An interview with author Nicholas Sparks

hi I'm Nicholas Sparks I'm the author of The Notebook a walk to remember message in a bottle Dear John and most recently see me and I'm here at Auto I grew up loving a great story so it was always in my mind that I wanted to become a writer and yet I never really had the belief that I could become a writer in the sense that I could pay my bills when I was 28 then I'd had a couple of novels under my belt and it hit me that it was time to chase a dream so I work from 9:00 to midnight four or five days a week maybe a few hours on the weekend and the notebook was finished in about six months inspiration can come from anywhere including my my own life message in a bottle was inspired by my father after the death of my mother a walked remember was this story inspired by my sister so you pulled bits and pieces from people that you know for the most part it takes a couple of months to conceive of a story I start with a small inspiration that can either be a theme or an event in my past and little by little I stack for their ideas on that until I reach the point where I'm fairly clear on what I want the novel to be the writing process it usually is about six months long it's an average of four days a week and when I sit down to write I write 2,000 words and that can take anywhere from four to seven hours seemi is most similar to safe-haven or the Guardian in that it really explores the theme of love and danger for simi I wanted a different kind of suspense and tension that builds toward the end and so it's a very twisty mystery thriller with that said of course simi is also a love story it is in the end two stories in one it's a film that of course I love and it's a film that has become regarded as a modern classic I guess it's because everything about that film work Nick Cassavetes had an amazing view of what he wanted the film to be and course Nick was the director and then you had amazing performances it was a story that had both an epic quality but captured the intimacy of that young passionate love if you want to be a writer you have to be willing to put up with the challenges of being a writer the uncertainty the writer's block the sleepless nights that loneliness the ability to work in silence the ability to give up time in the real world for time in a fantasy world entertain I want to enthrall I want to have a story that's interesting and original a story that's memorable and I want those stories to include characters that strike the leader is authentic and honest you

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  1. People are always worshipping the movie and the actors but the authors never get as much attention, aren’t they the ones that make the movies happen? If there wasn’t a book, there wouldn’t have been a movie. just my opinion.

  2. Who else wishes that 'A Walk to Remember' had the popularity that 'The Notebook' has? But don't get me wrong, I like 'The Notebook' . . . I just happen to LOVE 'A Walk to Remember'.

  3. Hi I'm 17 hope to meet this wonderful man when I become successful in my life. Good health always!! ❤ big fan Love U

  4. Dear Nicholas Sparks,
    Thank you very much for sharing your gift of the written word! Your novels and their authentic themes pierce the heart. I wish you the very best for your chapters in life. Again,with sincere gratitude and appreciation.

  5. 2000 words in 7 hours? Only? I may not be a best selling author but I sure hell can write like 7000 in 7 hours

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