American literature a bin for paper Linda come – or poetry taco bottom so in the poetry you repair in a beam parting hi Richard Cory so the other than I appear in and passing on the Edwin Arlington Robinson we were partners on the 1869 our on the air another one in 1935 so in the cauda allowing the poem on the other and the portrait puns are being parting now on their form honest in the community all colonial aghanim was illegally la Miran alone I'm going to Rome but anemia feel Bernardi now and I want to select our on a movie when they get a parking lot so you're down in the poem on the Padre ponder so in the poet the patty Parker took money and the poetical is no author uppity papa so you were pair in a beam parting now Edwin Arlington Robinson so you were one day in an hour author so you were on there and I've seen now is Linda on the Rumba norcaster per our family live on the forum gotta Sochi noise leg new family on the Rumba custom already render brother something see nicely Adam the tango you would have power Marin the tower see you tomorrow no y'all on the air on the tunnel so you're on the rumble cash to put down in the weight on the in the poet on or stage you come back I stop Atari so in the poi you run the first you know the first poem in have been batting now on there the torrent and the night before so in the poem when they are now on their four or five hundred copies from the which have dinner on this all along so next to the end of the poem now on the inner being bath in a in the Richard Cory so in the poem on the down the publish pond are over and around so you already the hilt Nala publish Mariner theory result Kaiba so even all on the published on a part of it so equating the poem a patina model for column so over stanza I'm gonna play manga read Pony to poem so you look a meaning so then I'm on him on tomorrow in the park alone okay but I'm on the poem color poem so in the poem on the first line pentagram we're now Richard Cory went downtown be people on the pavement looked at him he was a gentleman from Seoul to crown clean favored and imperialism so in the first stanza on the inner soul you can have been passing now on there Richard Cory have been overthrown guru guru sarangdo Orin down on the inland so trying the town in the poem we mentioned one lap but another fictional are now down on our imagination now and they in an hour it till Beria been wound over town on the soul trauma so firstly an inner soul the Minami Richard Cory have been redundant or a town run out of the poem Oliver wrote lullaby thing on a platform welcome so on the platform on an old on the pavement of lean on this way Lady Gaga so on the walking space alien phenomena we people on the pavement to protect him in the week I've been there on the Roma Mookie mana on the word so in the in the poem on ER narrate pondrá been passing on the would lurk up persons on an older comical down generate fund robbery in you're not thrown do I wait on the king love wait on the poor trip on your car he was a gentleman from sole to crown our on the robbers gentleman and Arab from Seoul to Corona beam on the so crown of me now and then a now on the Raja Khalil algorithm so on the green and Mariana or on the air for our own daughter or a gentleman I been on this whole drama clean favor and imperialism so clean favor and imperialist Lima Bean Imperial a been diverted artemon ananda or a king of Benetton working or a rule arre Northam so ill Ananda in a Salah beam on the quality of a supreme ruler a being on the Salaam so the browser could Yakutia and the Telugu legal only would have been lyrically a lien on the soldier on a our cabin on the Richard Cory could so next to an the second stands up at the power more than Anna and he was always quietly arraigned and he was always human when he talked but still he fluttered pulses when he said good morning and he glittered when he won't so in the second stanza lioness awakened he was always quietly arrayed so quietly arrayed Abena in Northumbria he was addressed in a well supreme attire abeam sultan hala null addressed paneer cara have been on the solo Amla performance on the dress ponytail on my lab coat suit put on the dress paneer clomp around this old Rahab and he was always a human when he talked out under Monell and also Manisha now and they are being boring or a down-to-earth person would humble on a person Yara path along the forum respect mana or a person on the or another but still he fluttered pulses when he said good morning and he glittered when he won so you don't get an hour a person of pockets all coming from the good morning soul wrong you don't soldier I've been on this I won't know a beer pong already in turn round reaction already heartbeat longer on the first try knocking wrong so you know new biological on every symptom of being so long you don't know remember Ola premonition and I'm a-gonna good morning soul trauma being on there so number a year they won there another one that could equally come Sabri on an idea Ramona positive atomic so next to third stanza in a nine he was rich yes richer than a king and admire every school in every grace in fine we thought that he was everything to make us wish that River in this place so in this town Salinas old Ramona you know more Monica at myeongsu yeah children or Dresden and good anti-arab in Seoul yet see you Akita allow the panel done solely achiever kicked a lot of paddy field uh being so you watch it okay MA so you know you don't know and you wrote a wall kilonewton mi Patito pattern so in fine we thought that he was everything to make us wish that we were in his place so on the wooden comical and another Chang happy now under Richard Cory get Carl and opposition another already a little an island a little more son go somewhere in there pounding on this any crime so you up to me when they're in our throne the Rumba panic RRR command pod pack up oh happy hour coming in and available in the Parker oval cafeteria Honolulu cooling on the overstressed co-worker sit on our number cheater pang and redundant only Kamata now on the theory mother okay ba so you down there it said Cory Richard Karenina really only will Oregon the dress ponytail charming another person I don't know I would look cool on this however with anime later in the castithan that okay Neela so turmoil have been so long a turmoil abena over state of a great disturbance or confusion welding on the solid arm so he's on the in the third stands out of next to force turns out they're not so on we worked and waited for the light and went without the meat and curse the bread and Richard Cory one comes summer night went home and put a bullet through his head soand Elena so you can have been party down there so on we work and waited for the light so long on the uneven there another comical on the daily on the calendar you'll move what Pony tonight here in the valley on the say you know costs on the somebody could together and when they were like to come on the weight pointing to come later beamed on the other could it have been batting now we're better on our life or curricular lay now in the water say well settled on our life or could he give up putting in Labine on the light on the other could it have been button I did tell you on the curriculum you know I'm gonna customer of it I hear on the poetry clear on the poll lobbying on this young man in the poet loan in Anna karana and went without the meat and fur snippet so went without the meat I mean I not a not meat meat on the bread the puck one meter right on the edge off your honking law so you on the daily only one layer Samba Samba ages so it's going around the meat on the Wong over the other Allinol even daily in the subtank diet London a subpanel didn't party now the bread down Kiba so I no longer break down the sublet chickity on the top tongue have been on the stole trauma okay ba and it said Corey one come summer night so Richard core Union Anna on there and the town on the walk punter new order and although there are 3-1 in upon Donna or a summer night Ottawa so on the night when they were in an hour and they're already be took on the poor Eric went home and put a bullet through his head so we took a boy attend upon our now bullet on the or calcula protector Harvey no no solid gonna a bikini are now being party now they were gonna at the out on the or until Hitler would say shoot money around the terrible trauma so yeah here and Arab winter down there moose on the very long the song la putana Haida Karen the repair anonymous judge Palmer yeah me now in this cell curry and now in the will appear while Kevin the one volume although I said legally or not I'm out on our family a little tiny Mia on the field panel King LA so yeah coming down in an hour lip but ideal mind on the devil had a workshop up in so long running on tan America okay Nana holy moly alone whatever signal Eagle on an idea what they won big there so I'm the Arden all along you don't know the tower uh nobody opened upon our so I want an attorney when they should be on this hit the target helping me on the wall killing of suicide one day older than the carousel over solution HEPA me on the other guys who said and the suicide wounded or boot Alton Amana put a while key on the face partner Maria on the idea lose a punny pun so hundred it said Cory hundred in the Illinois cap upon it are it is a Monday it being one this world are okay ba so he learned in the poem so next video linen on in the poem Maria under phrase allowing to perform her out in the poet Lewis panic on the terms of a deep purple next year on the metaphor Sarah Patil on the pop punk engli so thank you

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