All the Booktube Tea! How Booktube Works For Authors

25 thoughts on “All the Booktube Tea! How Booktube Works For Authors

  1. Booktube is amazing. Because of booktube, Ive really gotten more reading done in the last 10 months than i have in the last ten years! It brought me to second star, which brought me to your book, which brought me to your channel (all things leading back to booktube?? Lol). Its inspired me to do a bookstagram and keep a book journal of my own private thoughts and favorite quotes, and not mention all of my new bookish friends and penpals. Its been a very positive experience for me. I am wary of sponsored videos and so I try to watch more wrap ups than book hauls, but I dont mind a quick, light hearted mention that's sponsored either. For me, booktube and bookstagram have definitely inspired me to buy books and also to start writing again as well. I really enjoy your channel speaking about your knowledge as a published author. Congrats again on your book – brilliant move on your publishers part to partner up with second star book boxes! Ok enough of me blabbing, carry on!

  2. I wish more YA authors had youtube channels and talked about stuff like this. I love your videos and appreciate your advice!

  3. I just recently came back from vacation and am catching up on your videos, this is very interesting video and thanks so much for the shout out 🙂

  4. This is super helpful! Even though I am a self-published author on authortube, this was still really great information!

  5. You should get your book to Bookables. She is my favorite book-tuber and I think she would like your book 🙂

  6. Love this topic – I love anything that’s meta about booktube lol. For me, I don’t watch the sponsored videos where people are paid to talk about a book. I personally would be much more interested in a review, even if it was sponsored! I just would rather hear what someone thought of the book AFTER reading it but I’m also not of fan of tbrs in general for the same reason. I think your thoughts on if booktube really sells books is interesting! I think barring some of the big booktubers, the rest of the community is pretty small compared the the majority of people walking into bookstores to pick up something new. So I don’t think our opinions really sway sales that much because most ppl buying books don’t watch booktube or know about book twitter etc. but definitely the big channels can affect sales cus that’s a lot of people watching!

  7. Just watched this now! Thanks so much for the shoutout!!
    I think this is a really honest look at how booktube operates and what to expect as an author or even as a viewer.

  8. Love this video so much! I love hearing more about behind the scenes with everything booktube and book publishing related.

  9. Super interesting, thanks Alexa!! I'm still new to BookTube, but I'd be really curious to hear your thoughts on whether or not age group impacts a publisher’s decision to approach YouTubers! I feel like i’ve seen a lot of YA more so than adult titles, but that may just be the channels I’ve happened to catch 🙂

  10. Great video! I actually learned of Brightly Burning from a booktuber who had received an ARC , and I went out pretty much immediately to buy it as a birthday gift for a friend!

  11. Love it! I'd be very interested in a video on why booktubers don't do reviews as much anymore? I had no idea! Can't wait to hear more 🙂

  12. This video was so amazing and interesting! I’m glad that you have brought this into view for everyone, including myself. I just found your channel and it’s so awesome!! I also have my own booktube channel and maybe you could check it out:)

  13. speaking of "wizardry and magic that makes ppl wanna buy books": since ive started watching booktube (like 2 years ago?) ive been thinking a lot about smth i like to call "literary buzz words" which are just elements in a story that make a person go "oooh, i wanna read that!"
    little trigger phrases basically. "dragons" is a popular one for a lot of people. mine are things like whodunnit, necromancy, warlocks, demons and stuff like that lol
    and to be its just so fascinating to discover other peoples' buzzwords on booktube. i catch myself thinking stuff like "of course she bought this book. its got arificial intelligence in the blurb. she loves stuff like that!"
    i dont know, i just think its funny how broad or specific these trigger phrases can be and how wondrous the reasons that make different ppl buy different books.

  14. I love the book tube community!!! I just started my channel and your book is actually on my TBR for next month.

  15. Whoops I accidentally disliked your video when I definitely meant to like it! Sorry about that I love you and I adore your channel

  16. Would be very interested in seeing a video about the positive booktalk videos trend versus honest reviews! As always, lovely video. 🙂

  17. As an author and a booktuber, I have a foot in each place, and that definitely makes things interesting. I'm self-published, so any booktuber receiving my book for review is usually a booktuber I'm friends with who has an interest in my books. But every once in awhile, I do see booktubers pick up my books organically and talk about them on video, and that always amazes me.

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