An Evening with Deepak Chopra – Writer's Symposium By The Sea 2018

49 thoughts on “An Evening with Deepak Chopra – Writer's Symposium By The Sea 2018

  1. Please read and pass long…
    Hi this is good but there s a couple things you have to know. From my experience the chaltic church God the Father in heaven and his followers Buda om shavy are the reason you need to heal. They giving dieases and make u sick, smoke, do drugs, fight. They hide in your body. You can om healing use a crystal rub over yourself with it and your home. Sea salt sprayed under your bed and doors. But that's not enough they have to be stop…..

    Say 5 times that God the Father his story book his devil are turned into water vaporizer every time there's names are said through out the world they can't come back.
    Everyday untill there gone. There the reason are world is the way it is. The Creator is good and does help and is for turning them into water. Water does hurt the body if there in u or others.

    Please pass it forward to as many people as you can …

  2. Dr. Deepak Chopra is one of the most spiritually and mentally evolved human beings among those few in the world. All the unevolved have this belief that it is the famous multi millionaires and billionaires who are in the spotlight, and wear flashy clothes the ones that are "Somebody" (??!!) They think that way because they are mentally programmed by sensationalist media which persuades them to worship the elite; these weak people still believe in kings and queens and royal blood as their superior and the ultimate to achieve in able to be somebody!!!!! They feel intimidated with by the "royal" titles. Westernized countries need to incorporate in their school curriculum instruction about the oriental philosophies but taught by someone who is well versed in them, Not some biased person.

  3. @ around 24.00 Deepak describes exactly what Jesus did on the cross. But phony Christians would not care. They quote Jesus but would not give a shit what He has said. That's why Gandhi said what he said about present day so called Christians. To go beyond the realm of physical pain and suffering was the norm of early Christianity too when they were sadistically tortured by Nero. They were the true followers of Christ not these phony ones today including this host, sorry.

  4. So cold is a result of your immune systems fault…means an alert to inform you that you are attacked by …germs..bla bla..
    According to my translation of Deepak s explanation about cold is ……

    My comment is just for reminder for the video.
    Do not give any suggestions,I know that!

  5. "Red Shoes" is a codeword for a great set of tits. This codeword was originated circa 1999 and is a perfect cover for notifying a group of friends of a great rack.

    1. Holy shit! Look at those awesome red shoes!

    2. Dude, check out these approaching red shoes….I want to motorboat the shit out of those bad boys.

  6. I would not recommend people listen to Mr. Chopra or read this his books. Meditation is a practice that most if not all people should engage in.

  7. Love this i met Deepak in a restaurant in Manhattan…he signed my book💕💕💕..its so real
    how the interviewer is so Uncomfortable with new concepts
    as is America….sleeping nation

  8. The resistance of the interviewer to truths is astounding. His pride is rooted in his ignorance or rather his reluctance to be still and calm within. This is a form of masochism. It is an attachment to illness.

  9. Chopra explains very well the notion of eternal values that can be experienced through transcendence. The concept of non duality (not two) was also presented in a clear and precise way.

  10. Mantras work very well. I am healthy, happy, loving, beautiful and I am attracting the best life has to offer!

  11. Thank you Deepak, you deliver truth with authenticity and love. And i strongly dislike the first world new age, so it's refreshing seeing you talk to the hypnotized. 🙂

  12. Was going to say awesome! Notice it was just said ,this guy is so inspiring for getting more to the now.

  13. The west is not yet ready for this wisdom but they will catch up with this some time in the future when they are fed up with being materialistic and pleasure seeking culture.

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