Ambjaay “Uno” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

When I was in high school I had Spanish so
it was like basic Spanish were all the words I said is basic. It ain’t like I’m really talking Spanish,
man it’s just basic words. I had to include Latino culture because it’s
like a Latino beat. So I just add added both race. To be honest Latinos and black don’t really
be getting along so this song can bring us together. When I heard the beat on Instagram I told
my boy Almighty Quise “Don’t send that beat to nobody.” like I heard it, made the hook in three seconds
then I make the verse in ten minutes then I told my boy D3 “Hey we’re going viral
off this.” Because you wouldn’t expect nobody to make
a song like this where I come from. The day I realized it was going viral, I be
chillin’ at my house and a car pass by and I hear “Uno, dos.” Kids will pull up when I walking with my brother
and my sister and they be like, “Oh, that’s Ambjaay.” TikTok and Triller helped a lot because Chris
Brown he posted it on his stories. Kehlani she got on her Twitter and she say
like Ambjaay, “Uno” is her favorite song and Wiz he just been showing me love, like really
replying to me. Tagging me. I’ve just been feeling great, man. I said “Lets party homes” because of Friday. What’s his name, the beanie, you know Baby
Joker, hundreds and fifties big old biddies. (laughter) So yeah man I just, you know, borrowed
that man. It costs to live like this is really my slogan
and the name of my project. I named it that because ain’t nothing free
in life, you’ve got to pay for everything don’t we, so yeah man I just ran with that. I don’t know, something just told me, “Come
off counting uno, dos.” Basically, I was trying to make a riddle with
it as far as the hook so they could catch on. It’s going to be stuck in your head. Knock them out their zapatos, like a gun,
you feel me, knock them out their shoes. Knock you out your shoes. Still getting cheese. Which refers to money, like still getting
money. No mas, that means no more, like I hit her
from the back then I tell her no more, I’m done, I’m tired man. I’m tired, I already hit it. She a freak, so I had to tell her hello, bend
it over, I want your pussy. I mean basic Spanish man, its basic, you going
to learn Spanish, I’m around a Spanish community man you going to learn Spanish man. When you having sex man you get hot. You gotta take something off man. The drawers, the socks, the jacket, the shirt. Something man. Okay I added “Choppa go Blocka.” in there
because I was broadcasting my other hit song. I’m not going to lie when I made Uno, Choppa
go Blocka Blocka came second, like quick. Like, low key faster than Uno, like right
now they still mad like “Can you put it back on iTunes.”, its coming man. She got a song called “Work, work, work.”,
so I just was throwing that to that. That’s a bar man you got to hear it man, that’s
some metaphor, it’s a bar. Yeah, I’m on that Shaq shit. I’m finna dunk in it. Shaq, man, you’re a goat. Man, I appreciate you. I used to always watch you growing up. Sometimes, you might be dripping man, you
like fuck a caption man, I can’t come up with nothing, I’m just fixing to post a picture
man. Fuck it, I’m feeling good, I’m looking good
man. I be meeting like a lot of Mexican girls,
some of them don’t be knowing Spanish so I just said an English accent because English
is common, like everybody know English. The Latino community, they really like rock
with it. Like they really push for it. Like, I really love the record. I was just happy, though. I wasn’t trying to be racist, I was just really
having fun with the record.

100 thoughts on “Ambjaay “Uno” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

  1. Idk why but the first time I found out it wasn’t someone Mexican who was singing this, i felt uneasy? Like my culture was being taken to make a song. But after watching this it changed my mind because he seems genuine and he’s just having fun. Love it

  2. Whats sad to me is that it is viewed that blacks and latinos dont get along but when you are afro latino you see a different experience

  3. He seem like he really chill with Mexicans.

    Let it be known that if a Mexican came out with this song like this or similar to this, all of the internet would be making fun of it.

  4. Now be honest…..did we really need the meaning of this video….the only thing anybody learned from this was the Spanish in it

  5. Y’all really never heard a puertoriquen (I spelled that wrong😂) speak cuz y’all really out here saying he sound puertoriquen bitch he sound gringo asf 😂😂😂

  6. Since when didn’t Hispanics and blacks get along? Well we’re I’m from Hell we be at each others parties and shit. Even fucked a few

  7. Lil nas: Brings black and white together
    Ambjaay: Brings mexican and Black together

    James charles: Brings Desperate ass motherfuckers and Gays together

  8. Alot if these asshole gonna hate on this kid, keep doing your thing family fuck these hating ass niggas that got shit to say… Get ready for the come up Atleast you doing something positive…blacks&Mexicans doesn't matter we all one…we brothers in God's eyes🙏🏿

  9. Latinos and blacks dont get along? Lol where you from?? In Chicago all the boys be acting like brotherssss but latinas and black girls dont get along 😂

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