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25 thoughts on “Andrei Tarkovsky – Poetic Harmony | CRISWELL | Cinema Cartography

  1. That house wasnt rigged to exact time or anything…the camera roll was finished and the house was still burning….

  2. Tarkovsky behind Kubrick are my favorite Directors each for a different reason Kubrick for his unapologetic views of humanity and how we dehumanize each other barely any hope but Andrei Tarkovsky had a more poetic look at humanity

  3. I like what this video says about Tarkovsky's use of textures and long takes. But I disagree that he is a "narrative nihilist". His narratives are intuitively constructed, true. But they're not without meaning. He, like Lynch, was understandably cagey about there being single "correct" readings of his films — that's a wise position for an artist to take. But you can pretty clearly discern meanings which line up with Tarkovsky's stated philosophical concerns. For example, the opening scene of Andrei Rublev is very consistent with the rest of the film's focus on the lonely creative and spiritual struggle of the artist (a frequent theme in his films).

  4. Really appreciate you dissecting these films by Tarkovsky…there's a lot of people only dissecting mainstream films and it's so predictable and boring. It's really great you are doing this!

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  7. Tarkovsky is not overrated but he is definitely overpraised and overhyped. Unsurprisingly, nobody's talking about his conflicts with operators, conflicts with screen writers, nobody even tries to mention acting or unjustifiedly big budgets. Who cares, it's just ancient foreign cinematography – it's rather permanently genius or unknowable due to language barriers. Keep pretending that subtext doesn't exist.

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