Andrea Bartz: What I’m Reading (author of THE LOST NIGHT)

hi I'm Andrea Bart's author of the last night and this is what I'm reading my lovely wife by Samantha downing is a really fun and unusual thriller it's sort of the fun of mr. and mrs. Smith with a lot of you know propulsive page-turning qualities because it's about a couple a married couple we're serial-killing is sort of their beloved group activity if then by Kate Hope day is a new book that I absolutely loved it's this tale about a few people in a community in a mountain sort of a mountain town in Oregon who all began experiencing strange flashes from sort of alternate realities of what their lives could have been and it's really sweet and weird and kind of heartwarming a hiding place by CJ Tudor is a really fun and twisty thriller it takes place in a sleepy creepy small town English village and what I love about it is that it's a mystery but it has some tinges of the the Stephen King and the the otherworldly sort of Menace so the last thing I'll recommend to you is my own debut thriller the last night it's a thriller about a woman who is sort of uncovering the dark truth surrounding her best friends apparent suicide in a Brooklyn loft ten years earlier and it's dark and twisty and hopefully a lot of fun

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