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hi welcome to dream company today I will be reading to you my no no no day by Rebecca Patterson my nonono a day yesterday I woke up and Bob was crawling around my room look at my jewelry so I shouted get out of my room and that was the start of my nonono day then I clean upstairs and I saw that egg I cried and cried and said I can't eat that and mommy said you could eat it last week looking Bob eating his mashed banana after the terrible egg I didn't like my shoes either so I took them off all by myself shouting no shoes and then we had to go shopping and mommy said please stop wiggling Bella but I couldn't stop wiggling and in the end I shouted get me out mommy said you would you stop a Buick and you are giving me a headache and that pokes me and said here at lunchtime Sasha and her mommy came to play and to have some peanut butter and grapes and a cookie but my cookie broke then I couldn't play nicely and I kept saying no you can't be prisoners and in the end fashion and her mommy went home in the afternoon it was my ballet lesson I said ballet is too itchy but I was very loud and mrs. Clark stop playing the piano and Miss Louisa said dear oh dear perhaps you should sit in the corner bin on the way home he met a lady who lives next door and she said that that was the sweetest thing she'd seen all day and then she said and how is Bella I was a long way behind so I had to shell I have a hurting foot and mommy said could I keep my voice down and could I please stop lying on the sidewalk then it was time for my supper at my best and those peas were too hot and our bath was too cold and I was too wet and it was too milky after that I rolled and rolled and said no bad no no no no bad no no and now he said well I think someone need to go to bed but I rolled all over my room and then I roll into battle to him and I said that is for babies and then I yawned a little yeah then I caused it to my room and mommy said who wants a story and I said nobody but she came into my room anyway and we caught up and had my best story about fairies and cake whoa yawn I own together and I said very quietly today was a really bad day and mommy's sorry and she kissed me goodnight and said I know we all have to stay sometimes but perhaps you will be more cheerful tomorrow and I was I was I was cheerful all day long and thanks last victim stay tuned to our video by the house house to happy well just a home that you could eat it last week especially answer to sake they were like this [Laughter] you

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  1. Why are you having an unknown year that doesn't make sense I like tell me what is no no year like is for you to share and stuff like that so you should be grateful for yourself so I'm just telling you if you don't want to listen to me that's not good but it's okay so yeah

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