Animation Composer

it's time to take your video production to the next level if you do professional motion graphics or you shoot weddings conferences interviews or you have a YouTube channel this is a tool you absolutely need animation Composer is a free plugin for Adobe After Effects it's a tool that helps you create animations like these in a few minutes animate your layers like a beast with adjustable animation presets add titles just like that animated illustrations elements backgrounds overlays and much more people love it you will to download animation composer for free and check out the other videos for tips and tricks

8 thoughts on “Animation Composer

  1. Hi there! I use After Effects both at work and at home, but I can't get Animation Composer to work in he office.
    Here's the deal: All computers at work have partitioned disks where the OS is intalled in C, while all other sotfware is installed in D. The Animation Composer installers creates a folder in C, which is not recognized by After Effects installed in D. Tried to copy/move the folder to an analog location in D, but it doesn't seem to do de trick. Any advice? Thanks!

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