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Have you ever noticed that certain
people have some really amazing looking book descriptions with bigger words and
bulleted list and line breaks and all that sort of stuff? [ Music Starts Playing ] Well most of these guys are actually using HTML and CSS to be able to make them look that way Hey guys it’s Dave Chesson of and I’m so happy to announce the launch of our new free tool Amazon book
description generator with the book description generator you don’t have to
know that as a matter of fact all you have to do is type in your book
description using this tool highlight whatever you want and click the button
to make it look that way pretty simple right now for you guys who know your
HTML and CSS and have been doing that way that’s great but guess what the cool
thing about this tool is it uses CSS meaning exactly what you
see on the tool is exactly how it’s gonna look on pretty awesome
right and did I mention that it’s completely free unlike a lot of other
places out there like this guy asking $99 we’re just gonna go ahead and give
it to you there’s no subscription there’s no sign up for my email list or
share anything just go ahead and use it however if you do find it beneficial
just go ahead and share let people know get it out there so nobody is spending $99 for this thing and with that I’ll leave you to getting to writing you’re
awesomesauce book description hey guys would you like more videos like
this is as a matter of fact I’m gonna be creating a whole series we will get to
look over my shoulder for free that’s exactly how I am selling my books just
go ahead and click the button right here and subscribe to my YouTube channel cheers!

12 thoughts on “Amazon Book Description Generator

  1. great tool for cool descriptions!!!, but Amazon says this kind of "edition" is banned , will i have any problem with them?…

  2. Thanks for the video. I typed in my text and generated the html code and copied that into an html file. I wanted to view it in my browser before uploading it to Amazon. But when I view it in the browser, what shows up is all the html code – everything, not what I want to show up in the book description box. Is that because I don't have the full web page html – like including the head tag, and body, and closing tag? Or did I do something wrong? Thanks very much.

  3. I appreciated this so much. On KDP I noticed my description was all jumbled and then I found this to correct it. Thank you so much.

  4. I want to say THANKKKKKK YOU….SOOOOOOO much for this tool… description looks AWESOME…..

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