American History Textbooks' Lies: Everything Your Teacher Got Wrong – Myths, Education (1995)

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  1. I take exception to 45:57–46:02. I've been to Liberty, MS, and it's one of the cleanest towns you can find! The crime rate there is next to nothing, the people there are hospitable and some of the most honest around. Just because they don't go around firebombing their own buildings like a bunch of crazy fools, doesn't give someone the right to lash out at them.

  2. Wouldn't want to tell our young students about all the wars started with false flags would we? Cause then they might be wary of such a thing when the news tells them to hate Iraq cause they're hiding WMD's or Iran or Syria for attacking ships or gassing their own people although no proof was ever shown the people but theres hard evidence that the gas attacks were staged and fake. How many kids are taught that Lincoln directly orchestrated a false flag to provoke violence from the confederacy to start a war with the union. And we definitely wouldn't want our kids to know that Lincoln didn't want to free the slaves, and once he felt compelled to do it, he wanted them all sent to a colony of their own.

  3. This is truth about the civil war, Moors ruled Spain for 700years were kicked out in 1492 they captianed Columbus ships they had been coming to America and mixed with some Indian tribes, the 5 civilized tribes owned many slaves most land in the south, Moors enslaved over 2million whites from Slavic countries wear the word slave originates, The first 7 presidents before George were Moors They controlled the slave trade from Morocco, They were the first country to recognize America look it up, also look up Sundry Act, these are all facts, America was giving 25% of it's gross income to Morocco, Moors were the first slave owners and white the first slaves look up book white cargo also first black slave owners in America, Moors slave trade in Europe, wiki Algiers Louisiana Moors ran the slave holding pens there, Algiers is home of Moors in Africa, most free people of color were Moors who had children with their white slaves, many painting with Moors and white harems. So Moors and Indians controlled the south the Zionist bankers in the north wanted that land, started the civil war Cherokee Choctaw washitaw fought for the south, look up rebel flag is Cherokee flag you'll see, also many tribes were masons taught by Albert Pike, once the south lost all Indian treaties were null and void trail of tears they took the land, classified everyone with dark skin black started segregation so dark skin Moors and Indian would loose all rights to land also Albert Pike started kkk rascim did not exist until after civil war how could it they had white slaves. Albert was a Zionist he played the south his family owns Chase bank these are all fact that can be researched if you can handle the truth.

  4. They tried to sweep Tartaria under the rug..and then try to explain them away as wanderers..nomads..gypsies.. nothing special..but in fact they were a massive empire..not a mass of horse and tent people as they try to portray every people besides the fake blanket empire the Romans

  5. He is a sociologist, not a historian. He teaches sociology, not history. His classes focus on race relations. Keep all that in mind as you listen to him.

  6. Brian Lamb never sounds as though he's having conversations – only interrogations. Was he a cop in a former life? He's the coldest, least friendly and most autocratic interviewer I've ever encountered. Mike Wallace is Mr. Warmth compared to Lamb.

  7. In 1974 my history teacher told me the truth, he said over 200,000 people died in the German concentration camps.

  8. It was actually Eisenhower that threatened China with the nuke that ended the Korean war so if the textbook wrote Truman did that, it simply was a misprint and put the wrong president in there.

  9. What a shocker he is a Sanders supporter? Notice how, like I have stated many times Progressives are American Socialists, and notice how 'race relations' is code for ONLY black people and how they relate to 'white people ignore all those other flavors (races) of the rainbow nation. It is a myopic fictional reality they live within. If only more black people can be recruited that magic percentage will prove we are not racist. Ah, 8% achieved, Affirmative Action we love you (said only Progressives).

    Do you guys want me to tear into James W. Loewen. Hint: he is a Cultural Marxist, and playing a very clever game. He advances a lot of wide-eyed realism though which I like, but realize the reasons for doing so are not the same as I might do so. I like that, but then I am saying he is a Trickster, and steeped in Neo-Liberal Progressive thinking. The I am Woker than You perspective. Being called a racist is like being called the N-word, it means you are evil and a demon to those the Progressives seek to demonize so proving your not a racist by some measure and the appearance of being Woke is a shield. It is a game and uses an inverted logic.

    There is insight to be mined though.

    Today we call these people Social Democrats.

  10. Another mistake the American History course gets wrong. Teach 8th grade up till end of the Civil War, but start high school 11th grade US history at the tail end of the Civil War and the start of Reconstruction, covering all of Reconstruction. Had that not resulted in the way that it did, and if people like Wilson had not facilitated segregation like he did there would never have been a Civil Rights movement in the way that it was, and mostly it would have been something you saw during the 19th century.

    Understanding the "Movement" which is only truly possibly by linking it to Reconstruction. Also the real story of the Movement (civil rights) was how it was engineered by getting court cases into SCOTUS. It was not some natural outcome, but rather a plot by people to engineer certain outcomes. Rosa Parks, for example, is not unique or special. She merely was the one whose case made it to the supreme court, and if you go look it up you'll discover many others who did basically the same thing at earlier times. Why then is she some 'heroic' figure (As that hero thing works both ways) for similar reasons. The Civil Rights and those who were behind it wanted to politicize the textbook and have its hero's in there, just as much as feminists and other ideological groups.

  11. Actually the more you learn about the Vietnam war the more you do see it was morally correct once you learn, for example, how utterly evil the Khmer Rouge were and the communist in general, but also how each group of communists were different so the Vietnamese were nationalists first, communists second, therefore, no they didn't want to just do the bidding of China. The more interesting story comes after the fall of Saigon and later, one might think all commies are one big happy family, but nope they are not. Cambodia, due to some truly insular cult drama invaded Vietnam. I bet many don't realize that since American history books, and really World History books generally over focus on certain periods and aspects of history. Vietnam was only something you read about when the US was involved, but it was why the French were there, and how they left long before the US gets involved that is just as necessary.

    Then guess what happens after Cambodia invades Vietnam? China invades Vietnam because Vietnam walks all over the Cambodian regime due to how it was structured on insanity. All of that is just as important to understanding the true nature of communism. Just as odd was learning that communism is predicated on those in power as viewing themselves as the moral elite upholding 'good society'.

  12. 29:51 Exactly and thus it was not a 'genocide' unless you mean Mother Nature, Natural Selection, The Great Spirit, or simply God wiped out the Indians of that area and era with (Probably Small pocks).

  13. True Native American History is dam there to painful for me to Learn. Because i hear stories about how crazy Boarding Schools were from my elders an 2 generations back.

  14. He points out that 4 out of 5 people don't take a history class past high school. Why should we, when the history books are full or religion, propaganda, indoctrination, and lies?

  15. Most people are a-holes. You cant trust most people. Most people will back-stab you. And, the legal system is satan.

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