Anna Atkins & the World's First Photo Book – Objectivity #5

24 thoughts on “Anna Atkins & the World's First Photo Book – Objectivity #5

  1. I wonder how she made copies of this book. Did she take each image a few times, or are the photographs in each book unique?

  2. This is the same process that blueprints used to be copied (hence the name). I didn't know it was used for anything else, it's really cool to see.

  3. What are you talking about, Brady? "It's not what you're thinking." Of course British Algae is the first topic that comes to mind if you think of books with photographs as illustrations!

  4. Deep Sky Videos, Sixty Symbols and now Objectivity – I've learned so much from Brady's videos. Science is a wonderful thing.

    As a biologist, this video made me almost tearfully happy. Such intricate detail.

  5. 1:23 The title page itself is pretty clever, and much better done than a lot of similar effects done these days, because of the simpler colour scheme.

  6. Stunning! It is my mission to watch every episode on this channel. I find every one of them so fascinating and mesmerizing! Thanks for all your hard work, and I hope you continue to make these stellar videos for a long time!

  7. Correct me if I am in error, but if those are contact prints made by direct exposure wouldn't it be mor appropriate to classify the images as Photograms?

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