American Authors – Go Big Or Go Home

41 thoughts on “American Authors – Go Big Or Go Home

  1. I just came to say that my job plays this song 24/7. I at first thought it didn’t sound bad except for the part where the auto tune comes about. But then this song has been played to the point where I want to shoot myself. I now have a burning hatred for this song. I am writing this comment as the song happens to start playing at Applebee’s. This song has trapped me mentally. This song will kill me.

  2. This song is sooooo f ing annoying it non stop plays on the radio and is trash, this isn't musical talent their saying the same stuff over and over. I don't know how anyone in their right mind can like this song

  3. Holy shit talk about recycling a song!! As soon as I heard this I said wow this is a ripoff of “best day of my life”. Of course it’s the same band. It’s the same song!! They should sue themselves! So lame.

  4. I LOVE this song!!!!! I have heard it and loved it for so long but I’ve never known the title! This is amazing!

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