America’s Test Kitchen Scales Their Growing Content with Juniper Technology

America's Test Kitchen is a media company based in Boston Massachusetts we're probably best known for our America's Test Kitchen television show and our cooks country TV show we have 40 some test cooks who are working year-round to develop recipes develop content they usually work about six months in advance so while you're working on your holiday turkey we're grilling outside in the winter cold between America's Test Kitchen and Cook's Country we generate up to 10 million unique views per month data is our constant challenge as data storage data movement just figuring out what to do with the data we have over 800,000 photo assets we have content producers producing it all day every day America's Test Kitchen also pushes an immense amount of video data the growth of the data has been exponential in America's Test Kitchen we don't want our content producers in our internal users to have to worry about how they're moving data or empowering content on our network we want them to focus on creating that content before a transition to Juniper who really had an organically grown Network some very old equipment in some cases none of it was consolidated and it was all very difficult to use when we transitioned did all of that change it was a complete transformation of the network we have the ability to scale our environment and to do it intuitively we've got custom-built editing suites where we're pushing 10 G Network right down to the desktops to give our editors the ability to edit that content in real time as it's being produced juniper is that tool in my tool chest that really helps me visualize my network mitigate issues and understand how data is moving across it I'm not a network guy I don't have a network background but I'm the network guy at America's Test Kitchen and so I have to understand this stuff and and I do it's simple it's easy to use it's intuitive it's really about allowing the technology to get out of the way of the creative process and that's what juniper has done for us

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