the naked eye is what happens when they come out of feather and increase RPM. When viewed 90 degrees perpendicular to the engine and directly in line with the plane of rotation of the blades, a noticeable “wobble” takes place as the blades begin to spin at speeds where the propeller takes the shape of a disk. This all occurs as the prop settles into idle speeds. Imagine it similar to the wobble you see in a child’s toy top spinning. I’d really like to know what is happening during this phase of operation. Is it the change in blade pitch I’m seeing? Are the blades actually bending as they change speed and angle of attack? A slow motion video would be amazing!! Just an idea. Stay well!

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