ANIMATED SPIDER-MAN: Into the Spider-Verse Official Trailer REACTION & REVIEW

hi I’m Jason and minute I’m Ashley
Victoria Robinson and we are here to give a reaction a review of the animated
spider-man official trailer number one into the spider-verse movie notice the
property of course of Marvel and Sony we’re gonna react to it
then we’re gonna review it and to be honest I’m kind of excited to watch this
because I have no idea what this is gonna look like and I’m a big Miles
Morales fan so let’s do it The rendering of New York is great bring neon look to it yeah oh the grave
is Peter Parker I think beautiful looks great so much better
than I thought it was already well it’s great job goodie very oh the Prowler yeah this very Pixar I like this yeah
old classic spider-man logo from the comic books I think it’s another Peter that’s what I
think that is all right so uh Wow I thought I thought that looks great
the animation looked really good um I love a little like yeah look flashes to
pop art yeah kind of Lichtenstein kind of thing like that
um okay there was a lot of stuff to unpacking that what did you think about
that first of all I thought it was going to be traditional animation for some
reason so it like blew my mind when it started as computer animation I can’t
get over how beautiful it was it looks done it looks truly cinematic which is
not always what I expect for these animated yeah Todd it’s not a time the
animated adaptation I think this as an introduction for
miles is great and I do love that at no point is he like I’m Miles Morales I’m
spider-man you know kind of like you might expect here but the reveal of him
pulling the hood up there’s a lot of Amash of classic spider-man moments and
I think that was my favorite yeah now there’s some cool stuff I said we get a
spot we get a shot at the Prowler it looks like he’s at the grave of Peter
Parker which is following the ultimate Mouse my origin where Peter Parker is
dead and that’s where’s why my loss has the you know um it really looks like to
me like he’s sitting on that subway platform with Peter with a Peter Parker
is what it looks like to me because and again spider-verse is like one of the
coolest spider-man stories the last 10 years so like I kind of get why you
would lean into that because then it instantly explains why you can have this
Miles Morales movie and Tom Holland and there why they’re in the same universe oh that would be great that would be
great I also really like the idea of the hoodie over his suit one because I’m a
Big Ben Riley Scarlet Spider yeah yeah and I think that’s it isn’t but you
brought up the idea that like this suit looks very homemade I think it’s really
cool really I think it might be sort of aping the spider-man homecoming thing
where he’s got the let’s say the low-rent suit in the beginning sweat
suit and maybe he gets a more complete classic version of the costume by the
end of the movie or by movies I’m assuming they’re gonna want at least a
trilogy out of this so overall would you give this a thumbs
up or a thumbs down as a great trailer Oh web hands way way up that was amazing
tooth worth lips lips same with you uh yeah that’s the scale we’re using tooth
lift lips I guess um this was this comes out next year it’ll come about this time
next year this looks better than I ever could have thought it would be now
here’s the hope can the story live up to the amazing visuals but I will say just
in the amazing visuals alone I’m in on this this is a great fun trailer yeah
yeah well again we’re gonna get all these great taser teasers and trailers
because they’re all gonna be in front of Star Wars so alright thanks for watching
our review if you like this video please click Subscribe and then check out some
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84 thoughts on “ANIMATED SPIDER-MAN: Into the Spider-Verse Official Trailer REACTION & REVIEW

  1. The moving tapestry felt like art imitating life and the tease to The Prowler, Fisk Company, and The Spoiler in this trailer was great. Also seeing the Multiverse storyline with another Peter Parker showing up at the end was perfect.

  2. This looks interesting. I'm a huge Miles Morales fan and I hope this film is good. The color palette and look feels more like Spider-Gwen than Miles.

  3. Excited to see how they handle a full length Miles movie. I honestly can't wait as he has become one of my favorite characters of the past few years. I'm loving the animation and am interested to see how they handle all the Spider-Verse material.

  4. I'm speechless
    What a amazing trailer
    Miles means a lot to me as s character and this trailer truly did not disappoint

    Great music from the hommie vince staples
    Great stop motion type animation my personal favourite
    Great overall tone and truly masterful visuals


  5. it's definitely Peter at the end tag there talking to Miles. I suspect that the movie won't be a traditional origin story for miles it will be shorter with spider-verse mixed in as the central plotline.

  6. What if this is a loose tie in to the mcu? Introducing the idea of multiple universes. Then in later mcu movies they mess with that idea even more.
    No actual cross over, but they reference miles or something like that. Hinting that it's all just alternate dimensions of the mcu

  7. I loved it and I love the animation style and I just always love his costume and my favorite colors Red and Black so hyped for this movie

  8. I loved the 4-part 'Spider-Men' mini they did a few years ago, so I'm hoping they thread in a few elements of that story into the movie. The visuals alone have me VERY invested right now, but getting a few choice scenes from that mini series would be amazing.

  9. I'm actually kind of blown away. I also had no idea what this thing was going to look like. I really really like the direction superhero movies, justice League aside, are going. This was so fresh, and cool. Suddenly cannot wait to see this. Also agree with Ashley, I'd love to see Spider-Gwen in this.

  10. As a fan of the character. I can’t wait , I want all attention on this character and a Good story that does the Character Justice .

  11. I pretty much felt the same way (though, I haven't read any of Miles' storylines). It looks like there's going to be a lot to love. I also really like that it seems to be taking that Pixar style into a nightscape — something we haven't seen much of, yet.

  12. I loved it ….it's about time marvel got into the animated movie game …… you think if this does well does this push for a live action movie ?

  13. I loved the animation. I was thinking it was gonna be traditional animation as well so to see this I was kinda blown away.

  14. First Alita trailer and now this trailer both looks amazing and unique styled and both have creative geniuses maker's behind them wow atleast now I have these two in my most anticipated movies of 2018 with Aquaman !!! 😍😍😍😍😍😮😍😗😘I don't know what is wrong with Disney but Chris and lord Miller are geniuses look at this art style wow i hope they do dc's flash movie next 😍😍😍😍 !!!!!!!!

  15. This look sooooo good the art, backround and animation look amazing an I don't care if the story is good or bad ill watch it for the visuals alone.

  16. I think the Spider-Man that's with the other Spider-Man at the end is Peter, because he looks taller than Miles and he kinda has spiky hair

  17. His logo looks like a basketball, keeping with the theme that he plays basketball? Idk maybe that’s what they’re going for. I loved this trailer, kinda wish we had a live action version now

  18. I love how u guys are hardcore D.C. Fans and have so much respect for marvel I respect you guys very unique to see D.C. Fans not trashing marvel love u guys

  19. Though the trailer does get me excited, I'm still holding my own skepticisms, remember this were the same people that buried over Popeye with The Emoji Movie (damn you Pascal), but still looking at the animation, I would say it kinda uses the cel-shading in the animation, that's why the frame movement is not fully rendered, but still, I'm impressed

  20. guys its a different universe soo theres millions of spider mans………….the one that gets me to laugh is the pig one HAHAHAHAHA the spider pig DUN DUN DUN

  21. The grave was Peter Parker. That means it will take place in the future or in an alternate universe. It said, enter a universe. Where more than 1 where's a mask. That means there is more than 1 spider man in that universe. The other spiderman characters are not all named Peter parker. There is only 1 Peter Parker. The other Spidermans have there own name. The spider on the wall at the end was, the spider that bit Peter Parker and gave him powers. That means it's still alive, and the more it bites peoples, the more spidermans.

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