Amazon KDP Author Copy Book Unboxing Review

hello and welcome to another video I'm Kelly published and today I'm gonna do an unboxing of a KTP print author copy a couple weeks ago I did an unboxing of a proof copy it was like this and now I'm just going to show you what an author copy looks like and compare and contrast make sure you take a look at the proof copy video if you're interested so just like the proof copy for me I just ordered one the author copy came in a normal yellow bubble envelope so let's see what it looks like hmm not bad this is just what an author copy looks like it's just like a normal book a glossy finish they you know unlike you know this where it had the band there's no band on it and you know if you gave this to someone as a gift there's no you could never tell that you bought it as wholesale author copy versus just something on and there's no anything on the back at all personally I see what I see what the quality is like both is white paper I mean just like a normal book if I had any feedback again KDP prints can you please be like create space and get the boxes and ship it that way it's just more safer you know luckily this came no damages or whatever if I had to if I wanted to buy some copies for a friend or something I would still order via prime because I still had to pay for shipping for this if I were to do it via Prime yes it's about the same price depending on the price of your book for just one but multiple copies the shipping really does add up so that would be another thing if your book is priced you know $5.99 $6.99 it might be better spent on pride because also this took about 7 to 10 business days to get to me so those are just my thoughts and I also want to say this took longer than the proof copy but it still takes a bit to get to you so when you are publishing books just allocate that amount of time so if you have any questions make sure to leave them down in the comments below but until next time we'll talk soon

10 thoughts on “Amazon KDP Author Copy Book Unboxing Review

  1. Please the price you use in purchasing this author copy is it different from the normal price of the book

  2. I'm writing a young adult fantasy novel and am going to publish through KDP. How do you order an author copy?

  3. Just an update. I'd mentioned to you about getting my orders from in an envelop. This order finally came in and it was in a box like they used to be. Printing was beautiful as usual. So lulu is shipping in boxes again.

  4. Thanks Kelli for this video. Much appreciated. BTW, do you think that KDP and Createspace are using the same printer? They say they are, but some people say there is a difference. What do you think?

  5. My last two orders from Lulu came in padded envelops and the mailman bent the books to get them into the mailbox. They used to send them in boxes to protect them. Also the shipping used to take like 4 or 5 days. Now it's taking up to 11 days to get here. Not happy. Lulu told me that the printer might have ran out of boxes but it happened twice. Waiting on my third order. We'll see what they ship them in. I mean for what I pay for shipping, they could mail them in Priority mail boxes and get them here in three days and still make a profit. Other than that I'm happy with Lulu. The printing is awesome and there is never a bar on the cover. When you order a proof it's exactly what a customer would receive. Not sure why Amazon does that. But just thought I'd mention about getting mine in envelops too. That is bad procedure.

  6. Awesome Kelli I love the cover it looks good. I remember I had 1 of my books printed and when my box of books came in the mail it felt like Christmas Morning for Me. I know you're use to that feeling by now….. 🙂

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