AND THEN SHE SAID – 5 Novels, 5 Women, 5 Stories

so they would have to go on sharing a bed as he had said they would like European but if there was a baby the other times if she was unwell he hadn't asked why she would felt sick of course it would not be right for him to ask but it was three months now soon it would begin to show and then they would be able to speak about but then you know that when you eat more than two slices of bread or put more than three teaspoons of sugar in your tea she will exclaim exasperated it much sugar could not be good for you and then when she realizes what she has said and she doesn't want to hurt her liver religious say but I don't mean anything by that you can have as much as you want when she arrives in front of the registration they asked her her name age and whether she was alone she said no I am NOT alone and decided to tell the line that her heart wanted to town I am with my mother and my grandmother the war and all that time city has been a complicated trial to achieve one day going always wanted funny how evolution we just wanted to escape from my son for a few hours is that so bad isn't months and I want when I got my messages I was struck by how did everything was the atoms were swept in his ways that ed you got the shameless touch versed but then the bass Iggy should make my loop and the Fed was big and song hey I had never felt anything like it before I don't know why you reach me you look so much more than I tell the next morning I woke up like I had been suspended in mid-air a not even God that made me leave a message after we also get the world breathing if what to get Africa reading you forget nairobi reading perhaps this is a way of getting people to be introduced books it's absolutely absolutely enchanting it's so great to finally see that you know people have our understanding and uploading it and coming to watch staging dramatization so novels because i think that the only way that people really understand how sweet the African story is I loved it it was amazing to magical it looks like it's a great event I tell everyone to come great stories great connection with the audience the delivery and all the search hours were beautiful and really made me feel something and and so I would say to everyone if they want a good laugh a good heart felt the story a nice evening it's a fabulous way to discover African literature in a new way it's not a theatre production it's not your traditional play it's just that story teller and the audience and every single time they create a new form of magic

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