Amjad Khan – Biography in Hindi | अमजद खान की जीवनी | Life Story | जीवन की कहानी | Unknown Facts

Born on 12th November, 1940. Great actor Jayant's son, Amjad Khan.. ..whom we know as Gabbar Singh. Amjad Khan was born at Peshawar. His father Jayant was a great actor. His brother Imtiaz Khan
and Inaayat Khan acted too. Amjad Khan was educated in St. Theresa's
High School in Bandra, Mumbai.. ..and graduated from
RD National College He also became the general
secretary of the students' council. He had been in the film
environment since childhood. And he started acting in college. And in 1951,
he did his first film, 'Nazneen'. And in 1957 he did film
'Ab Dilli Dur nahin' at the age of 17. Here he starred with his dad Jayant. Amjad Khan was getting
more interested in films. And because of that
he assisted great director.. ..K. Asif who made films
like 'Mughal-e-Azam'.. ..for film 'Love and God'. But this film was left incomplete.. ..because K. Asif died suddenly. In 1971 Amjad Khan was
thinking about his career. Though film 'Love and
God' was released in 1986. And meanwhile Amjad Khan continued
to get work in films. He was seen in 1973
film 'Hindustan Ki Kasam'. Till then no one knew that
this boy is going to create history. And there will be
a time when he will be.. ..the most popular
among the best of actors. Famous writer duo Salim-Javed
recommended Amjad Khan. And he got the role
of Gabbar Singh in 'Sholay'. Danny Dengzongpa was
supposed to play Gabbar Singh. But he refused at the last moment.. ..and Amjad Khan
became Gabbar Singh. But this was not an
easy journey for Amjad Khan. When shooting started everyone said.. ..that he has a very weak voice. Some other actor might
have to dub for him. Everyone was saying that
how this new boy Amjad Khan.. ..will compete against Amitabh Bachchan,
Dharmendra and Sanjeev Kumar. Later it also came to
a pass when it was decided.. ..that Amjad Khan might
not work in this film. Because he took a lot of
time shooting the first scene. When Amjad Khan was very worried
while shooting for 'Sholay'.. ..he spoke to his mother. She said that son, don't worry. Everything will be fine. And then a playing card
and a parrot encouraged Amjad. The parrot took out a
card the card reader read it.. ..and said that you
will become the most.. ..popular in the work
you are about to do. Amjad Khan was encouraged. The shooting of the
film was completed. 'Sholay' didn't do
well in the beginning. And somehow Amjad Khan was blamed.. ..that because of him
the film was not doing well. But when the film caught momentum.. ..then there was
Gabbar Singh everywhere. But still Amjad Khan was
sad because he felt 'Sholay'.. ..didn't get a good response
because of his weak voice. And once when he
was going for shooting.. ..he stopped at a
settlement to have tea. And there a tape was playing
the dialogues from 'Sholay'. All those dialogues were
delivered by Gabbar Singh. Amjad Khan was surprised
that his weak voice.. ..had reached every village. And the powerful dialogues
delivered by this.. ..weak voice are entertaining people. Amjad Khan heard this
and he started crying. He didn't look back
after playing Gabbar Singh. Amjad Khan worked
in a few selected films. Like Satayajit Ray directed
'Shatranj Ke Khilari'.. ..based on a story written
by Munshi Prem Chand. Here he played the
role of Wajid Ali Shah. Amjad Khan suited the role
as the Nawab of Awadh completely. He was also seen
several positive roles. Like 'Yaarana' and 'Lawaris'. His comedy did great in film 'Utsav'. And he did such great
work in 'Qurbani' that.. ..everyone understood that
he is awesome in comedy too. If we look into his personal life,
we find out that.. ..he was married
to Shehla Khan in 1972. He had three children
of this marriage. Shadaab Khan, who acted in films. Daughter Ahlam Khan. And younger son Seemab Khan. Amjad Khan met with
a huge accident in 1986. An accident where
Amjad Khan escaped death. And because of this.. ..Amjad Khan had to
take a lot of medicines. And his weight went out of control. His increasing weight
was bothering him.. ..and his roles were also declining. Amjad Khan also like
to have tea a lot. He used to drink tea continuously. He was chain tea drinker
synonymous to chain smokers. Since his weight and
problems were increasing.. ..he died in 1992 at the age of 51. Various films were
released after his death. It was a shock for the film industry. A huge cause of sorrow
for Amjad Khan's family. People hoped that such
an actor would live longer.. ..and play more successful roles. But no one can fight fate. Amjad Khan's name will be taken with
pride in the history of Indian Cinema. To know unique stories
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  1. Great people cum, work, and won hearts and die…………..but physically only, spiritually live in peoples heart………….AMJAD KHAN we cannot take you out of our hearts many movies got hit just due to your great and different acting…..God rest your soul in peace. We love and praise you a lot…………………

  2. it only took one movie "sholay" to make him a legend. "gabar" kabhi nehi marega! he is imortal forever and ever!

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