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"I will die in your arms." Born on 9th February, 1958. Her parents named her Amrita.. ..whom we know as Amrita Singh. Her mother Rukhsana Sultana
was a political activist. And her father Shavinder
Singh was an army officer. All my ancestors were in the army. If I was a boy I would
have been in army too. And even I would have
become a martyr like father. Her granny Zarina was the elder
sister of famous actress Begum Para. Begum Para is Ayub Khan's mother. Ayub Khan has already made
his mark in films and television. Though distant Amrita was also
related to great actor Dilip Kumar. Because Ayub Khan's
mother Begum Para.. Dilip Kumar's sister-in-law. That's a very old story. Let us head towards
Amrita Singh's childhood. And we get to know that she studied
in Modern school New Delhi. And she is fluent in English,
Hindi and Punjabi. I was thinking that it is a new city. I will meet new people.
What will I do here? But God was kind… Amrita Singh did wonderful by 1983. Her first film 'Betaab' was released. This was the film where Dharmendra.. ..was launching his son Sunny Deol. And Amrita Singh's
pairing with Sunny Deol.. ..worked wonders at the box office. Just make me a heroine once. Change my name from Bhagwan Kaur if.. ..I don't surpass
all heroines of Mumbai. The songs of film 'Betaab' did good. Her acting was also praised. Their pair was so good that 'Sunny'
released in 1984 had them together again. That is fine but who are you. How did you dare to enter sir's room? Don't you know who I am? Whatever.
You look like a mole or a hooligan. Don't go inside.
Sir is very angry. He will skin you. Amrita Singh was climbing
the ladder of success. She was casted as heroine
in Manmohan Desai's.. ..'Mard' which starred
Amitabh Bachchan. I just said that I will
come within 5 minutes, sister. How do I look? Though she was quite younger
than Amitabh Bachchan.. ..but she worked well with Mr.
Bachchan on the silver screen. She was doing great commercial films. And she was also
praised for her work.. ..she did in some
different kind of films. Especially for films like 'Saaheb'.. ..'Chameli Ki Shaadi' and 'Naam'. If you think that
I am an obstinate girl.. ..and that I cannot have
a good married life with you.. ..then why are you marrying me? Why don't you just refuse? I will have all these
stuff thrown away now. In "Chameli Ki Shadi'
Amrita Singh proved that.. ..she is great in comedy too. Her comic timing made everyone laugh. And her funny romantic pairing
with Anil Kapoor was also great. It is fun to wear such clothes. You can lift your this leg and that.
And even both legs! She paired up well with Sunny Deol,
Sanjay Dutt.. ..Anil Kapoor and Amitabh Bachchan. "A little sorrow." "A little happiness." "This is life." "This is life." In the 90s she started
doing some selected roles. She did a negative role in 1992 film
'Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman'. She was seen causing
problems in the romantic.. ..pair of Shahrukh
Khan and Juhi Chawla. Every year she was proving
what a skilled actress she is. If you trick me into marrying you.. ..then I will kill myself. Her ability to do negative
roles was also seen in film 'Aaina'. While she was acting she
fell in love with Saif Ali Khan. Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan.. ..have an age difference of 12 years. "The nature has become kind to us." "Our love has bloomed out now." It is famous that when Saif
saw Amrita for the first time.. ..he heard bells ringing and
Saif Ali Khan couldn't stop himself. One evening he called Amrita Singh.. ..and asked her out for dinner. Amrita Singh refused. She said that I don't
go out for dinners. Saif Ali Khan's heart
was about to break when.. ..Amrita Singh said that if you want
you can come to my home.. ..and we can have dinner together. And here a unique love story started. And this love story
reached the wedding altar. Saif Ali Khan and
Amrita Singh got married. And some people were
also cross about it. But the two stayed together
and they had 2 children. Daughter Sara and son Ibrahim. Marriage cannot be
controlled by humans. Matches are made before
you are even born. I was fated to be
with you so I met you. Mr. and Mrs. Saif Ali Khan
were together for 13 years. This was also the
time when Amrita Singh.. ..had bid farewell to films. But they got divorced after 13 years. He has done so much for me. He take care of me. And today I am not able
to do anything for him. And after Amrita Singh
was seen in films again. From 1993 to 2002
she was away from films.. ..but when she returned
she returned with a bang. She was no longer old
enough to be a heroine. And she realized that fact. And because of this
the actress who played.. ..the heroine to
Dharmendra's son Sunny Deol.. ..later played mother to Sunny Deol's
younger brother Bobby Deol. The film was '23rd March,
1931, Shaheed'. Ravi you will not buy
flowers for Ranbir Singh. You will buy a noose for him. In 2005 she entered the small screen. Her work was much praised in
Star Plus serial 'Kkavyanjali'. And gradually Amrita
Singh returned to her home. Yes, she again became
and established actress.. the film industry. Her kids stayed with
her after the divorce. She is not able to give
much time to her kids.. ..but she does fulfills her
responsibility by working in films. In Sanjay Gupta's
'Shootout at Lokhandwala'.. ..she was seen playing
Maya Dolas' mother. Her work was also admired
in 'Dus Kahaniyaan'. And she played a great
mother to new star.. ..Arjun Kapoor in
'Aurangzeb' and '2 States'. And her Punjabi accent
in '2 States' proved that.. actress who after
going through life.. ..begins acting again then
she does become successful. Amrita's name will be taken with pride
in the history of Indian Cinema. To know unique stories
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  1. Amrita is certainly a powerful and versatile actress. Alas! She is an under -rated actress in Bollywood.

  2. maa ne hindu ko hath pakara to pita ne sath nibhaya or beti ne muslim ka hath pakara or seff ne hath chor diya

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