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He has written six books and has sold over 4 million copies so far he is the much loved author of indian mythology books and he is the person who brought the era of indian mythological fiction in this country in this video i am going to discuss the books that amish tripathi has written so far and what i think about them and what they are about hi there! i am manpreet i make book related videos on this channel every tuesday, thursday and Saturday if you’re new here and if you want to get notified every time i post a new video then make sure you subscribe and turn your notifications on if you don’t do that you won’t get to know about my latest videos so choice is yours and before further ado let’s get started with this video so all in all amish tripathi is writing two series one series is complete it’s a trilogy and one series is ongoing and he has written one non fiction as well his first book series shiva trilogy is what put him on the map and i am going to be discussing this series first so this is a trilogy the first book is the immortals of meluha the second book is the secret of nagas and the third book is the oath of the vayuputras now what is shiva trilogy it’s basically a re-imagining of life of lord shiva who is a Hindu god the series is popular not only in India but it was officially release in Uk as well and through my own personal experience i can tell you that these books are popular world wide and a lot of people who are not from India have asked me about these books or shown interest in reading these books i personally i have read the first book in the shiva trilogy the imortals of meluha and i found it very good but at that time very average but it was my mistake because like many people who get weirded out by shiva trilogy i was very new to re-imaginings at that time i didn’t really feel comfortable with the idea of a total re-imagining i was thinking how is it connected to real story of lord shiva how is it connected to what i’ve read before or heard before from my grandma and that kind of brought down my experience with the book but i do plan to read this all over again as a fresh re-imagining not something which i would like to read to draw connections with what i already know but as a very different and new story and that’s the true way to read the shiva trilogy a lot of people have asked me this question before you’re not going to enjoy it if you’re going to just compare it with the real story of lord shiva because in this book series the author has re imagined this whole character the author has re imagined everything that happens and you would be good and you would enjoy it a lot if you read it like a re imagining the next book series the author has started writing is the ramchandra series two books of the series are out the first one is scion of ikshvaku now it has been renamed as ram and the second one is sita warrior of mithila and this happens to be one of my favorite works of the author discussing about this ramchandra series honestly this series is again a very unique re-imagining of life of lord ram and sita as well basically the whole ramayana has been re-imagined and it’s really really good just to see such kind of re-imaginings coming from indian authors and amish has done very good job with these re imaginings as well but scion of ishvaku i have read this book i believe that this is too preach-y for my taste. I do not really like insanely spiritual books and religious books so this kind of falls on that side whereas this sita warrior of mithila is one of my most recommended india mythological fiction novels because it’s just pure awesomeness the character of sita in this book and how everything has been told it’s just wow you would be missing a lot you would be missing a very good book if you do not pickup this book and the good part… the good part here is that you do not have to read this book to actually read sita warrior of mithila these can be read as stand alone novels this is the best part keep in mind you cannot really do that with shiva trilogy you have to read it in the order it was published but this one you can just pickup sita warrior of mithila and you do not need to read ram and there is the third book coming out the date was announced multiple times but it keeps getting delayed. the next book would be raavan which again would be a book that you can read as a stand alone novel and after that after these three books come out ram sita and raavan then the series would go on how usual series are like you have to follow it in a chronological order and in the course of last to last year and last year amish tripathi has announced some more books but nothing really has come out and there is one nonfiction amish tripathi has also written which is called the immortal india it’s basically a collection of essays on history, religion, india indian mythology and social issues and i already told you about the books that are in the pipeline raavan and the other book i think it’s called suheldev and the battle of bahraich not sure about that but when they’ll come out we’ll talk about it on this channel so make sure you’re subscribed and your notifications are on you just have to hit that bell button and make sure it’s ringing so that you get notified every time i post a new video otherwise you would not get notified you would not know when i make another amish tripathi books video and that’s it guys these are all the amish tripathi books that i wanted to talk about this is another video in my author spotlight series i have done a video on durjoy dutta, ashwin sanghi, preeti shenoy a lot of indian authors and i’ll link the playlist down below or on the ‘i’ button so make sure you check it out if you want me to do an author spotlight for some other author please comment down below i’ll do that and before i go disclaimer every time i make a video about indian mythology books there’s this one person who is like i hate these authors because they are putting these gods in a different light or they are putting these stories in a different manner like why.. why are you like that they are not really defaming your gods and goddesses they are not really doing anything like that they are actually just re imagining the stories that have been written okay i know you say the ramyana is real and i believe that honestly trust me i believe that ramyana was real i believe that all the sciences and all… everything that has been written in our vedas was real i am a believer but that doesn’t mean that i have to hate the authors who are just re imagining the story in a different way what’s wrong with that i have never been able to get it i believe that as a reader a person should be open minded and if you cannot read these books in an open minded manner you are a very bad reader so just open up your mind and let yourself be creative let others be creative live yourself and let others live right so ya! to those people i would just say grow up be a little mature and may be do a google search of words like re imagining and re telling may be you would understand better if you knew the meaning of these words okay i didn’t really say that i am already being hated a lot since my last few videos but it’s okay i hope you really enjoyed this video because that is my purpose i want you to know about books i want you to feel more interested in books and i want you to enjoy these videos and feel like it was worth your time if it was make sure you hit a thumbs up and this is manpreet signing off i’ll be back with another video very soon

68 thoughts on “Amish Tripathi Books | Author Spotlight

  1. Happy to see my favourite youtuber making video about one of my favourite author.. Thank you for this video… i hope one day you make a video on murakami

  2. Loved the video… love amish's works and so when you announced this video i was really excited and so i totally loved this video…. and please read this series soon…

  3. I have just finished reading the 2nd book of shiva trilogy…just ordered th 3rd one.. It was so amazing…If anyone wants to read the shiva trilogy, then you should buy the three books all together.. believe me you won't regret buying them.

  4. Okk i have not started with ram chandra series…
    But i think…even though first three books are stand alone…
    We shd read those…just to make the fourth book nd upcoming books more sensible….
    Because as much as i have understood…first three books are . Character development of major three character…
    Ram was spiritual..hencce book was spiritual
    Sita was fierce warrior…hence book is so…
    Now m expecting raavan will demonish kind of book

  5. Hey Manpreet, please make a video on Stephen King Books. Stephen King is my favourite author and I rarely see booktubers (indian) making videos about him.

  6. Can I say something to u Manpreet? U should read all the books of Amish and then comment on his apt of reimagining…. pls don't mind.😄

  7. I want you to put Ajay K pandey in author's spotlight.
    Now I'm coming to shiva trilogy, i met with the same problem like you while reading it for the first time. To make things worse,i started the series with second book and after pinpointing that the book has many factual errors, i decided not to pickup this book ever again in this life and later on after realizing my mistake i completed first two book in the trilogy and currently reading the third book. I'm loving it.

  8. Hey Manpreet , I please make the author spotlight video for author Anand Neelkantan ji and Keigo Higashino… I really wanted to know more about them…so pleaseee

  9. Amish is the king of mythology. But I don't understand why he's delaying books. Last year, he announced that every six month, he'll announce a new book with different indian authors as indic chronicles. But I don't know why this didn't happen. It would have been great thing for readers if he publish ancient indian stories every six month.

  10. I just loved the books of Amish Tripathi.. Maine unki sari books padh li hai.. Unke imagination ka to kahana hi kya!! I am huge fan of Amish sir..

  11. This was nice! It's good that you tell us about indian authors too. I have actually never read any indian authors, I think.

  12. Hey..dear can you do a video on Murakami books…m yet to pick his book..still confused on which book to pick first.and by d way..your videos are fab…💐👌

  13. आपने हिन्दी वाला विडीयो बंध कर दीया हे ??? ….😩

  14. I have read all of amish's books except the non fiction one. I liked the meluha series. I think this is mostly because i did not fully know of the lord Shiva's story as i am of different religion. So i had a blank mind when readimg those and it wasnt hard to grasp the reimagined Shiva. However, even though it is the same with the Ram series, i couldnt get through the Rama book. Sita, i enjoyed every bit.

  15. That last part of this vedio is absolutely right! Totally agree with you… Every reader have to be a open minded!

  16. Manpreet please do a video on Jhumpa Lahiri ! She is becoming one of my favourite authors.. i really want to know your opinions and views !! ❤

  17. Hey Manpreet, the shiva trilogy was very hyped and I saw it everywhere and I purchased all the three books on an impulse.. And just after purchasing I received bad reviews and hence didn't even read.. After watching this video I'll surely pick it up, and with an open mind at that.. Thanks!

  18. first > know the difference between Mythology & Facts

    2nd > what do mean re-imagening ?
    3rd > shiva is anadi anant nirgun nirakar so its hard to write about him,

    & I think Amish did great job here & he is making Shiva lil bit more famous

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