An introduction to the discipline of Literature

welcome to the macat multimedia series and to my cat's introduction to literature literature is the study of human communication it deals of course with great writers from Shakespeare to Cervantes Jane Austen to James Joyce and it deals with texts Greek plays romantic poems gothic novels set in gloomy castles but it's also about more than that literature offers access to vibrant forms of expression and asks us to embrace new ways of thinking about the world it shows us how to read critically even asking why we read and write at all above all it explores how we communicate ideas and why so for a student of literature all forms of communication are considered texts and can become the focus of critical inquiry rap lyrics the language of advertisements our favorite films stories poems diaries letters even our constantly updated statuses on social media platforms all our products of the urge to share ideas and experiences and each offers its own insights into the ways that we as humans see the world so to study literature is to open a gateway to understanding complex values and preoccupations of individuals small communities and even whole societies it helps us to imagine what it is like to be someone else and to live a better more exciting or simply different life in our own minds because literature is complex though we need to decode it and at the turn of the 19th century writers themselves began to experiment with new ways of looking at the written word modern literary criticism was born as romantics such as William Wordsworth sought to define poetry in his preface to lyrical balance Wordsworth explored the relationship between the poetry and the poet rather than the reader he asked what sort of language poets should use and how their words are interpreted by human minds a hundred years later criticism had moved beyond the page new schools have thought emerged that sought to understand the historical and cultural backgrounds from which literature emerged contexts began to change as well Marxist literary critics such as Terry Eagleton argued that literature is not independent of its time and culture but rather a product of it other thinkers focused on identity looking at the ways in which an author's sense of self is produced by society's dominant ideologies in signs taken for wonders the critic homie Kay Baba outlined the pervasive influence of colonial concepts in post-colonial texts while suggesting paradoxically that their appropriation by formerly colonized subjects brought with it the power to subvert them feminist critics such as Simone de Beauvoir who proposed that one is not born but rather becomes a woman and Judith Butler have subjected our ideas of gender to fresh scrutiny Butler's gender trouble agrees that identities are not fixed at birth and sees them as performed responses to culture and society from the 1960s fresh generations of critics were turning their attention away from the creators of texts these post structuralists looked beyond authorial intent to focus on interpretation and while Roland Barthes was announcing the death of the author and the birth of the reader Michel Foucault proposed in his archaeology of knowledge that there is no single right reading of a text for both critics it was the multiple often conflicting interpretations that text produced that mattered not least because read in the whay literature questions apparently universal truths even the idea of truth itself literary criticism challenges the ways we think about the world and how it should be ordered it helps us understand who we are and how we are come inside to find out more maquette earn better think smarter aim higher

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