Anna Thorvaldsdottir | Composer-in-Residence

I am composing residents with the Iceland Symphony Orchestra and that role is very diverse and very exciting it obviously involves writing music for the orchestra and the orchestra is a part of commissioning other large projects that I'm a part of and I'm also overseeing the Ithaca project which is an educational project very important project that the orchestra has for young composers where they get a chance to write pieces for the orchestra they write the pieces under the guidance of myself and then they get their pieces performed by the orchestra at the end of their educational period and this is a very important project and I think it's it has a very big meaning for the continuation of orchestral music in general it is really exciting to see how many new pieces and contemporary pieces are in the program with the Iceland Symphony this year and it is a very big percentage of the overall programming which is a really really unique thing to have with an orchestra and this ranges from educational projects with contemporary music to concerts with proscription where people can attend to hear contemporary music on the program and it varies also in in the age of the composer's we have very young composers and then older and established composers and this is very important I am very happy to be a part of the programming committee and to continue this in into the future and be a part of programming more and more new and recent music

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