An Outlander Evening with Series Cast, Author, and Producer

32 thoughts on “An Outlander Evening with Series Cast, Author, and Producer

  1. Tobias, intelligent, well spoken, handsome and on top of it his Voice…He is a fantastic actor! Worthy of Oscars…Love Tobias

  2. J'ai pas tout compris le sens de la discution du regroupement de ce que je viens d'entendre. Mais j'aurais aimé vous voir avec vos vetement de plateau de tournage, sans le maquillage ni perruque, juste les vetements, c'est agréable de vous voir, mais il a un hic, ca m'enleve le chalenge et feeling entre les deux monde ……..eventuellement vous aller vous présenter dans le future, alors pourquoi ne pas rester habillé comme dans vos séries et comme dans le future de ces années la, Mister Rendal, allons nous le voir de nouveau dans les prochaines séries. Merci et a bientot, bien apprécié. Thank you Mister Sam. HI

  3. 😂😂😂 they ask Tobias about the modesty pouches and he’s like uhhhhh I didn’t really use them often like Sam and Cait did

  4. Tobias is way too adorable for this interview and these questions and the audience and the crazy interviewer who was obsessed with Sam but would then go to Tobias and flirt and it was just really awkward and the flow was messed up through it all pretty much.

  5. 4:46–4:58. describes me. I had never read Outlander until I saw the show, and now, while the show is exceptional, I adore the book more than the show.

  6. Really have enjoyed the show except for what was done to Jamie's hair, that weird frizzled bang hanging over his eyes. After four seasons now, hoping they'll work on that which, for me, ruins a natural look that's obviously far better when you see him in life.

  7. I have read all the books, their amazing and I couldn’t put the books down. The casting is so great. I
    love Jaime but clai

  8. Tobias Menzies is a marvellous actor…two entirely different characters and he protrayed both of them with soo much sincerity…mindblowing… Hate for Jack Randall shows how excellent actor Tobias is…

  9. I think that diana and Eric Flint should do a colab on historical fiction, unless they already do.

  10. Wonderful to hear about the employment of the Scottish artisans . The costumes and sets were fantastic for this series!
    Lovely & very interesting to watch these very talented people in this interview . Thank you !!

  11. i really like Tobias, he is such a good actor i mean i fucking hate black jack Randell but i really like frank and feel always pity for him, and he as an actor gets to manage these two different characters so goooood

  12. The secret of success is always quality and the quality of details, and certainly, this show has it; every actor is amazing – and by that I mean, not only Caitriona and Sam and Lotte, etc… really every actor: from Graham McTavish, Gary Lewis, Laura Donnely, to "Geordy" (the guy that dies on Dougal's arms wounded by a boar during the hunt), the "Duke of Sandringham", etc.. all of them – then the outfits are marvelous, the inns and castles, the food on the table and the kitchen… – not to mention the scenery, the beautiful landscapes… everything is done with accuracy and true to history books and researched… really a must in filming! ( – I'll only have to say and contrary to most people that I don't like Menzies acting as Black Jack Randall…)

  13. I am one of the "fans" who became a fan, after watching this amazing TV Show! :9 Thanks for making a TV Show out of the books!

  14. "… Honesty compels me to add – you have one fine ass, man." You took the words right out of our mouths Diana. 😍🤩😘

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