My name is Jimmie. Thanks so much for
watching! Obviously if you clicked this video you’re most likely an Anne Rice
fan or a Vampire Chronicles fan I just wanted to make this video because again
I’m the first person posting about this new novel as I was the first person
posting about ‘Prince Lestat and the realms of Atlantis’, and I was extremely
excited for that story. I really really enjoyed the book and I really really
enjoyed this story. Anne Rice recently posted if you didn’t already know of
course we are going to be getting a Vampire Chronicles TV show so that’s in
the works that I’m going to talk a little bit more about that but initially
a couple days ago Anne Rice wanted to acknowledge her fans regarding the
latest novel in The Vampire Chronicles Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis
and she wanted to address the rumors that the vampires stem from outer space
or they stem from an alien race you know outside of our world or even that they
come from mermaids or something like that I think the moral of the story here
is don’t judge a book by its cover obviously you know as I mentioned in
my previous video if you did watch that I felt that a lot of Anne Rice’s fans
were put off by the title of this story Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis
however reading this story it has nothing to do with what you might think
it does although there are many people who did read the book and still had
issues with the story issues with the plot and kind of where Anne Rice
decided to take the Vampire Chronicles what direction she decided to go in but
I personally really enjoyed it and I love the concept I mean the vampires had
to come from somewhere we know that there’s technology on the
earth today that we can explain ancient technology I mean such as pyramids and
just different; we can see the technology that ancient civilizations had and we
can’t quite explain it we can’t explain you know how did they cut this rock we
don’t have the technology we would need a laser today to cut this rock how did
they move this rock you know there are so many technologies that scientists are
figuring out today that we can’t explain and we’re realizing that the past
civilizations that were on earth they knew more than we give them credit for
in our history books and I really love the Anne Rice kind of intertwined that
into the the story of the Vampire Chronicles and the origin of where the
vampires come from where did Amel come from? How was you know Amel able to go
inside of Queen Akasha and thus create this interweaving thread of all of these
interchanging vampires being connected and whatever happens to The Core
obviously affects all of the other fledgling vampires that you know
eventually did come solely from Akasha and Enkil. So it’s very interesting
where Anne Rice decided to take the book and I did just want to acknowledge that
she recently posted a little rant on her Facebook saying don’t judge the book by
its cover you know give it a chance if you love Lestat if you love the vampires
from the Vampire Chronicles you’re going to appreciate the story you’re going to
appreciate the genius and where Anne Rice decided to go with this. So, now I do
want to discuss a little bit about the upcoming novel we do know that Anne Rice
is working really hard on more Chronicles I think she said right now
there are three that she knows are gonna be out that we don’t yet have but we
know the title of the next novel and it is going to be called ‘Blood Communion: A
Tale of Prince Lestat’. I’m so excited for this story! A little bit about the plot; from what we do know of course there was a little
snippet chapter posted if you do some research you can find these things
online I’ll post a link but the new story is going to involve Roshamandes
and of course if you don’t know who Roshamandes is, what are you doing here?
The new story involves Roshamandes and how he doesn’t appreciate that Lestat is
carrying The Core. He doesn’t like The Core being in another vampire’s hands
especially one so young as Lestat with Roshamandes being thousands of years
old and Lestat being only a couple hundred years old he feels that
potentially he should have The Core because this would make you the most
protected and beloved vampire you would be the queen or the king carrying or the
Prince I should say carrying this core for all of the vampires so to Roshamandes did it’s very personal to him and he’s very upset that Lestat is
ruling who is the reigning monarch right now over the vampires and so that’s
going to be very interesting to see how Lestat is going to deal with Roshamandes and it did say in the snippet chapter that well it’s states “are
sacrifices going to need to be made?” I hope that that does not mean that we are
gonna lose more beloved vampire characters in Prince Lestat and the
Realms of Atlantis Anne Rice did acknowledge a couple of characters that
we haven’t heard of in a while or that really weren’t spoken of very much in
Prince Lestat the initial comeback of the Vampire Chronicles after the hiatus
of Anne Rice becoming Christian and wanting to delve away from her more
supernatural books but then of course we know given some time she was happy to
come back and she said she got a second wind and she just felt very inspired by
Lestat and she wanted to tell his story again so it was very interesting that
she acknowledges two characters one being Mona Mayfair from The Witching
Hour series, the Lives of the Mayfair series she’s in ‘The Witching Hour’ she’s
in ‘Taltos’ she’s in ‘Lasher’ she comes back in the Vampire Chronicles ‘Blackwood
Farm’ we I believe we hear of her in ‘Merrick’
and ‘Blood Canticle’ like basically she’s a fledgling of Lestat such as Louis or
Nicholas or Claudia or any other of his fledglings and her lover is of course
the star of ‘Blackwood Farm’, Tarquin Blackwood and these are two fledglings
Lestat’s children, that sadly we know from SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! we know from
‘Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis’ that Mona Mayfair has perished she was
being burnt or I’m sorry she was burnt during the burnings of the fledglings
during the time of the novel ‘Prince Lestat’ so that was very sad for me
because I felt like Mona Mayfair had one of the deepest back stories out of the
vampires because her backstory dives deeper it goes into a whole other
series of Anne Rice’s books so I love Mona Mayfair and I loved Merrick Mayfair I
was so sad when Merrick SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! when Merrick passed away I was so
sad and so I’m still holding out hope that somewhere out there Tarquin
Blackwood could potentially still be alive I hope and I pray so I’m very
excited for the new novel and as you might know … drumroll… we’re getting a TV show based on the Vampire Chronicles and I’ve been
saying for so long that Anne Rice’s the queen of the vampires if you know
Juliette Landau has funded a documentary that is going to be centered around
vampires Juliette Landau played a vampire on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and
what she’s done is she’s gone around to various individuals who are famous for
their vampire fictions and spoke to them about where their inspiration comes from
and she states that all of them all of them say Anne Rice is my inspiration and
so it was just very crazy to me that Anne Rice was kind of like okay they
bought all the rights to her books but we got like one we got the first
movie which was a box office you know blockbuster it was amazing ‘Interview
with the Vampire’ and fans were expecting the second book ‘The Vampire Lestat’ to be
made into a film but that never happened then we heard the ‘Tale of the Body Thief’
the fourth book was gonna be made into a film that never happened
but then of course we got ‘Queen of the Damned’ which was loosely based on the
third book I think the only good thing that really came out of that movie was
Aaliyah as Akasha I felt Stuart Townsend and all of the
other actors did very well in that film and I do love the actors that they chose
to portray the various vampires that we know and love from the novel’s but
really the only main thing that came from that was Aaliyah as Akasha and the
gorgeous soundtrack that is Korn and all of the amazing artists that were
covering his songs that he wrote for the film, the lead singer of Korn. So I am
very you know baffled that they had purchased all the rights to the Vampire
Chronicles but Hollywood was really just kind of putting their foot on it or
putting their thumb on it and they were not releasing the “Queen of the Damned’s”
vampire stories in a very true light we weren’t getting a series of franchise
films we’re not getting you know we hadn’t had a TV show ever about it yet
all of these other vampire fictions are becoming incredibly popular and we’re
ignoring the person who popularized vampires so that was a little bit crazy
to me and I didn’t really understand that but I am very excited that we now
know that Anne Rice is working with her son Christopher Rice who is also an
author and they are working with a team everything is really hush-hush and
top-secret right now but I know Christopher just recently posted that he
was working with The Vampire Chronicles team and so it’s just astounding that we
are gonna get a TV show something that is gonna be made by Anne and
Christopher’s so it is going to stay very true to the source material I’m
very excited and I did just want to say a couple of people that I feel would be
great in this story now if you’ve never heard of Francesco Yates he’s a singer a
Canadian singer and I just feel that his look really matches the description of
Armand in the story I think he would just make a perfect Armand for Bianca Solderini, I really feel like Canadian singer Alexz Johnson, when I’m
reading the books I just see these singers as these characters and Alexz is
also an actress, a Gemini Award winning actress so I really see her as Bianca
and then lastly I really see Thomas Wilkinson Fullerton who is a newcomer
he’s a great actor from what I can see on his Instagram in his social media but
this guy to me looks just like Lestat and all in all I am pushing hard on all
of my social media accounts for Thomas Wilkinson Fullerton to be Lestat so he
actually wrote on Anne Rice’s fan page for The Vampire Chronicles on Facebook
you know that he was interested in the role in Anne Rice did acknowledge that
he was very strikingly handsome and that she would get back to him with word on
auditions so I just think that you know the whole concept we have so much going
on right now in the world of the Vampire Chronicles and yet a lot of fans are
staying really silent about it and not really speaking their truth you know
like we hear little things like the announcement of it oh it’s happening but
where’s the love? I want to see the fans talking about their love for these
characters and how you know help spooked why did I want to say spooked?
How pumped are we that this is happening finally you know we don’t know if the TV
show is gonna be coming out in 2018 2019 2020 we don’t know but hopefully it is
going to do The Vampire Chronicles justice and it’s gonna be something that
you know I’m eating popcorn like I just cannot wait until this drops and so I’m
really hoping that Alexz Johnson gets a chance to audition I hope that Francesco
Yates gets contacted because again Anne Rice did acknowledge his beauty to
me when I posted his photo on her page she did comment on it and say how
striking he was and that he looks like the character so I’m just holding out so
much hope I have so much excitement because I’m a huge Anne Rice fan like I
collect anything that is even remotely related to Anne Rice I love her so much
and she’s not getting any younger she you know she now she’s 76 or 77 and
I’m just so excited that she is a trooper and she is fighting for this and
she now owns the rights back to her stories and she’s gonna be in the
driver’s seat she said fine if you guys aren’t gonna do this I’m gonna fucking
do it so GO! Anne Rice! GO! I’m your biggest cheerleader I can’t wait for more
Vampire Chronicles I can’t wait until October 2nd when the new novel ‘Blood
Communion: A Tale ofPrince Lestat’ is released thank you so much Anne Rice for
staying so diligent and answering your fans coming back to your fans coming
back to the Vampire Chronicles we love you so much I’m so excited for the
future and I just wanted to lay this video here thank you so much for


  1. Very excited for Blood Communion, future VC novels and the upcoming TV series. My biggest wish is that we learn more about Nicki. He was one of my favorite characters.

  2. Bemoaning the loss of Mona and Quinn on Facebook, Anne responded that there was no proof that they are dead…

  3. I'm Hopeing to see A Loustat wed. ❤😭 interview with the Vampire Movie is the best. I'm dying for this 😱 FYI Tom Looks like Lestat to me, and Brad looks like Louis to me.

  4. EXCITING!!! Holy crap…been a huge fan for 23yrs and am just re-reading Blackwood Farm for the 5th time.. stumbled across your vid and well, yeah…omfg, yes!

  5. Hey Jimmie! So I have watched a few of your videos now and I just wanted to say I really love how passionate you are about the series as a whole! I have just finished Interview and am halfway through The Vampire Lestat as I write this😁. It was actually due to one of your videos that inspired me to reaquire them all the other day lol. Well, that and the fact Blood Communion is about to be released over here in Australia 😉.
    I have been a MASSIVE Rice fan for over 10 years now (mainly due to The Lives of the Mayfair Witches series). That series is seriously so close to my heart, not only because they are masterpieces, but also because they were the last things I read with my parents before they passed.
    I will say though, I was always hesitant to venture further into The Chronicles after hearing sooo many mixed reactions regarding later books. However, the things I've heard mostly complained about are things that I myself love and look for in literature (especially where depth of story and development are concerned). Also, Anne is the Queen of quality writing and I fully and trust in her abilites and choices 1000%. Thanks again for making awesome Chronicle related videos man! Just subscribed 😊

    P.S. I am marathoning the series now and will be rereading The Mayfair Witch series but at which point do you think I should pick the trilogy back up in order to get the most out of the crossover novels?

  6. Oh my gosh! So happy to find your channel and see another Anne Rice / Vampire Chronicle fan as excited out there as I am for the upcoming TV show and talking about the books as you do. I just read Blood Communion in 3 days and it made me feel so nostalgic…throw back to my teenage years when I first picked up TVL. I loved him narrating it in 1st person again. And yes – Mona – what a tragic f*cking waste! I loved Blackwood Farm & Blood Canticle…I know Anne thinks those books didn't seem to fit…wasn't happy with them…but I loved the combination of the witches and vampires. Anyways…enough rambling from this random chic…just wanted to say love your videos! Keep posting! And yes, GO ANNE GO!!!

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