American Writers Museum Youth Education Program

The American Writers Museum welcomes
middle and high school students from throughout the Chicago area to learn
about American writers and their enduring relevance. Specially designed
curriculum complements classroom teaching and inspires students to be
confident, creative writers. Our outreach focuses on schools in low-income
neighborhoods. Thanks to generous donors we have subsidized the cost of
participation for thousands of underserved students, giving them the
same opportunity as their peers. "The museum is not at all what I expected."
"This museum is a bit different and innovative in the fact that students see
the history of writing and then they get to experience the process themselves."
"Being able to come to the museum at a reduced cost is really significant. We
probably wouldn't be able to make this trip work if we did not have that offer
from the museum."
"One word I would use to describe this museum be relatable in
some sense because really that's what writing is I feel. You write to feel, you
write to express, you write to connect and really that's what this museum makes
you feel."
"My favorite part of the museum was going to the back and reading about
the female writers and how writing has changed throughout the years."
"The Nation of Writers exhibit was my favorite part of the museum 'cause I can really relate to everything there, whether it be religiously, gender-wise, or racial-wise.
It's really inclusive."
"As a teacher I think my favorite part is that they
really get to explore it themselves. I just think it was really age appropriate
that they had the chance to play with language. Even the museum materials
themselves kids right away were able to start interacting with them."
"The fact that the American Writers Museum funded our trip is incredible, even though we don't
have enough budget to pay for it. I think it says a lot about them.

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