Amadeus Training Scenario: Book Flight Itinerary, Create PNR, Price Fare

welcome to an Ahmadiyya GDS video tutorial where I will be booking a round-trip international flight itinerary and creating a PNR my name is Chris FIP thanks for tuning in quickly before I begin big shout out to the excellent faculty of square ones travel industry sales and Technology training program let's get started with the following scenario I am working as a travel agent and client Bucky fuller who is residing in Atlantic City New Jersey as contacted me to book a round-trip flight to Moscow Russia on September 9th and then return home after a week on September 16th ok first thing I want to do is break down what a PNR is and how to complete one successfully P n R stands for passenger name record each p NR consists of a collection of information items called elements and must contain the following five name which is the passengers name itinerary which would be the booking for a flight or other service contact a telephone number or contact information for the person making the booking the ticketing element which is an indication of the arrangements for issuing a ticket for the booking and the received from element which is the name of the person who has made the booking a helpful trick for remembering these five mandatory fields to complete a p NR is the print to acronym PR int for phone number received from itinerary name and ticket time limit okay so here we can see how I login to the M Deus selling platform I will be working in training mode and once I am in I will proceed by selecting the command tab let's begin with entering the travelers name to create a PNR for our traveler Bucky fuller we will want to be sure to use his name as it appears on his passport which is buckminster fuller enter code nm for the name followed by the number 1 to specify a single passenger followed by the passengers last name fuller forward slash passengers first name Buckminster so here we have the code n m1 fuller forward slash Buckminster next we will enter a home phone number of the person who is making the booking which in this case is our passenger mr. fuller I will use code a pH for add phone home – their phone number beginning with the area code like so a pH – six zero nine space 8 6 7-5 3 0 9 then to add a received from element use code RF followed by the name of the person who requests the reservation again our passenger has requested reservation for himself so we will enter RF received from buckminster fuller now we have entered values for the name phone and received from elements to complete the PNR we will need an itinerary and a ticketing arrangement there are several ways to search for flights when building an itinerary to pull up the flight availabilities I will need to know the airport or the city codes of both the point of departure and the destination the codes da n and DAC are useful tools to encode and decode cities and airports da n atlantic city yields the following information we see here the city code is aiy noted here by the letter C for city but the International Airport code is a CY and noted with an A for airport DA n Moscow reveals several airports so I will use the city code mo W which will cover all the airport's associated with the city of Moscow this would be similar to using New York's city code NYC which will include three major international airports and its region John F Kennedy International JFK LaGuardia LGA and also includes Newark Liberty International in northern New Jersey ewr now to find flight availability by departure time I will use the a decode followed by the date September 9 the format 0-9 se P which is the day of the month followed by the first three letters of the month if the day happens to be one of the first nine days of the month at a zero to the beginning to keep the date format in two numeral characters such as 0-9 SE P or September 9th then the point of departure which will be AC y por la x the International followed by the code of the destination mo w-4 all airports in the region of the city of Moscow Russia so we have code ad 0-9 SE p AC y mo w i can specify a time to display the next flights departing at an enter time and later listing flight departures sequentially the format for a specified time would be that code followed by a 5 a 4 or 5 a.m. or 5p for 5:00 p.m. no time being specified will default to listing the first flight of the day and displaying them listed by their departure time okay so let's see what results we get with AD 0-9 se p AC y mo w these first three flights seem to go way out of the way to connect from Atlantic City the flight listed number one has two connections which can be seen here it departs Acy to Tampa Florida before going back to JFK before departing to SVO Moscow for a total flight time of 22 hours and 15 minutes the next two flights are identical here I use the MD navigate code to move down the list displaying the next page of my availability by departure results the next three options have trip times of over 27 hours with two connections this is where I see that it would benefit me to instead search again this time with the a n code which is availability neutral this will display the flights with the shortest time lengths displayed first and listing them by their flight durations a quick shortcut I use is holding the Alt + tapping the up arrow to bring back previously entered codes from the session so now I have the code I used for the first results and I'm going to change the ad to an aien by using the left arrow to move the cursor and now we have a n09 SE p Acy mo w the shortest flight available is nearly 16 hours and has two connections it goes from Atlantic City to Atlanta Georgia and then back up to JFK New York and then to Moscow the next two shortest options are nearly 17 and 19 hours both with two connection flights since Atlantic City International Airport is not a major hub it seems to be in my passengers best interest to drive from Atlantic City into part from Philadelphia International a larger Airport and about an hour drive to check the airport code da n Philadelphia which reveals pho as our international airport code again I'll use my all and up arrow shortcut and replace AC Y with pH L now our updated availability search will be a n09 SE p ph l mo w here we have a couple more practical flight options the first two options listed only have one connection and are between 12 and 13 hours in flight duration this drive and departing from pH L will save a connecting flight reducing the shortest flight itinerary from approximately 16 to 12 hours this makes more sense in this situation and if our client is willing to drive approximately twice the distance to a New York Airport departure we can run the availability neutral search again with NYC as the point of departure so we would enter a n09 SE p NYC mo w this search reveals two nonstop flights from JFK International to SVO Moscow with no connection for a scheduled flight time of about nine hours here I pulled the availability in neutral search code again and added the /f n filter for nonstop flights only then since I would like to book a round-trip returning 7 days after the Parcher I can use Asterix plus seven which will show me return flights in seven days from the departure date you could alternatively specify eighteen of return following asterisks such as Asterix one six SE P this will display the same results so it seems I have two flight options for each way on September 9th I like flight listed number one which departs JFK at 2:20 p.m. and arrives in SVO Moscow at 6:25 a.m. the following morning it is noted here by the +10 that that local time will be the next day from the day of the departure and for the return to the States on September 16th I like flight listed number 12 which departs SVO Moscow at 2:25 p.m. and scheduled to arrive at 5:20 p.m. the same day note that these times are local to the airport so at a glance it may appear to be 2:30 p.m. departure and arriving at 5:30 p.m. seeming like a three-hour flight but due to crossing time zones this is not the case the true flight duration is displayed very clearly right here which is approximately 10 hours now that I have flight SPECT to book I will use the cell C code SS the number of seats which is one the letter Y which designates economy class the number one which is the corresponding list number of the flight I want to buy the first seat on followed by an asterisks with the list number of the returning flight which we see here is number 12 so the code would look like this ss one y one asterisk twelve now we can see the flight itinerary is added to our PNR here I type code F xx to display the fair price approximately four thousand seventy dollars USD now I will use the FX a code to find the lowest fair prices that are available for the same flights then I will use the FX b code to rebook the lower fare if available and create the TST which is the transitional stored ticket I can type code FXX to take another look at the updated discounted fare price of found the fare is now approximately twenty three hundred dollars which is almost half the original booked fare saving almost two thousand dollars USD and you know what Richard Saunders says a penny saved is a penny earned or was it a penny saved is two pence dear tell you what I think all play and no work makes Richard a poor boy back to minding my business now that we have completed the itinerary element of this PNR I am NOT going to submit a payment until after I confirm with the client to complete and save the PNR I must have a ticket arrangement element this is where I will use the ticket time limit by entering code TK TL which is used to request ticket issuance from your office today's date and current local time if payment is not processed by the time limit expiration the PNR will be void and need to be rebooked this completes the final element of the PNR now I can use code et to n the transaction and save or you are to end the transaction save then tree that and display the booking information either way you will have a confirmation code that represents the completed P and R here is the confirmation code be sure to save it to continue booking other accounts use code IG to ignore the active ticket IG code RT followed by the confirmation code is used to retrieve AC completed P and R as so RT followed by the confirmation code and IG to ignore when you are finished working with the M dais selling platform remember to use code Jo asterisks jump off which will log your user account out of all workspaces before you close the client I really glossed over a lot of information features and options in this tutorial if you are new to this global distribution system do not be discouraged this tutorial is more geared to an intermediate training check out a university calm and YouTube for more video tutorials and educational materials for training and working in the amedeo's GDS if you are interested in a professional education in GDS systems or finding work as a travel associate check out square ones the travel industry training program see in the video comments for more information thanks for watching again my name is Chris FIP and I am looking for a position in the travel industry my resume is available on my website Chris fit comm CH r is F I PP dot c om along with my up-to-date contact information and finally special thanks to square one and Mary Ellen Solano for the opportunity to produce this video

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