Announcing *3 NEW Levels and 3 NEW Books* in our Chinese Character Reader Course

Hi everyone, Jason here from Yoyo Chinese,
and today I have some really awesome news to share with you guys: we just
released issues four, five, and six in the Chinese Character Reader series and, of
course, to go along with that we also released levels four, five, and six from
the Character Reader Course, so both the physical books and the digital course
are now available! You can go to to buy the physical books and
go to our website of course to start learning the course that
way as well. So you might be wondering “What is this Chinese Character Reader
Course?” well the Chinese Character Reader Course is our newest course at Yoyo
Chinese and the first three levels of the course came out earlier this year.
What’s unique about this course though is that for the first time we also
released a physical component the three character reader books you can see
behind me to go along with the online course, so not only can you go online and
learn there, you can also take the course offline and read it in the real world.
You might be wondering like, “How does this work? Do I need the comic books and
the course? Can I just get the comic books? Can I just get the course?” Well the
cool thing about this course is that you can kind of do either/or.
The readers are great on their own, they have complete stories with tons of cool
notes in the back that I’ll talk about in a second that explain everything and
help you learn. But the online course has basically everything else you would want
from a Yoyo Chinese course: it has audio recorded by professional voice actors
and quizzes and flashcards and all that great stuff that comes along with an
online course. So if you have the books and the course it’s great it works
really well together but if you just buy the books you can read those too and you
just study online you can do that as well.
Okay so first let’s talk about the physical component the Chinese character
readers series. For these books we wrote and illustrated six original comic book
stories called Zhang Ming’s story, parts one through six that puts you into the life
of a regular Chinese office a guy named Zhang Ming, and we throw in some
drama like a crush on a co-worker, pressure from this family, there’s some
arranged dates, traveling, eating barbecue with friends… basically a kind of slice
of life of this typical Chinese guy and his friends and family, so that not only
are you entertained and want to continue reading and studying but you’re also
ending up with really practical useful language. Unlike a lot of other readers
that focus more on narrative stories, we wanted to use practical spoken language
that you could go outside and use today. So speaking of which, the actual Chinese
characters we use in the Chinese character reader series all come from
almost all come from our Chinese Character Course I and Chinese Character
Course II, so in those courses you learn 300 characters in the first course, 300
characters in the second course and end up with 600 characters, and what you can
do is then take those characters and study the Chinese Character Reader
Course, where almost all the characters you’ve been using are now applied in
this real story. So you don’t necessarily need to have studied those courses to do
books or do the Character Reader Course but it definitely helps and it’s a very
satisfying way to continue your study of the character courses. So the first half
of each book is the story itself. Our illustrator Yahui did an excellent job
on the illustrations, we think you’ll agree ,so definitely check those out. It’s
full color, very vibrant, and completely in Chinese. We did this on purpose as an
extra challenge, but also just so that you wouldn’t rely on the pinyin while
reading. But speaking of which, the second half of each book has a complete
transcription of the entire story in characters and pinyin as well as an
English translation. So in case you’re not understanding what’s going on in the
story that’s always there for reference and we also have a ton of these great
academic notes that our academic team and Ashley worked on to basically
provide extra context and extra deep insight into some of the more confusing
lines or maybe some of the scenarios that require a little bit
context. So as you can see the the stories actually work really well on
their own the books are completely readable without the online course
because you have all the notes in the back and the translation and everything
like that. All right so the online course basically
takes these stories and turns them into video lessons just like we already have
on our website. Every two pages of each book is an animated motion comic video
lesson, so not only do you get the same story with the same illustrations, you
get audio voice acting for every single line from professional voice actors that
do a really good job of adding this kind of dramatic feel to it and turning it
into almost like a cartoon. And you also get all the great features that come
along with learning a lesson on our website, so you have flashcards with
audio for both slow speed and regular speed, you have dialogue replay which
gives you all the dialogue from the lessons – but also we recorded our own
slow speed version of that dialogue so that in case the the natural speed is
too fast you can listen to the slow speed and practice it that way. And then
of course there’s a 10 question quiz for every single lesson as well, so after
you’ve read two pages you can really dig in and master all of the language with
the flashcards in the dialogue replay, and then take a quiz and make sure that
you understand and comprehend everything from the story that you just read. What’s
cool too is that we added some questions and the quizzes that are unlike our
other courses in that they are asking you about the content of the story so to
really test your ability to comprehend what you’re reading rather than just
being about the language. So we really think you’ll enjoy that and this is a
fantastic way to study these stories and to learn from these stories because
you’re getting it in every way listening reading and practicing and comprehension
and all that good stuff. But like I said before ,we really think the best way to
experience these is together into one package so you can keep the books on
your shelf and whenever you don’t feel like being in front of your computer
sit back read the books enjoy them that way, but whenever you really want to dig
in and practice learn and listen to some audio and watch
something you can go on your computer or your phone and learn the course that way.
Alright so that’s pretty much it! That’s the Chinese Character Reader Course –
we’re super excited to finally complete it and release books and levels 4, 5 & 6.
If you want to check out the books go to and if you want to check out
the course go to We hope to see you let us know what you
think and of course 加油 (jiā yóu)! See you next time!

6 thoughts on “Announcing *3 NEW Levels and 3 NEW Books* in our Chinese Character Reader Course

  1. 你们很棒! you guys are awesome!! I really enjoyed reading the first 3 books and it helped me a lot with my reading! will go and check out the new books, thanks Yoyo!

  2. Congratulations on releasing these Chinese Character books. They would help us greatly in sharing the Chinese language to the world 🙂

  3. Great Books. I like to read books too. I read books about Electronics and I read the Bible and I like reading other books as well.

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