Announcement of the Nobel Prize in Literature 2016

monado Mahara Jack please welcome Natalie Spencer Ackerman Ackerman how you stuffed summer coast octopus Lou that worm some Scotty in dealers or it's novellas in literature noble Prince it is literature or sugar on the sexton till dealers Bob Dylan [Applause] noble princess noble president it returned or Segundo Sexton tilde Alice Bob Dylan saw scope at Nyjah buiiet Easter Utrecht in and installer American ska song traditional the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2016 is awarded to Bob Dylan for having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition Latino Bella trattoria Kalani do Mills's at a tree be a our Bob Dylan for our tree a dollar card de la Granja de chillon de la musica breakin de novo mode decks Paseo poetical the Nobel Prize in Literature Odyssey rs.5000 16 weird Bob Dylan Faline design a politician noisy opponent in the Agusan Americana Xiang ji sang today she owned hi [Applause] Sahra dong use Herman secretary in the Swedish Academy this year's choice is radical with startup sensation I think just Bob Dylan really deserve a Nobel Prize why why well avulsed Elsa just got it he is a great poet he is a great poet in the english-speaking tradition and he is a wonderful sampler a very original sampler he embodies the tradition and for 55 54 years now he's been at it and reinventing himself constantly reinventing himself creating a new identity have you talked to him today no I haven't I will love the words he is not a person who is who was nice and smiling when it gets awards but that doesn't worry no I think I have a good message do you have personal favorites among his songs I think that if you want to start listening or reading you may start with blonde on blonde with the album from 1966 who got many classics and it's an extraordinary example of his brilliant way of rhyming and putting it together refrains and his pictorial thinking he has not written novels not coaching the usual sense you have widened the rice well it may look that way but really we haven't um in a way if you look back fall back 2500 years or so you discover homer and Sappho and they wrote on poetic texts that were meant to be listened to they were meant to be performed often together with instruments and it's the same way with Bob Dylan but we still read Homer and Sappho and we enjoyed it we enjoy it and same thing with Bob Dylan he can be read and she'll be read and is a great poet in the English tradition in the ground English poetic tradition do you think there will be criticism against the surprise I hope not when you were young into pop rock music which I guess you were did you listen a lot to Bob Dylan um not really but he was always around so I know the music and I've started to appreciate him much more now than I did some David Bowie fan perhaps it's the question of generation I don't know but today I'm a lover of Bob Dylan I'm glad you didn't answer Lee didn't answer the answer my friend is blowing in the wind this is a very changing perhaps right thank you you

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