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just spending his days looking at old cannons daydreaming of the battles that took place between the French British Caribbean's and Arawak which sparked his imagination for storytelling and writing Anderson came to the United States to play basketball but realized he was more like Steve Urkel than Steve Nash if you don't know who Steve Nash is you probably know who Steve Urkel is so there's your there's your comparison Anderson married a Coal Miner's Daughter from Kentucky and he now lives in West Virginia and it's my pleasure to welcome our first featured reader Anderson Charles [Applause] if I don't add some when you see hands that have this enough but the story of me from the the culture the politics they wouldn't want to see it peaceful so I'll just give you understand I don't like reading stuff so I'll just tell you all the story and then we already talked about them into America affordable way to school in England a modern appear at the paradigm that's what's army taking the basketball scholarship landed but just to give you where I come from to one apartment of the scheme and I'm gonna tell you all about the American the content intervention but when you there it started a Tuesday 2693 I was sleeping out what something like elephant so outside you have it like elephants you know but then that was followed by gunshots and I realized it was the anti-aircraft guns that will do you know that's what they call it as much because it means their pensions and I still don't think I even know because at the time revolution we have gotten used to like gunshots and those handy aircraft comes with it I live next to filled with military treatment this is called their plague on that's what I'm talking because most of the people doing it I went to school with there so I never took them seriously but the thing that and I guess they were having in my jeans and stuff that was flying over and our house is they're really small and filled with concrete and brick so it could feel this good feeling shaking and stuff like that so I don't know boy not to move it though I'm looking at say and never seen before so I'm freaked out and later on a comet was the 82nd airborne company and funny thing about that is 20 years after I thought it was just a dream I was having of seeing that shootin Imperial resilience with the anti-aircraft gun and body parts of stone and I thought it was a dream and this is not even good but I got a portable that was working with support you and I saw the toys us at the mall I was working with this gentleman and he was there he was in the Navy and he was there and he said when he became to the ship they were talking about their friends good it's going in the air from the enough for the longest what I thought that was just a dream I was having to realize that actually detach myself from the situation but I remember that morning that was I mean we had the Revolution and the subsequent socialist government about ours and I was not afraid then because of these guys around the school even though they were walking around with guns which we'd never seen before because not even fully self glance at Yahoo and not even know they don't carry guns but that was now that first day I remember turning on the reason I look for song that was playing on the read what all month and pushing 90 and that's the song they were playing in there and that the commentator troika is this is another funny story I thought he had died a physician with him in it but years later was working here at Amazon and they were Lourdes listen to the review and there it was ten years anymore you still alive I left like three years after they really see too many people but the next song played was get up stand up by our body of Peter Tosh all those guys and in the comment either which is constant kinda silly comedy to a screaming get walks get machetes get anything fight back and I remember sneaking off for my five minutes because we had just had a coup d'etat where the prime minister at the time the one that be like it was executed by the Communist fraction so I remember never going to get my right and I'm wondering who's gonna come through the door why should you ask you American soldiers who and she my friend oh it's the Cubans or was it about Ireland look like right next day what's wrong does the drink like you would not believe but a lot of people would say no it was wrong but no for from that year under the night in ninth or something else they had these play this part there's the type of item you can actually see like animals running in the jungle and stuff they're what we call junk is more in a forest we have the interest but that was just sitting there at night but I'll be honest with you I was smoking upon the weed that's the white part to it you know I was can't smoke in you know the Mexican 400 and what's to the firefight going on 84 his limits going off here m60 going off there and you know the fire from the muscle but that was the first time I was the first time about call a man with a hostage run with a gun to the back of my head and corner communist air that was a very first time that I was sort of changed the way I looked at the world after that because nobody ever country Sun 86% people policy over that fear and so that was anyway and the funny part about it was an african-american so difficult at times so you know it's ugly in there on the asphalt and on the island the asphalt melts and I have certain incidents like that well we got evacuated from the area I suppose southern tip of the island we got evacuated compare after week and I remember driving and this was the thing that struck me so much why and remember the soldiers populace and those is Ethiopian American marina penis or skid was shaken and my brother cause sequins he's the Big Shot yet Paul Gauguin just shut up and hand him what everyone up handle but the thing that struck me the most is I was scared because I was and not scared because if he was evil what scares because he's scared and when you're scared but know it was there during all this conflict we had all of us that is how in the talking somebody would actually most don't see those seven feet tall they didn't understand because I was munching on 42nd annual talk London I was still on the national team I wasn't really serious about it but then the education of Sunday because it's like 98 percent literally even to be the garbage man but he started to talk to me and possibly even do a sample I didn't know Cowboys that's what I thought because of all the horses and stuff there when I won didn't Kentucky all right the tough e-mount is not what I expected because you know on you see the movies and you see big city is evolving and bustle in and everybody's running and doing stuff and then incidentally nothing and I mean absolutely nothing there it was a small at the time that the college closed them whether when people leave for the summer the businesses shut down there that's what's more like this was a culture shock because I went from and he is six percent black country and I mean middle Kentucky and economics an award this year I promised Tom what is his son possibly walk on me son I can figure that out and it was hard to understand them out the trip from a London mayor put in my heart and the first thing that we noticed I guys walking on would constantly be same uniforms is there a war going on here and supporting police and I've cost me talk that's right because see that whole introduction but anyway a preacher and the coach came to me I mean you all wanted to hear I mean I walk into the tea so imagine if Linda's pinion tried it for hours and a stable are we there yet but I remember the thing that got me the most is a mountain ranges or the rolling fears always party was the ocean that's not what I was used to you know what I mean that could be Ohio was the ocean of us came because there was just streams but we had a little bit kept talking I remember my introduction to fast food fast food on the either the Kentucky Fried Chicken that's the only fast food restaurant that's there and I remember I said are you hungry yeah really that that might glad that Mont Blanc and I seen Mac daughters I don't know what you know but then I saw Kentucky Fried Chicken all they kick it of course it wasn't until I was saying I don't know what I was expecting because when we cook chicken in Ireland to solve got all these leaves of spices and stuff it was nothing like that but that's what I had and at the dorm you know I guess they thought we would have something at 17 or something or he's glad you're black Oh walk in there and he said hey this is Julie Julie was like five people think it's a really small party with what we have a ncwe with Mema and the first thing Julie said to me was what's up dog just called me a dog so they know where I'm from you don't wanna put all in example I don't I don't know how many oh no doggy's did he say that often what have you lost the fire in and there are surprises it's a dog that's really for us no bloody because where I'm from a dog is not one of the cleanest animals like I see a whole stalk to keep to America or dogs lives in a veranda yeah are they weren't allowed in the in the living room or nothing like that you know living dressing it emotional but so he sent this to be online and then he started to talk see because when he said what's a dog to me I said hey it's America what he talked to see him so I met this girl and I said oh what's up dog is laughing with this year well then I went back to the basketball business it that's poor thing you mean all the thing you want Americans right bonus Teddy silver so then I had to watch what to see a lot which is really bad because most people can understand what to see anyway well here I'm watching what to see but still trying to get the New York but there's a lot of similarities that we hear it's a lot of work and obviously the only thing that makes us different is what we are taught to be not good yeah but that's who we are Apollo's you know we don't want to see we just think that some marry technologies because they're obviously doesn't work we ideologies for being women my conscience torpor so obviously that's not working we got stuck with Yuma and that's the premise of the whole not forget it could be probably come from but I'm proud to be comedian but that doesn't make me any more or any better than anybody else you know pretty company human aspect get on the wall by German Revolution and stuff that idea was what's the difference you know they have some issues with the stereotyping I mean you all know I had long dreadlocks oh he's a drug dealer I thought that all the time people smoked to me and said hey how much I don't like medicine the stereotype or I'd have to drive Banyon book because this may be where the colors and stuff like that I'm not a pothead I make a smoked upon the day but that was for a reason from my grandpa 75 inches tall my mom was 16 assists over 60 of a percent of 60 so what is told of course – there was the flip side I had a cousin those three people that's what my dad said he was when he died but you know the steering you know he did I never got scared at home or not because resist all fear so I had to get used to the intention playing basketball on it and they were understood yeah I do that was really weird I mean I believe it kept talking about walking the library to the dorm which is all but oh and a bus or a teen through by and then the West and the owner people side it drop you know where I'm home people that's just told you grandfather's name was Julius if I told you before but the hardest thing to get used to of being a knight black doctors like freeze you know what I mean and then I came here and I went to Williamsburg Kentucky there was very little people very little minority media so now the book itself is in different statements Road it is thoughts like something happened to me it's just a paragraph or just ruling on what they did there something there's ten pages somebody did there so is there is no something Mexican system system sorry just this thing that happened to me it's maybe that's what everybody wants everything to be you know but uh I would encourage anybody here because before he had an issue of America and then when I came here and I made an American and not Taurus that's what I started together and Myron may expect one of the best so don't want to do the tourist stuff you know what I mean it's like I live in New York and I've never been to the Statue of Liberty talking to those people those people are more importantly the island to go anywhere will talk to the people talk to the politicians when the leaders of society and say they want to give you they're gonna be cursin extreme people talking to people they tell you what's going on you know exactly what's going on you'll see similarities of it with us you know and the similarities are not greater our Norma stammer took off for too long

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