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If you hurt your leg, you can’t be walking
on your leg and expecting it to get better. A lot of people get out of relationships and
get right into a next one and then like, why is this so bad? You’re walking on a bruised leg, you’re going
to hurt your leg more. You can’t just stare at your bruise and hope
it’s going to get better. Give it time. Things always get better with time. It was this late night, in my feels, 3 a.m,
I was in my bed and I had that first line come. “You’re the reason I believe that love is
real.” I almost never write songs without the music. For some reason, the words just come to me,
the melody I was just humming. I wrote the whole song and then fell asleep
right after. And I woke up and I read it and I was like,
“That is probably the best song I ever wrote.” I hit up Adriano, one of the guys I work with,
and I was like, “Yo, man, I wrote a hit, I just need you to come through the music.” We linked up and we made like thirty versions
of this song. We kept changing instruments. Because I believed in the song so much, I
needed it to come how it was in my head. The beat was completely different at first
but we just kept working on it till it felt right. Even though at the time I wrote, I wasn’t
necessarily heartbroken but the feelings that I had before it came to me, I don’t know why
that night was in my feelings. But it was remembering all those things I
used to do with this girl, how she made me feel, how I feel now. And in that moment, I was like, “Oh this feels
so real. People are going to connect to it.” I love her so much that even if I bought her
something, I’ll feel like I got it, too. So let’s say I bought her a car. I’d feel like it’s my car, too. Even seeing her happy with something made
me so happy. So it’s more of a metaphor where it’s like,
“I don’t mind feeling poor.” Like, “If you’re going to feel rich, then
I’ll feel rich, too.” You know what I mean? I feel like when you’re in love, you just
get addicted to the person or the way they make you feel and how you are around them. And then when you lose that person, it’s almost
like going through withdrawal. You had this thing always with you and now
you don’t and your body, your mind, everything’s weird. You don’t know what to do. You can’t go to the same restaurants, you
can’t even see the same people, even smell the same perfume. And everything’s just messed up in your head. I have a few lyrics that I always kind of
say. Like, “You the one I want. You the only one.” I always say these things over and over again. Because that’s just how I feel and some people
might always want to change their lyrics but I always want to have an element in my songs
that’s consistent. And so I just thought it was a clever way
to just portray that. That was a little thing I didn’t think many
people would pick up on it but it was a little foreshadow. It’s like a cloudy day, you’re always thinking
gloomy thoughts. And now that’s the thought that came in my
head, like, “I’m going to lose you,” and that just hurts so much. Before I met this girl, I’d never been in
love. So I never knew those feelings. She was the reason I even believed love was
real in the first place. She taught me what love is, how it is to love
someone, how it feels to be loved. And so that’s one of my favorite lines ever
because it’s like, “You’re the only reason I even believe love exists in the first place.” I feel like I was just so sold on the idea
of love and I attached love to this person, which you should never do, because I don’t
even know if I was in love with her or just in love with being in love alone. So it’s like I attached love to her and then
when she was gone, I lost all the love too that I even had for myself. So it was a really bad time. I think I’m a great lover so I’m like, “I
would have done anything for you. I was going to love you more than anyone would
have ever loved you. I would have gave you everything. And you walked out on me.” So that part’s kind of the part of the song
where it’s almost like kind of getting over it. Like, “You know what? Fine. You’re not going to find someone like me,
so whatever.” After you get out of a relationship, if you
meet someone new, you always compare them to the last person. And because I attached the idea of love to
this one person, any person I met, even if they were amazing, it was like, “But you don’t
do this thing how this person did it.” Or “You don’t make me feel exactly the same
way.” So it’s this idea of like, “You ruined the
whole idea of love for me. I can’t even love anyone else now because
of you.” Throughout the whole beginning portion of
the song, I’m singing a very emotional… it’s the soft sonics. That part is this transition of now I’m starting
to get over this person so I’m coming a little more firm, I’m rapping. I’m saying things a lot more chest. It’s like I’m kinda proud and whatever, I’m
starting to move on and things are going to get better for me. I was walking through this park where it was
the last time we hung out. I remember seeing the moon that day and I
remember the day I was with her. We saw the moon and we had a thing with the
moon. I always told her the moon reminded me of
her. And it was so weird for me to see that same
imagery but in such a different way. I wrote that because I was walking through
that park and in my head it was like, “What if she was here? What would happen?” But I know that in my heart that I wouldn’t
even want it to happen because I don’t know how I’d even react. But I never run into her, so who knows. I see her everywhere, she’s always in my thoughts. Like I’m walking around, someone can be talking
to me and I’m not paying attention because my mind is still focused on her. If anyone’s ever been in love with someone
and been around them a lot, you can tell. Sometimes you can just smell something and
you’re like, it just reminds you of someone. It reminds you of a certain time. And I feel like people would really relate
to that and that’s why I put it like right at the end of the song. When you’re really heartbroken, sometimes
you try to pretend like everything’s fine but everyone can tell. Heartbreak is such a strong, powerful emotion
because love is so strong too. You can’t just pretend you’re not and go try
invest love in someone new. You got to really give the time to really
get over someone and then you can go and people will take your feelings more seriously.

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  1. This song is the reason why I never gave up on my love. There were moments I believed I should then this song would pop up then I be like nah I gotta keep going, and I did and now I have him back.

  2. I like the words of ur musics, but throughout the song its the same rhythm, dont get me wrong, its nice but it gets boring and boring….. hope u make more nice songs😁😁😁

  3. hi! I posted a cover of “Its You” on my channel and would greatly appreciate it if you can check it out! thank you xx❤️❤️

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