Anne Waldman: Dear Poet 2017

battery a trio of instruments you love the notes in deceptive all and extending small rockets of delight forced to love love accelerating beloved love momentum the love to travel we will never agree the world contains so much phenomena will put on glasses abstract it give it structure make a frame inversely proportional to the square of two distances apart make us a family of celestial bodies that we be one we ellipse about a warming Sun love that Sun dual nature of electrons heal us o heal us I would come back not hide be in motion I would attach myself to home again I would be sister mother lover brother I would be father I would be infant animal awesome I would be he I would be she I would be they I would suffer and become extinct again I would rely the earth with love I would be still I would be silent and quake I would be afraid but not for love for the many manifestations glowing faces love the notes as they pour like water love the water under your feet and when you look look with eyes of love all the layers the ground under your feet and under the ground the imagined creatures and above your feet to the grasses the watercress so fine to eat and see the roots and bottom a pleasure of moss looking to pleasure the color disappearing or changing and the light love the light and see the sky the scaffolds the planets the length the width the distance the congruity the parallels the fracture love the body keep it elastic keep it dancing rallying on its Oh keep it safe from harm from red tape and those next to you be kind be quiet the exalted be a charm be a fusion be a battery be insistent be an empire be a symphony and in a moment's gentle passing and in a moment's violent passing completely be her be him be them see the face beneath the face and see with eyes of love gaze straight into eyes of love with eyes of love

5 thoughts on “Anne Waldman: Dear Poet 2017

  1. did you ever want to goto church in los angeles it's great it has 10 swatches i miss the subway on pearl street we did great you did great i love you alot 1 corinthians 13 1 peter 3:21 luke 9:23

  2. i t ried to arrange a marriage between you and i through anthony galang and 4ad can you help us to get into vancouver bc and be like allen help us i want 1 year experience stuck inp portland like mortifahan gland frands sam the sugar wants sam in the band

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