you know goes away with violent evil indeed mr. hey I get a good fella so I said mochiko welcome pastor poly bug on video some random video which is in the artifice an idea hit more in gaming video so when you do I go out of our own pokévision video kanako-sama a panicky C argan on papyrus a new mogul a black boo – content creator life of Christian no no God no no I say that me listening service I increased a new you know go a new Auto a new pin Akaka by the hand no I don't go out with some more free time code and then you know go some food or no opinion chatter hey shark assign you a new machine yourself and PETA or my lemons if itís a new in the party never say anything to apartment in Caillou no idea dito para Menominee link open up an abomination or ask or support gay YouTube just a pocket Eddie you know also I get a deep pan onigiri courgette again and Cooper pond behind the question told it where he need to set up Omega how it works or patagonica cool ok upon Omega going video wait save a boy that was to enjoy and hopefully enjoy in your third Michael but I do think we know when the passages in Univision ago some go in once again me or Vegas phenomena abandonment I or whatever give me I meant you my Bannerman tiny want a oh my god maybe non-common just your skin amongst innuendo bingo or if vodka Gannon then phenomenom index of a penis to Hong Kong Coleman cinema-going comments in Menachem una campaña McGee's bogus finally simply became a power the similar when I think of a horse out GU McGee saying and here giganto Sosa Marga coming around 9 a.m. 10 a.m. jo seungu missing a mug and a 6 to 7 k go missing and Ganon so you see also manga the deal a tiger again II never saw anything so absurd no Papa no goomy simpleton I wanna see are which is part of um prepare a meal am so good no but when I was at i/o you time up in the marisapeter hostile attack and yeah yeah what a banana you see are okay the brennaman up in Toronto is your own particular matter anything children your video in cable you know he talked a lot missile gonna chat era then afternoon yeah-hoo media my skin hello so window never seen on my own para I know my dog you know which is tsunami or even Tito enough stern known bugs come on breakfast or anything well Darwin you support or which is office Co and atomic bomb and you meet arrow and you've been a setup way to miss more put it car and Saudi and so possible missile attacks Commission on my local breakfast Bowen computable Poland Ito and then condom on it I could cook a Gabby which is my my nothing well liked a girl feeling was a result afternoon and poverty to saw workstation go which is sitting in suspicious most copy boy initiator then you might go hey and uh so you wanna my it in Africa region at all which is carpenter carpenter from sandrina sand demon Christmas teenie geenie origin Valley did subpoena her station open young editor Cove in sunny Vegas sorry and he shot badly seguro okay I see you online seguro I hung around 11 or 12 all right – Velma get torn a security linguist Anthony talk to us now wait optimal otto muy RA is it in India which is vitamin Abu Sayyaf on each one on par no Monica added or each other I'm gonna heat up forgive me away I say guys I'm telling you vlogging is easy to a deep purple gaming maraming cut maraming meme sound effect music cetera alright assessor gaming hindi lang is some clip or eternal it on frame that all you in edit mode I said man on cutting in aid young game playing Miss Moore which is Miss Maggie Raksha alright it have a bite of senior honey children and inform them in it to be smooth so Nike to make it I know it we know so naked on you guys are you children need in edit form a new energy eternal vision –i surrender inna and new bar on Christmas thing more luncheon Impala simply cut capping a better guy stuff top floor screen agian okay so the only argon toast every and every clip Ian it's my own custom was nah I know every captain my captain was upon something in it all item is my important black screen bottom deep sound again and cetera it's a Tuscan madam pion Romano PI animal green screen by and another thing Neela I thought awesome and also began in Italy more SWAT in a different little toy and you need to or any guys in Kenyan can hear of Hmong edit no I tell anyone that in my age did you moping a funny joke on you simply my mommy may chatter resume in Hindi and you can imagine even guys who say when I second toe I'm only adding a parameter in the minions you could tell me this using a minion you know Tina Sharma heat up coca but my hand is a bike a bike gonna shock a song Oh blame and Ito is you will do it every day of a yogi motto every day every or a part of my journey would you say another shall attend a show me spoiler in delight oh customers hope to get young cinematic gonna you think eat anymore money list anima punch Sun affect the most musical to similar bunny music and humanitarian diamond cut and I'm seeing it nature Sarah Muhammad X Y cetera Latin Valley okay monkey editable that blow us up occur or us every day para means on couple top corner what's my baby son I'm sick aroma get it now Aldo ISA happenin gangabai gonna go home he said no para no no over the syllabus I'm a full-time name anyone can talk a partisan I mean tongue ya know even during our missions a new render you miss being parents see the sinner sabe button young render go see important if you keep in a lot among clips into one clip queer it's gonna pop up I'll tell you more in depth saw it a tender cannot to me small allanakristen 10 minutes and 15 seconds luckily because you know so in Derbyshire here and efficient and 1080p 60fps which is empanada and oil in our mothers our YouTube great engineer small turned agreement 1080p but the number 720 Castle spoken it and ATO signify um futuro de minimis presume for a solution here in the solution the more small Turkish ammo get in there okay I guess my lucky so 1080p tayo so insist on and on first a spongy so the rendered a pinion okay Linda Union we're gonna – I know I'm obedient on 100 yen not asking you CP over say annyeong annyeong in a panel interview CPU okay it all I'm rendering them and it takes like one or two hours means and three ours all right one are the three are scary monkey in tobacco process to me some video you're getting out what I gonna get in tidy so we're gonna grate in their time layin I'm gonna go away indeed toys which ended on my YouTube videos safe be a phone number purpose animal home is a fun peach cetera and kaha in Gannon cetera tabali Gannon and open own a green ongoing video I'm gonna quit demand never let me have a fighter saying your Panama Panama no holiday card or a una get any wanna get and danisha Tomatis Palacio estimated by Mia which is cigarette attack dalliance Economo one or two or three small or 45 minutes depending on oh haha bottom clip organic a dominant effect music etc and the hospital three minutes 34 body map within a mono one organ on alright so partner Monaco and again record number do okay Samara minute up and sank responding to Panera if we did you know Ponyo Ponyo fiscal new and in Alleghany no sir and in your clip the worst part on what I background have a bite of a citizen year so for now he set up come on name green screen go which is young in Agra mitko para Mis Momo a linebacker and Sally could go attend ahilla and come back it you know I will a human couldn't wala background us in a given in green and angry moon yeah yeah not only my own body parent Americans a baton know they miss a potential just have the fish a fat ass me swim with Melissa bitten Diana venom so it's application ions yeah let's hop in the shower I'm in the Newtonian Valley magic ney and nando in dito and then young my new webcam call it or not eaten is my Panama Panama get a good that's not me I see nothing me sweeping up a webcam came up I love and him yeah old ax putting also polygons screen made an afternoon webcomic oh yeah yeah yeah aggregate of fish come go get me small and it all Little Miss wimpy naka and ahoy Team Ico de Thomason I record you might say audacity is up Barnea and and without its opinion and audacity away in the pocket I got you saw how I become IOPS away by Teresa pond life see me talking like a polite 3 meter in your petty Monica Vitti power I go to the screen movie a tsunami grabs good guy and opposition unified Mirabal in again into deeper ok engine ah so my children workspace more it off and Kenyan isn't anything gameplay more written Mike dito yeah now get you engine then you uncommon you some kind of a phantom power and I we begin a platinum power person like by recommending quality and the moss you know so upset oh yeah after taya well you set up now here joining bosses could eat oh um I reckon camera oh and then you can screen 2d Toby chong-in again to Punk records none none gameplay Co it soon built-in accordion and NVIDIA GeForce which is it oh wait okay no symbol in record their deeds and Ossipee naka GPO is that oddness shadow player no chemistry and build engine so very built engine Samoan among gunto come on an americorps didn't talk I'm getting out me Qaddafi not record there is one Olympic on the button become yoga is bandicam oh boy Junior is so getting to Panama in content creator okay Theresa para sorry saying no in every video Nina applaud Naumann every vision in a upload go my power with an eruption and gonna Guardian over any level possible star I could edit record edit they open coca god no my what clip John Bower scenario another give her music and sound effects etc never bug agian say a second you guys indeed am Busta Busta record edit record ethical and Ito my responsibilities that God does a lolly Narita YouTube the Palmer audience kana the button do beta when you responsibility luck in the pocket nice HIPAA Mullen go into game identity very t know Hindi getting in the talkin again the Kootenay on Syria is saying you're some content creator Galaga welcome and something the year enjoy Neela way is something Alamo Maki clicks ok random nila Napa Nibbana delay on or sabina tin-opener pugnac eternal AO are all done at the same time Matata Wasilla the same time then they inspire Scylla away in you point it on bucket but waking someone tweeted about my uniqueness scar or a marathon something the Hindu Mahasabha you know getting a gun on boohead nominee Bali getting on buhay ko I'm guessing novel magetta topple didn't record like it will take like 3 hours 4 hours 5 hours depending when you have even car dolly come on coming here up delegate the Macau is some arrests in an apartheid in a community a trabajo para make it about pair at the same time you say I'm Seguin ago and I mean kissing we like to share thoughts on I'll say I'm playing on the Gators you want to share some things about some among share no experience yeah so on game or in the Columbus topic eaten a sedative a little dot mean Apogee tomorrow young saya pinna paramdham Museveni la misma in dilemmas a little insulting a whoa long ago I'm getting over small vlog go mr. Nagus I tell me simplest ethics but let me see LM new peanut Paquita Queen and say new you say annyeong and you miss being in a garage oh yes and I put a mock-up of the more typical good guys my participation aesthetic but a senior – dinner my pocket immune opened on its Anna put a move on and you know well first I'll tell you guys spaghetti sauce our blog Orion my typical blog show with aesthetic nice more in more game using cinematic thing and somehow watching the most every time they just have you seen you guys survey every upload go my policy and my hidden Garlin yes singing guys man here that I got my gray code and that long video system inside my vision 20 minutes 30 minutes 45 minutes Aurora's Minami what I mean connect the onion emo about with you 9 upload Co say YouTube Naga ye on a bug of a shape published a camera mission connect and you know it's like I'm saying you guys hey learn Telugu man addled in Messiah good vibes gonna go circus and I'm gonna pour along masala and know what gonna spoke and italic and you young pinafore gold metallics Purim pasea hynnyín down at the same time Palermo Paquita Caron motivation saya ingin para scheana Shay Metallica in Busan nila you know so no solution I can you will say YouTube this to be honest you LM new everyone can do it that and time we got go out with me on YouTube something you put your passion in it miss me or a smooth seeing guys parent Abajo didn't a not an expensive be the technical I'm supposed to go go on and channel know there must be something in there know my context in small Magan adapt my meaning maybe Sabiha pin-up art Inga ended up a chimp in a fandom say YouTube and not to mention every content created a patina gonna spin a platinum every vlog every vegan egg ago vanilla makes you know sulla sila par Santo and going and envision a oom-pah-pah things about you know an operating panel gonna hit up the mugging content creator or a new responsibilities in a bi ihsan content creator way so and so sorry no one guys are now putting our or no motive it'll inspire in the camo and video anything and but um and then I can get new hunting a phone or my lamb and you know dinner dinosaur plague is a Gandhian greater you guys but I'm stress promotes and I'm enjoying it Alaskan ingenuity smoke even Kellerman like Jennifer she can imagine subscribe que para machii-san she could click Yuma little notification bill yet but I'm not to forget every bit in the output and you know what I mean salami super annoyed it shown you to some of my big a new subpage groups I Facebook new you yes I assure you Carmen Manila a new poker and an Apogee some content creator a new movie Neela it'll mulatto ATM buuck away hindi KO talk in Hindi ok no cover of Lahav and content creator editor of a to an Amishman geography in any number of credo right you know Morales's Pernod or Italian bellissimo buffa


  1. Kuya Kristian sobra po ako na inspire sa mga ginagawa Nyo po pangrap ko nga din po maging YouTuber 😃😃

  2. Ml po kayo tapos po pa follow narin po ako pleas eto po name ko
    Ikaw nga lolo ko eh
    Yan po sa taas saan po mabasa nyo

  3. Kuya kris pa shout out pleeeeeeeeeease!!! Si manuel po ito taga mandaluyong city nasa ano ako sa 29 de agosto st. Gawa ka po bukas

  4. Kuya Kris ang sarap pakinggan yong sa huli kasi na inspire me you got your fans na masayang ngiti at pinapatawa nyo po yong mga fans nyo po salamat sa mga video na na papasaya at na papatawa araw araw more vid pa kuya kris

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