American Authors – Best Day Of My Life

20 thoughts on “American Authors – Best Day Of My Life

  1. The best day of your life is when you get saved by Jesus Christ and getting baptized then the next one is getting married and then having kids thank God for that. The blessing of my girlfriend her family or friends can you give up hope with God God will always help you through it as long as you do what he wants certainly very Faithful always there

  2. This is a very totally awesome song came out in 2016 three cheers you up on a rainy very much so cold day and you are having discouraging times in difficulties pain in life. Make the best of every day to get some yahova focus on the great things that God has helped you accomplish that is it.

  3. Se algum brasileiro ver isso curte aí
    Legal que nn deve ter nenhum brasileiro aqui
    E eu comentando um negocio mto aleatorio no meio de mtos comentarios em inglês
    Ps: Os gringos são trouxas (só dizendo isso pq nunca vão saber oq signfica – e duvido q algm vai no google tradutor ver isso)

  4. 2019 ???
    No matter when where it why this song will always make me feel better 😄 have the best day ❤

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