American Authors – Stay Around (Audio)

34 thoughts on “American Authors – Stay Around (Audio)

  1. Wo jue de este canción es uno de la mejor so far. 2019 is off to a good start 👌 💯 😍 🎤 🎙️ 🎸

  2. If you looking to learn this song I have a tutorial up of it for guitar AND ukulele. Jamming tune, so much fun!

  3. CHeck out the alternative and right now only videoclip for this song! Hope you enjoy! (Its just a montage)

  4. Show me some sign of life before I lose my sight/give me a reason to fight before I lose my mind/won't be long now yeah it's almost time/I've been taking it step by step many miles left to climb/til I reach the peak of this pike/escaping from the struggle of this plight/it's only a little while longer til I'm bound to take flight/feels as though I've already paid double the price/it's okay cos I always seem to think twice/there's nothing left with which me to entice/losing my appetite/when I'm just trying to live it right/not as easy these days as I would like…

  5. I’m not quite sure what to think of this……it’s definitely better than the top 40, but the lyrical content is kinda meh, and it sounds like pretty stereotypical alternative pop…maybe it’ll be one of those things that’ll grow on me over time though. PS: no offense to fans, please don’t come after me

  6. I got to hear this song last night in d.c. at the anthem and it was the first time they sang it live!

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